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  • Item: EG2380

    United Kingdom. An Order of Victoria and Albert, III Class Badge, by J. Ronca, c.1890  

  • Item: EG2814

    Netherlands, Kingdom. An Order of the Lion, Knight Grand Cross, by A. Moussault, c.1890  

  • Item: EG2986

    Japan, Empire. A Rare Order of the Sacred Crown, II Class, c.1900  

  • Item: EG3091

    Saxe-Ernestine, Duchy. A House Order in Gold, Grand Cross with Swords, c.1900  

  • Item: EG3101

    Braunschweig, Dukedom. An Order of Henry the Lion, Commander Cross, by Jürgens, c.1916  

  • Item: EG3147

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Military Merit Order in Gold, I Class Grand Cross, by Gebrüder Hemmerle, c.1910  

  • Item: EG2921A

    Afghanistan, Kingdom. An Order of the Star, II Class Grand Officer, with Award Document, c.1928  

  • Item: EG2618

    Croatia, Republic. An Order of King Zvonimir's Crown, Grand Cross with Oak Leaves, by Braća Knaus, c.1941  

  • Item: EG2651

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. An Order of Military Merit, III Class Commander with Swords & War Decoration, c.1917  

  • Item: EG2929

    China, Nanking Government. An Order of United Glory, Special Class Grand Cordon Badge, c.1943  

  • Item: EG2526

    Belgium, Kingdom. An Order of Leopold, II Class Grand Officer's Star, by G. Wolfers, c.1900  

  • Item: EG535

    Albania, Kingdom. An Order of Skanderbeg, I Class Grand Cross Sash  

  • Item: EG633

    Prussia, State. A Red Eagle Order, Second Class with Swords & Oak Leaves, c.1916  

  • Item: EG2682

    Vatican, Papal States. An Equestrian Order of St.Gregory the Great, Grand Cross Badge, c.1880  

  • Item: EG458

    China, Republic. An Order of the Striped Tiger, VII Class Knight, c.1920  

  • Item: EG398

    Brazil, Kingdom. An Order of the Southern Cross in Gold, Grand Cross, c.1850  

  • Item: EG636

    Prussia. An Order of the Red Eagle in Gold, 2nd Class with Oak Leaves, by Humbert & Söhne, c.1870  

  • Item: EG2921B

    Afghanistan, Kingdom. An Order of the Star, II Class Grand Officer Sash, c.1928  

  • Item: EG004

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of the Iron Crown, Second Class with War Decoration & Swords, c.1915  

  • Item: EG3235

    United Kingdom. A Most Excellent Order of The British Empire, Commander, Military Division (CBE) Badge, c.1920  

  • Item: EG3082

    Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. An Honour Cross, III Class Knight with Oak Leaves, c.1917  

  • Item: EG639

    Prussia, State. A Red Eagle Order, II Class Star with Oakleaves, c.1860  

  • Item: EG2224

    United States. A Lot of Forty Badges & Tokens  

  • Item: EG058

    Austria, Empire. An Order of Franz Joseph, Knight’s Cross with Commander's Small Decoration, c.1917  

  • Item: EG175

    Albania, Italian Protectorate. An Order of Scanderbeg, Grand Officer Badge, c.1940  

  • Item: EG2720

    Serbia, Kingdom. An Order of St. Sava, V Class Knight, c.1895  

  • Item: EG3310

    Spain, I Restoration. A Royal & Military Order of St. Ferdinand in Gold, I Class Knight, c.1830  

  • Item: EG2500

    Austria, I Republic. An Order of Merit, Commander Cross, I Class, by Anton Reitterer, c.1925  

  • Item: EG2765

    France, III Republic. A National Order of the Legion of Honour in Gold, IV Class Officer, c.1955  

  • Item: EG2536

    Belgium, Kingdom. An Order of the Crown, III Class Commander, c.1920  

  • Item: EG3233

    United Kingdom. Most Excellent Order of The British Empire, Member (MBE) Badge, c.1923  

  • Item: EG16

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of the Starry Cross, II Class, c.1950  

  • Item: EG783

    Spain, Republic. A War Cross, Type I, c.1940  

  • Item: EG953

    Croatia, Republic. A Ustasha Commemorative Bronze Grade Award, c.1941  

  • Item: EG2863

    Venezuela, Republic. An Order of the Liberator, III Class Commander, c.1940  

  • Item: EG029

    Austrian, Empire. An Honour Decoration of the Red Cross, Second Class with War Decoration, by G.A. Scheid,c.1915  

  • Item: EG3269

    Spain, Franco Period. An Order of Civil Merit, Commander's Badge, c.1950  

  • Item: EG1172C

    Austria, Imperial. A Lot of Badges & Insignia  

  • Item: EG3271

    Spain, Kingdom. An Order of Naval Merit, II Class Star, Red Distinction, by A. Ramentol, c.1920  

  • Item: EG2361

    Austria, I Republic. A Gendarmerie Radio Operator’s Badge, by L. Klein, c.1923  

  • Item: EG2043

    Netherlands, Kingdom. A Lot of Ten Bronze Civic Medals  

  • Item: EG2353

    United States. An M-1906 Cavalry Sword, by Ames Sword Company  

  • Item: EG036

    Austria, Empire. A Red Cross Silver Honour Medal, c.1914  

  • Item: EG2254

    Canada. A Lot of Eight Badges & Insignia, c.1945  

  • Item: EG1172B

    Austria, Imperial. A Lot of Imperial Badges & Insignia  

  • Item: EG2683

    Vatican. An Equestrian Order of St. Gregory The Great (KSG), IV Class Knight, c.1920  

  • Item: EG1234

    Austria, Imperial. A Bravery Medal, Bronze Grade, with Three Awards, c.1917  

  • Item: EG3186

    Prussia, State. A Crown Order, IV Class Knight, c.1900  

  • Item: EG3058

    Brunswick, Dukedom. A House Order of Henry the Lion, I Class Merit Cross, by H.Jürgens, c.1915  

  • Item: EG1205

    Austria, Imperial. A Lot of Medals & Awards, c.1916  

  • Item: G39627

    Saxe-Weimar, Duchy. An Order of the White Falcon with Swords, Grand Cross Star, by Th. Müller, c.1900  

  • Item: M0044-11

    Germany, Imperial. A Superb Silver Flight School Award Plate & Silver Naval Sea Pilots Badges to Ernst Lupri, c.1916  

  • Item: G39595

    Saxony, Kingdom. An Albert Order, Commander’s Star, by G.A. Scharffenberg, c.1900  

  • Item: G39635

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A St.Anne's Order in Gold, Honour Cross, c.1820  

  • Item: G39592

    Germany, Imperial. An EK 1914 I Class with Award Documents  

  • Item: G39604

    Saxe-Weimar, Duchy. A Miniature Order of the White Falcon in Gold, c.1900  

  • Item: G39626

    Prussia, Kingdom. An Order of the Black Eagle, Embroidered Star, c.1830  

  • Item: G39597

    Germany, Imperial. A Fine Bavarian & Turkist Miniature Medal Chain, by Godet  

  • Item: G39593

    Germany, Weimar. A Silesian Eagle, Post-1957 Reissue  

  • Item: G39625

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Louise Order in Gold, c.1880  

Total items found 536

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