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eMedals-Baden, Military Karl Friedrich Order,

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Baden, Military Karl Friedrich Order,

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Baden, Military Karl Friedrich Order,

Military Merit Medal (1915-18), in silver, 40.3mm, extremely fine: WWI award to Vizefeldwebel Rudolf STAPF, MW-Komp. 424. Zelosko 1fd Nr. 646. Awarded for retrieving MW lost when position was over-run by enemy. With old original ribbon: Award for 3rd Ypres/Flanders/Passchendaele; Rudolf Stapf, Vizefeldwebel, Pionier-Bataillon 214/Minenwerfer-Kompanie 424. Born June 17, 1888. Award No.646.The Company was in the line during the Flanders battle from the 08-20th of August 1917. Stapf participated in all the actions including the "Grosskampftag" on the 16th of August. On this day the company was in action with four medium Minenwerfer. As the British broke into our lines that day the Minenwerfer position had to be abandoned. On the 17th of August the company sent out three patrols to see if the Werfer had fallen into enemy hands. The patrols returned unsuccessfully. At this point Vizefeldwebel (at the time Unteroffizier) Stapf volunteered to find the positions. Although the way was only known by map he succeeded on the afternoon of the 17th of August in finding all four Werfer positions. It is thanks to Stapf?s brave action that the company was able to (on the night of the 17th-18th of August) recover two of the Werfer and the barrel and Lafette of a third. Stapf led the company to the positions. A Fourth Werfer had been totally destroyed. Stapf has been recommended for the award one time before. Total of 1282 silver Military Merit Medals awarded during WWI.
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