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  • Item: EU11652

    An Order of the Portuguese Red Cross; Silver Cross  

  • Item: EU11634

    An Order of St. Gregory; Officer's Cross  

  • Item: EU14126

    A Spanish Order of Charles III; Grand Cross Breast Star 

  • Item: EU7998

    An Order of St. Gregory the Great by Tanfani & Bertarelli 

  • Item: EU14129

    A Spanish Order of Civil Merit; Grand Cross Set Franco Era (1938-1975) 

  • Item: EU14122

    A Portuguese Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa; Commander's Badge 

  • Item: EU11632

    A Bulgarian Order of Military Merit; Knight  

  • Item: EU11524

    A 1930'S Polish Military Police Badge; Numbered  

  • Item: EU11683

    A Kingdom of Yugoslavia Badge of the Sworn Game Warden  

  • Item: EU11515

    A Russian Imperial Order of St. Anne in Gold, 3rd Class by Ivan Kuzmich Yashin, Moscow 

  • Item: EU7032

    An Institute for Hispanic Culture Award; Fascist Party Recipient 

  • Item: EU11548

    A Bulgarian Military Merit Order; 5th Class Knight  

  • Item: EU11598

    A French Legion D'Honneur; Commander with Case  

  • Item: EU11590

    An Order of Adolph of Luxembourg; Commander's Cross 

  • Item: EU11606

    An 1829-1862 Order of the Redeemer; Type I with King Oto Obverse  

  • Item: EU11706

    A Swedish Order of the North Star; Commander's Cross  

  • Item: EU7148

    A Yugoslavian Order of the Work with Red Banner; 1st Class with Document 

  • Item: EU11660

    A Serbian Balkan Wars Commemorative Cross 

  • Item: EU14125

    An Early Belgian Order of Leopold; Grand Officer Breast Star c.1840 

  • Item: EU14128

    A Portuguese Military Order of Christ; Breast Star 

  • Item: EU11575

    A Swedish Award Grouping to Skier, Officer and Sportswriter Sigfrid (Sigge) Bergman 

  • Item: EU11567

    A Scarce Second War Finnish Pilot's Badge  

  • Item: EU11596

    An Austrian Bravery Medal; First Class  

  • Item: EU11689

    A Serbian Medal for Zeal; Silver Grade 

  • Item: EU11653

    A Second War Italian 1st Division Alpine "Taurinense" Badge 

  • Item: EU14124

    An Austrian Merit Cross "1849", 4th Class, Third Period (1914-1918) 

  • Item: EU8532

    A Portuguese Military Order of the Christ; Grand Cross Set 

  • Item: EU11585

    A First War Montenegrin Gold Medal for Zeal  

  • Item: EU11688

    A Serbian Order of Kara-George with Swords; Fourth Class 

  • Item: EU11709

    An Order of the Yugoslav Crown; Fifth Class with Case by Huguenin Freres  

  • Item: EU11656

    A 1941 Romanian Census Taker Badge  

  • Item: EU11529

    A Silver First War Italian Al'Valorie to Bortoluzzi Antonio 1917 

  • Item: EU11617

    An Italian Order of the Italian Star of Solidarity; Third Class 

  • Item: EU11610

    A Bulgarian Merit Medal; Ferdinand I Tsar with Case 

  • Item: EU11592

    A Finnish Order of the Lion; Commander's Neck Cross with Case  

  • Item: EU14123

    An Italian Order of the Roman Eagle; 3rd Class Commander with Swords  

  • Item: W4766

    A Mexican Imperial Order of Guadalupe; 3rd Class in Gold (1865-1867) 

  • Item: EU6908

    A Yugoslavian Order for Military Merit with Gold Sword; 2nd Class 

  • Item: EU11618

    An Italian First War Balkan Campaign Cross  

  • Item: EU11686

    A Latvian Order of the Three Stars; Grand Officer by W.F. Müller 

  • Item: EU11654

    A Miniature Spanish Order of Isabella the Catholic Collar 

  • Item: EU8070

    An Italian 3rd Army First War Medal Bar 

  • Item: EU11620

    A First War Austrian Order of Franz Joseph by Wilhelm Kunz  

  • Item: EU11518

    An 1895 French Second Expedition Madagascar Medal  

  • Item: EU11619

    A Second War Group to the Italian San Marco Regiment 

  • Item: EU11539

    A Latvian Order of the Bear Slayer; Knight's Cross 1919-1940 

  • Item: EU11564

    An Albanian Order of Scanderbeg; Grand Cross Badge by Raviolo & Gardino, Roma 

  • Item: EU11614

    An Italian Second Army Commemorative Cross with Sword 

  • Item: EU11725

    A 1900 Croatian Bycicle Club Slovjen, Zagreb; by Belada, Wien 

  • Item: EU11642

    A Miniature Bulgarian Order of Georgi Dimitrov  

  • Item: EU14127

    An Austrian Military Merit Cross with War Decoration; 3rd Class Cross  

  • Item: EU11685

    A Russian Priest’s Cross Award for the Crimean War  

  • Item: EU11643

    Two Second War Czechoslovakian Medals  

  • Item: EU11667

    A First War Bulgarian Order of St. Alexander; Fifth Class 

  • Item: EU11509

    A Second War Croatian Army Volunteer Shield ”HRVATSKA” 

  • Item: EU11522

    A Second War Italian Russian Front Badge  

  • Item: EU12966

    A Second War Soviet Bravery Group to Degtyarev Gavril II'ich 

  • Item: EU11684

    A Set of Second War Croatian Ustaša Officer Collar Tabs 

  • Item: EU11591

    An Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus in Gold with Case c.1900  

  • Item: G33039

    A German RAD (National Labour Service) Long Service Award; 3rd Class 

Total items found 688

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