Spain, Franco. An Order of Military Merit, I Class Cross, Red Distinction c.1950

Item #EU17412


(Orden al Mérito Militar). Instituted 1864. Issued 1947-1975. A red enameled Greek Cross in bronze gilt, suspended by a period Spanish crown, obverse centre depicting a red and white enameled Spanish coat of arms, the reverse centre with white enamels standing the inscription “MM” (Military Merit), measuring 41.79 mm (w) x 54.42 mm (h- inclusive of integral ring and cross), accompanied by original ribbon and rectangular bar, presenting minor oxidation, very fine.


Footnote: The Order of Military Merit was created by Queen Isabel II by a royal decree of 3rd August, 1864. It was founded to reward individual acts of distinction and bravery or acts of significant service and merit by members of the Armed forces and Civil Guard. The Red Division is awarded in recognition of meritorious service during time of war.