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  • Item: EU12715

    A Russian Imperial Case for the Order of St. Stanislas 

  • Item: EU12699

    A First War Austrian Telegrapher Badge 

  • Item: EU12698

    A Formal Croatian Document for the Award of the King Zvonimir Order; Third Class with Swords 

  • Item: EU12708

    A Croatian Order of Merit Rare 1st Class Breast Star for Muslim Women 

  • Item: EU12709

    An Austrian Carinthian General Cross for Bravery; 2nd Class 1918-1919 

  • Item: EU12705

    A Croatian Army and Police Officer's Cap Badge 

  • Item: EU12716

    Three Second War Period Hungarian Sports Awards  

  • Item: EU12717

    Four Romanian Medals, Awards, and Decorations  

  • Item: EU12707

    A Socialist Yugoslavian Order of the Partisan Star with Silver Wreath 

  • Item: EU12703

    A Second War Carnia Troops Command (Truppe Carnia) Badge 

  • Item: EU12701

    A First War Austrian Distance Determiner Badge  

  • Item: EU12714

    A Scarce Italian Campaign Medal for China with Clasp 1900-1901 

  • Item: EU12706

    A Croatian "Ante Pavelic" Bravery Medal; Silver Grade 

  • Item: EU12702

    A Second War Italian Fascist Pilot's Wings 

  • Item: EU12700

    A First War Austrian Artillery Badge 

  • Item: EU12712

    Two Romanian Decorations and Awards 

  • Item: EU12710

    An Italian-Turkish War Medal 1911-1912 

  • Item: EU12711

    A First War Period German Imperial Patriotic Ring  

  • Item: EU12713

    A Second War Italian 3rd Regiment of Grenadiers of Sardinia Medal 1940-1941  

  • Item: EU12718

    A Bulgarian Order of St. Alexander; Grand Cross with Swords Case & Carton 

  • Item: G18003

    A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger by C.E.Juncker 

  • Item: G27795

    A 1940 RKB Reich Colonial League Conference in Krems Badge 

  • Item: G22062

    A Rare & Near Mint Clasp to the Iron Cross 1939 Screwback  

  • Item: G27784

    A 1938 Bremen Reichs-Kolonialtagung Badge by L. Christian Lauer 

  • Item: G27790

    A 1934 Reichsnährstand Blut und Boden Aachen Day of the Farmers Badge by Hoffstätter Bonn 

  • Item: G26241

    A Very Fine Group of Awards with Matching Award Documents Presented to Ewald Woiwod of the 5th SS Police Regiment 16 

  • Item: G25443

    An Early Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by Assmann  

  • Item: G25452

    A Wehrmacht (Army) Issued Kuban Campaign Shield 

  • Item: G25644

    A Pair of Division Feldherrnhalle Feldwebel’s Shoulder Straps 

  • Item: G26188

    The Marine Front Clasp, with Recipients Photo 

  • Item: G23729

    A 1940 14th Panzer Division Medal by Deschler  

  • Item: G22559

    An Early Tank Badge; Bronze Grade  

  • Item: G27811

    A 1935 1st Regional Gymnastics Festival of the Lower Bavarian Ostmark Badge 

  • Item: G26278

    A Second War Army/Heer Long Service Medal Pair 

  • Item: G27793

    A 1934 50 Years of the Gymnastics and Sport Association in Pasewalk Badge 

  • Item: G27812

    A Fine Quality 1935 Columbus Gymnastics Tour Badge 

  • Item: G27791

    A 1933 15th German Gymnastics Festival in Stuttgart Badge 

  • Item: G22930

    A Clasp to the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939; Type II (Reduced Version) 

  • Item: G27808

    A 1937 Ulm-Stetten Regional Day of the Fire Brigade Badge 

  • Item: G27792

    A Scarce 1935 Thüringen/Weimar Day of Doctors Badge by Wernstein 

  • Item: G27805

    A (DJV) Deutsches Jungvolk Membership Badge 

  • Item: G27800

    A Fine Case of Issue for a War Merit Cross First Class with Swords by Klein & Quenzer A.G. 

  • Item: G24470

    A Luftwaffe Issue German Cross in Gold; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G25142

    A Silver Grade Close Combat Clasp by Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid 

  • Item: G27783

    A 1937 Schleswig-Holstein District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G24812

    A Mint Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G27809

    An Extremely Scarce Employee Tag of the Top Secret German Aeronautical Research Institute  

  • Item: G27780

    A Fine Quality 1934 SA Brigade 45 Rally Badge by G. Danner 

  • Item: G27787

    A 1937 4th Saxon Day of the Farmers Badge 

  • Item: G27789

    A 1934 District Party Day in Land Hadeln Badge by C. Poellath 

  • Item: G25368

    An ADAC Motor Sports Badge; Silver Grade by Wiedmann 

  • Item: G27813

    A 1935 75th Year of Coburg Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G23675

    A Silver Grade Infantry Badge with Packet of Issue 

  • Item: G27801

    A Mint TeNo (Technische Nothilfe) Cap Eagle  

  • Item: G27802

    A 1936 RDB Reich Federation of German Civil Servants Rally in Kassel-Kurhessen Badge 

  • Item: G27788

    A 1936 RDB (Reich Federation of German Civil Servants) Meeting in Schwerin Badge 

  • Item: G27786

    A Third Reich Period German Gymnastics and Sportfest Badge 

  • Item: G27799

    A West Wall Medal with Original Packet of Issue by Carl Poellath 

  • Item: G25114

    A Lot of Two German Third Reich Era Medals and Awards 

  • Item: G27794

    A 1937 Alt-Gaarz DRL Pentecost Cross Country Competition Badge 

Total items found 591

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