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eMedals-British 5 Pocket Infantryman Bandolier

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British 5 Pocket Infantryman Bandolier

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British 5 Pocket Infantryman Bandolier

British 5 Pocket Infantryman Bandolier - This bandolier is fabricated from a very durable, thick polished black dyed leather. It is composed of two long leather straps, held together by three rivets on the reverse of the far left pocket. The belt itself is 70 mm wide at the front, narrowing to 36 mm at the back. It is vertically stamped with the "BARROW HEPBURN & GALE, Ltd LONDON" maker mark and dated "1922" to the right of the far right pocket. The belt itself incorporates five pockets for ammunition, each with a 23 mm wide securing strap covered by an overlaying weather protecting flap, each of which is slotted and secured by a common brass post. Each pocket was designed to house five individual rounds, measuring 75 mm wide at the mouth, tapering to 40 mm wide at the bottom and is 95 mm deep. The 70 mm width of the front of the belt is cut out in the middle, creating a 22 mm x 280 mm channel, exposing the backs of the four pockets on the right side. Each of the pockets is held in place by four rivets, two on the top strap and two on the bottom strap. The narrow ends are held together with a triangular bracket: the right side with an addition short strap riveted to the main strap on the reverse, marked on the front but faded with time, with a brass buckle; the left side with eleven factory punched holes for length adjustment, with brass buckle. Suspended from the bottom of the triangular bracket is a 17 mm wide u-shaped strap, triple-slotted and secured by a brass post, the purpose of which was to be attached to the infantryman's waist belt. The bandolier was designed to rest upon the shoulder, one end of the belt resting diagonally on the infantryman's chest, the other diagonally on his back and secured from flapping to the waist belt by the strap on the right side. It was designed to keep ammunition off a soldier's hips, as carrying too much weight on the hips could constrain movement and cause difficulty in retrieving the ammunition. Well-stitched, exhibiting light cracking and wear from moderate use, the leather maintaining its original black dyed finish, remaining smooth and relatively supple for its age, in very fine condition.
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