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  • Item: G36343

    Germany. A Cased 1918 Military Sports Table Medal of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen  

  • Item: G36344

    Germany. A Colonial Merit Award, First Class, Modified for Wear on a Ribbon  

  • Item: G36345

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Civil Merit Medal, Silver Grade, c.1860  

  • Item: G36346

    Prussia, State. A Civilian China Medal and Reserve Long Service Decoration Boutonniere  

  • Item: G36347

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A 1914-1916 Bavarian Collectors Photos  

  • Item: G36348

    Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. A 1914 Honour Medal for War Merit  

  • Item: G36349

    Anhalt, Duchy. A 1914-1918 Friedrich Cross  

  • Item: G36350

    Reuss, Imperial County. A Silver Merit Medal of the Princly Reuss Honour Cross, with Swords  

  • Item: G33219

    A Mint Iron Cross 1939 Second Class in by Wilhelm Deumer  

  • Item: G36395

    Lübeck, Free City. A Hanseatic Cross  

  • Item: G18725

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An Award Group to Honor Goblet & KC Recipient Eduard Lindinger  

  • Item: G36374

    Frankfurt. A War Merit Medal for Officer’s and Enlisted Men  

  • Item: G36352

    Austria, Empire. A First and Second War Austrian Patriot’s Medal Bar with Six Medals & Awards  

  • Item: G36383

    Saxony-Weimar-Seisenach. A Non-Combatant’s Miniature Medal Bar  

  • Item: G36393

    Austria, Tirol. A Small Caliber Marksmanship Competition Award  

  • Item: G36387

    Prussia, State. A Red Eagle Order, Second Class with Swords, and Oak Leaves, c.1917  

  • Item: G36366

    Germany, Wehrmacht. An Infantry Assault Badge, Bronze Grade  

  • Item: G36361

    Württemberg. A Service Honour Cross, Second Class for 21 Years of Service  

  • Item: G36389

    Prussia. An Honour Cross First Class of the Prussian Veteran’s Association  

  • Item: G36359

    Saxony, Kingdom. A Military Order of St. Henry, Knight’s Cross  

  • Item: G36360

    Württemberg. A Merit Cross with Swords, with Swords  

  • Item: G36377

    Prussia. A Veteran’s Association Long Service Award, with Swords  

  • Item: G36388

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Tank Badge, Bronze Grade  

  • Item: G23622

    A Case for German Cross in Gold  

  • Item: G36376

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Set of Wehrmacht Reserve Artillery Lieutenant Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G36397

    Prussia, State. A First War Miniature Medal Bar to a Veteran  

  • Item: G36370

    Germany, NSFK. A 1939 National Socialist Flyers Corps Rhön Gliding Championships Plaque  

  • Item: G36357

    Prussia, State. A Royal Crown Order Medal, First Pattern, with Open Crown  

  • Item: G36379

    Hessen-Darmstadt. A Silver Medal for Bravery, with its Original Packet of Issue  

  • Item: G36355

    Germany, Empire. A Naval Wound Badge, Silver Grade  

  • Item: G36381

    Schleswig-Holstein. A Commemorative Cross for the Schlwesig-Holdstein Army, c.1850  

  • Item: M0246-01

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Private Purchase Glider Pilot Badge  

  • Item: G36391

    Germany, Der Stahlhelm. A Grouping of two Stahlhelm Veteran’s Association Pins  

  • Item: G28202

    A Superb Knight's Cross & Oakleaves Document Group to the Defender of Tarnopol; Generalmajor Von Neindorff  

  • Item: G36367

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A General Assault Badge, by Rudolf Karneth  

  • Item: G36386

    Austria, Tyrol.A Pistol Marskamship Competition Award, c. 1942  

  • Item: G36398

    Prussia, State. A First War Veteran’s Kyffhäuser League Medal Ribbon Bar  

  • Item: G36396

    Prussia, State. An 1870 Boutonniere with Three Medals, Awards, and Decorations  

  • Item: G36351

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown, Cross First Class, Unofficially Numbered  

  • Item: G36354

    Germany, Empire. A Wound Badge, Black Grade  

  • Item: G36390

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Standard Service Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G36375

    Prussia. A Berlin-Lichterfelde Monument of the Previous Cadet School Commemorative Pin  

  • Item: G36364

    Germany. A War Merit Cross First Class with Swords  

  • Item: G36384

    Germany, Republic. A Mint German Cross in Silver; 1957 Version  

  • Item: G36368

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Flak Badge  

  • Item: G36385

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Radio Operator Badge, Cloth Version  

  • Item: G30932

    A Special Grade Tank Badge for 75 Panzer Engagements by Josef Feix & Söhne  

  • Item: G36365

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Tank Badge, Bronze Grade, by Adolf Scholze  

  • Item: G36392

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Paratroop Panzer Division “Hermann Göring” Cap Eagle  

  • Item: G36372

    Germany, NSFK. A 1938 National Socialist Flyers Corps Kassel Championships Plaque  

  • Item: G36369

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Flak Anti-Aircraft Battery Helper’s Patch  

  • Item: G36356

    Saxony. A Silver Merit Medal with Swords and 1914/7 Clasp  

  • Item: G36382

    Prussia, State. A Faithful Warrior’s Long Service Boutonniere  

  • Item: G36358

    Germany, Empire. A 1909 Zeppelin “Good Luck” Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: G36373

    Bavaria. A Bavarian Veteran’s League 20-Year Membership Cross  

  • Item: G36394

    Germany. A Grouping of a War Merit Cross Second Class and First Class  

  • Item: G36363

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Ground Assault Badge, by Rudolf Karneth of Gablonz  

  • Item: G36371

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. A Mint Officer’s Visor Bullion Wreath and Cockade  

  • Item: G36380

    Hansa. A Joint War Commemorative Medal of the Hanseatic Legion, c.1815  

  • Item: M0213-13

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Parachutist Badge, by Friedrich Linden - Type B  

Total items found 489

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