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  • Item: G30691

    A 1942 NSDAP Esch-Alzig District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G20388

    A National Federation of Outpatient Traders Membership Badge 

  • Item: G19429

    A Waffen-SS Estonian Volunteer Sleeve Shield 

  • Item: G29265

    A Golden NSDAP Party Badge to Adolf Rammer; SS-Untersturmführer 

  • Item: G30682

    A Miniature Bronze Grade SA Sports Badge Stick Pin 

  • Item: G30662

    A NSDAP 10-Year Long Service Award; 3rd-Class; Heavy Version 

  • Item: G30663

    A Bronze Grade SA Sports Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G30698

    A 1933 Hildesheim September Month of Sport Badge 

  • Item: G30697

    A 1937 NSDAP Bergheim an der Erft District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G30667

    A Third Reich Period German 25-Year Long Service Miniature Stick Pin 

  • Item: G30676

    A Fine Quality 1934 Württemberg-Hohenzollern Regional Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G30690

    A 1933 12 Years of NSDAP in the Hersbruck Region Badge by C. Balmberger 

  • Item: G20154

    A 1937 12th German Singers League Gathering and Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the League in Breslau Medal  

  • Item: G30672

    A 1932 Munich Regional Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G20299

    A Single SS-Sicherheitsdienst Standartenführer’s Shoulder Board 

  • Item: G30688

    A Third Reich Period 10 Years NSDAP in Wolfurt Badge 

  • Item: G30700

    A 1934 German Exhibition Week in Mannheim Badge 

  • Item: G30689

    A 1933 Hildesheim German Day of the NSDAP 

  • Item: G30695

    A 1936 Day of the Infantry Regiment 121 in Ludwigsburg Badge 

  • Item: G18703

    An NSDAP Long Service Award for 15 Years Service 

  • Item: G30668

    An Austrian RAD (National Labour Service) Membership Stick Pin 

  • Item: G29306

    An Austrian NSDAP Golden Party Badge Medal Bar Grouping to SA-Mann August Mathofer 

  • Item: G30681

    A Mint and Unissued Albanian Waffen-SS Volunteer Sleeve Shield Insignia 

  • Item: G30665

    A RAD (National Labour Service) Cap Badge by Lind & Meyrer 

  • Item: G30671

    A NSDAP Party Member’s Buttonhole Badge by Kerbach & Israel of Dresden 

  • Item: G30674

    A 1938 Victors Badge of the Regional Level National Trade Competition Badge by G. Brehmer 

  • Item: G30686

    A 1937 NSKOV 3rd Saxon Front Fighting Soldiers and War Victims Remembrance Day Badge 

  • Item: G20184

    A 1938 German Hunting Association Deutsche Jägerschaft Plaque 

  • Item: G19427

    A Pair of Waffen-SS Panzer EM’s Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G19969

    A Decoration of the High Command of the H.J.; For Distinguished Foreigners 

  • Item: G30685

    A Third Reich Period “Donate for National Employment” Badge 

  • Item: G19381

    An NSDAP District (Gau) Level OberGemeinschaftsLeiter (Head Community Leader) Collar Tab 

  • Item: G30673

    A 1935 Swabia SA Brigade 86 Meeting Badge by Carl Poellath of Schrobenhausen 

  • Item: G19001

    A Set of Waffen-SS Enlisted Artillery Shoulder Straps 

  • Item: G30680

    A RDKL (National Association of German Small Animal Breeders) Membership Stick Pin 

  • Item: G30687

    A 1937 NSDAP Osterode District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G20389

    A Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G30675

    A 1934 Braunschweig “Day of Lower Saxony” Badge 

  • Item: G20417

    A 1937 International Berlin Hunter’s Competition Mouflon (Muffelwild) Prize 

  • Item: G30670

    A NSDAP Party Member’s Lapel Badge by Ferdinand Wagner of Pforzheim 

  • Item: G30692

    A 1934 10 Years of Liberated Pfalz Badge 

  • Item: G20502

    A Deutsche Turnerschaft Badge  

  • Item: G20204

    A 10th Anniversary of the NSDAP in the Thüringen District Award 

  • Item: G30693

    A 1935 KDF Kurhessen National Socialist Day of Flight Badge 

  • Item: G30677

    A Cased 1939 Victors Badge of the District Level National Trade Competition Badge 

  • Item: G30699

    A 1934 Theatre Festival in Giebelstadt Badge 

  • Item: G30666

    A NSDAP 15-Year Long Service Award Miniature Stick Pin by Otto Schninckle 

  • Item: G30669

    A NSBO (National Socialist Factory Cell Organization) Membership Stick Pin 

  • Item: G30679

    A 1933 A.H. Schicksalswende (Twist of Fate) Medal by the Official Mint of Bavaria 

  • Item: G30678

    A 1936 Berlin Olympic Games Commemorative Medal by the Official Mint of Bavaria 

  • Item: G30684

    A Single Waffen-SS Foreign Volunteer Collar Tab 

  • Item: G19378

    An NSDAP District (Gau) Level Anwärter (Party Member "Candidate") Collar Tab 

  • Item: G30683

    A Third Reich Period Austrian Farmer’s Seeding Season Badge 

  • Item: G30696

    A 1930 Bremen Day of the SA Badge 

  • Item: G30664

    A Second War German Police Cap Eagle 

  • Item: G20419

    Two German Police Insignia 

  • Item: G20161

    An Early SA/SS Belt Buckle 1933-1935 

  • Item: G20112

    An SS Sleeve Eagle; Mid War Type 

  • Item: G30694

    A 1937 Schwäbischen Gmünd Regional Festival Badge 

  • Item: G18875

     An Exceedingly Rare & Recovered German Order; "Dead Hero Order" 

Total items found 741

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