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  • Item: EU15903

    Austria, Empire. An Order of Franz Joseph, Commander’s Star, by Godet, c.1900  

  • Item: W5487

    United States. An AFC & DFC Pair to the Most Decorated Enlisted Man in Air Force History  

  • Item: EU14953

    Serbia, Kingdom. A Cased Orthodox Order of St. Andrew, c.1942  

  • Item: EU14968

    Serbia, Kingdom. An Order of the Cross of Takovo, 4th Class, c.1900  

  • Item: W5488

    United States. A Purple Heart Group of Four, Private John B. Perkins (Canadian), 1944  

  • Item: EU15025

    Croatia. An Order of King Zvonimir's Crown, Silver Grade Merit Medal  

  • Item: W5485

    Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic. A Most Puissant Order of the Gorkha Dakshina Bahu, IV Class  

  • Item: EU15017

    Vatican. An Order of St. Sylvester; Commander's Cross, c.1920  

  • Item: W5484

    Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic. A Most Puissant Order of the Gorkha Dakshina Bahu, III Class  

  • Item: EU15045

    Portugal. A Military Order of Christ; Commander's Breast Star  

  • Item: EU15902

    Austria, Empire. An Order of the Iron Crown, III Class, Dedicated to the Commander of the 4/34 F.B., c.1916  

  • Item: EU15027

    Yugoslavia, Kingdom. An Order of the Yugoslav Crown; 3rd Class Commander  

  • Item: W5483

    Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic. A Miniature Group of Nine  

  • Item: EU15055

    Turkey, Ottoman Empire. A Galipoli Star,c.1915  

  • Item: W5489

    United States. A Silver & Bronze Star, Purple Heart Group, 9th Infantry Division, United States Army, 1945  

  • Item: EU14836

    Belgium, Kingdom. An Order of Leopold in Gold, Commander Cross, c.1880  

  • Item: EU14813

    Austria, Empire. Order of Franz Joseph, Miniature Grand Cross with KD  

  • Item: W5482

    Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic. An Armed Forces Group of Five  

  • Item: EU14806

    Serbia, Kingdom. An Order of Kara-George with Swords, Fourth Class Knight, by Bertrand, c.1915  

  • Item: EU15904

    Austria, Empire. An Order of Franz Joseph in Gold, Commander Cross, by Vincent Mayer’s Söhne, c.1900  

  • Item: EU15905

    Czechoslovakia, Socialist Republic. Hungary, People's Republic. A Lot of Seven Red Cross Medals  

  • Item: W5486

    Nepal, Federal Democratic Republic. A Most Puissant Order of the Gorkha Dakshina Bahu, V Class  

  • Item: G36703

    Germany, SS. A Pair of Collar Tabs for an SS-Oberführer  

  • Item: G38841

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Rare 1943 Wartime Christian Medal for Front Soldiers in Greece  

  • Item: G38851

    Germany, Third Reich. A Unissued Full Length Ribbon for the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross  

  • Item: G38859

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Set of Field Binoculars, by Hensoldt & Söhne Werke A-G, c.1941  

  • Item: G38875

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) Officer’s Sleeve Insignia  

  • Item: G38877

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Honour Roll Clasp with Recipient Photo  

  • Item: G38842

    Germany, Reichsbahn. A Very Rare German Female Railway Staff Service Badge, c.1944  

  • Item: G35540

    Germany. A Pair of Waffen-SS Artillery Scharführer's Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G36962

    Germany. A Condor Legion Black Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: G38855

    Germany, Heer. A Second War Period Heer (Army) EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle by Dr. Franke & Co.  

  • Item: G36878

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Cased Wound Badge, Gold Grade  

  • Item: G38832

    Germany, Heer. A Generalfeldmarshall Tunic  

  • Item: G38846

    Germany, Heer. A 1944 Campaign Medal for the Spanish “Blue Division” Volunteers in Russia  

  • Item: G36824

    Germany. A Special Grade Tank Badge for 25 Panzer Engagments, by Josef Feix & Söhne  

  • Item: G36875

    Germany, Luftwaffe.A Ground Assault Badge, Scarce Bullion Version  

  • Item: G38833

    Germany, Heer. A Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) Officer’s Dress Tunic  

  • Item: G38858

    Germany, SA. An Early Dagger by Gebrüder Heller  

  • Item: G38857

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. A Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser Badge  

  • Item: G36821

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A German Africa Corps Standard Issue Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G38874

    Germany, DRL. A Group of DRL Sports Badges  

  • Item: G36964

    Germany, RAD. A National Labour Service Award for 12 Years of Service; Heavy Version  

  • Item: G38834

    Germany, Heer. A Panzer Unteroffizer’s Tunic  

  • Item: G38872

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Pair of Luftwaffe Officer’s Cap Insignia  

  • Item: G38881

    Germany, Heer. A Mint Pair of Heer (Army) General’s Collar Tabs  

  • Item: G38860

    Germany, NSDAP. The Superb & Early NSDAP Long Service Award Grouping of Karl Waidhas  

  • Item: G38876

    Germany, Heer. A Group of Heer (Army-Panzer) Officer’s Uniform Insignia  

  • Item: G35583

    Germany. A Wound Badge, Silver Grade, in its Original Presentation Case by Rudolf Wächtler & Lange  

  • Item: G38853

    Germany, DAF. A German Labour Front (DAF) Enlisted Buckle by Friedrich Linden  

  • Item: G38879

    Germany, NSDAP. A Framed Congratulatory Document To Seyß-Inquart 1941  

  • Item: G38852

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. A Minesweeper War Badge, by B.H. Mayer  

  • Item: G35618

    Germany. A Gents Silver Ring with Case, c.1939  

  • Item: G38835

    Germany, Heer. An Army M43 Tropical Artillery Enlisted Man’s Tunic  

  • Item: G38836

    Germany, Heer. A Panzer Assault Badge, Silver Grade, Cut-Out Grass Type, by C.E. Juncker  

  • Item: G38843

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Rare Regimental Commemorative Medal for the 1943/44 New Year  

  • Item: G38845

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. A Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge, By Josef Feix & Söhne  

  • Item: G38847

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Reconnaissance Clasp, Gold Grade with Pendant  

  • Item: G38850

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Military Administration Service Badge for France  

  • Item: G38844

    Germany, Wehrmacht. An Iron Cross 1939 I Class  

Total items found 586

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