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eMedals-Bavarian Senior NCO Pickelhaube

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Bavarian Senior NCO Pickelhaube

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Bavarian Senior NCO Pickelhaube

Nice issue example of a Bavarian Senior NCO Pickelhaube for Infantry Officers of the Reserve Regiments. Blackened lacquered leather construction Pickelhaube with gilded brass metal fittings. The pickelhaube features a rounded body and crown with stitched on, extended, squared corner, front and rounded rear visors. The forward edge of the front visor is trimmed in gilded brass which is secured in position by two dome headed studs. The pickelhaube has the Bavarian pattern, two piece, stamped, gilded brass helmet plate (wappen). The helmet plate features a central vertical oval with the embossed coat-of-arms, flanked by crowned rampant lions. The top edge of the helmet plate has a large crown and the bottom edge has an unfurled banner with embossed Gothic script, "In Treue Fest" (In Loyalty Steadfast). This is the later pattern wappen with laurel removed and the smaller pattern crown. The helmet plate is attached to the pickelhaube by two brass screw posts which extend into the interior through corresponding holes to the front center and secured by brass nuts. The top crown of the pickelhaube has the distinctive Bavarian Cheveauleger clover-leaf spike bass and fluted spike, all in red brass. All four of the original dome headed retaining brads are complete. Spike top is removable. The spike base has four circular ventilation holes to the "neck" portion and an embossed, repeating, circular "pearl", patterned ornamentation at the base. The reverse center of the pickelhaube has a vertical, gilded brass, reinforcement spine with-out the sliding ventilation shutter. The spine is secured to the pickelhaube by an internal spilt pin rivet with a domed head. The pickelhaube has a multi-piece, convexed, tapered, gilded brass chinscales with a black leather backstrap to the reverse which is secured in place by M91 side posts. The chinscales are secured at the front center of the helmet with a small horizontal slit to the right side and an extended swivel tab to the left side. The leather backstrap has a small brass buckle enabling it to be functional as a chin strap. Both korkarden are present and are original. The interior of the pickelhaube is in natural tan leather. The interior of the pickelhaube is in natural tan leather very fine condition.
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