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  • Item: G24936

    Germany. A Mint Waffen-SS Deutschland Officer's Cufftitle  

  • Item: G34813

    Germany. An Auxiliary Police (Polizei) Officer's Tschako with Parade Bush  

  • Item: G25690

    Germany. A Reichs Association for Canine Care Plaque for Outstanding Achievement  

  • Item: G34826

    Germany. A 1933/34 Gau/District Level Municipal Representitive Silver Honourary Award  

  • Item: G18332

    A Luftwaffe Afrika Campaign Cufftitle; Other Ranks Version  

  • Item: G19484

    A Weimar Republic Numbered Police Gorget  

  • Item: G34828

    Germany. A Mint and Unissued Waffen-SS Estonia Volunteer Sleeve Shield  

  • Item: G24940

    Germany. A Cufftitle "Landstorm Nederland"; BeVo Style  

  • Item: G34818

    Germany. A Third Reich Period DRK (German Red Cross) Nurse’s Badge  

  • Item: G34819

    A DRL Bronze Grade Sports Badge by Wernstein of Jena  

  • Item: G25724

    Germany. A Cossack Breast Insignia  

  • Item: G34815

    Germany. A Third Reich Period DRK (German Red Cross) Service Medal  

  • Item: G34814

    Germany. A Gold Grade Mother’s Cross by C.E. Juncker  

  • Item: G24345

    An SS Identification & Service Book of Karl Lange 1944 POW  

  • Item: G34832

    Germany. A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Estonian Volunteer Sleeve Shield  

  • Item: G23969

    Germany. A 1938 International Radio Exhibition Badge in Berlin Badge  

  • Item: G34817

    Germany. A Third Reich Period DRK (German Red Cross) Helper Badge  

  • Item: G25718

    Germany. A Elberberg in the Municipality of Buttlar 400th Anniversary Medal 1535-1935  

  • Item: G34833

    Estonia. A Estonian Patriotic Silver Ring  

  • Item: G23989

    Germany. Two NSDAP League of the Reich for Physical Exercise Performance Stickpins  

  • Item: G25497

    Germany. A Golden HJ Leader’s Sports Badge by Gustav Brehmer  

  • Item: G34820

    Germany. A National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge; Large Version by Steinhauer & Lück  

  • Item: G25500

    Germany. A RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Officer’s Belt Buckle by F. W. Assmann & Söhne  

  • Item: G25684

    Germany. An Unattributed NSDAP or HJ Badge  

  • Item: G34821

    Germany. An NSDAP Long Service Ribbon Bar  

  • Item: G34830

    Netherlands. A Mint and Unissued Dutch NSB Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G25553

    Germany. A 1935 National Socialist People’s Welfare Membership Recruitment Badge  

  • Item: G25491

    Germany. A Anwärter Level Abschnittsleiter Collar Tab; 1939-1945  

  • Item: G34823

    Germany. A Wartime Studio Photo of an Wehrmacht EM with HJ Shooting Badge  

  • Item: G34834

    Netherlands. A National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands Donation Tin  

  • Item: G25705

    Germany. A 1934 “Werner Gerhardt Day” Badge  

  • Item: G34816

    Germany. A National Socialist People’s Welfare Sisterhood Nurse’s Badge  

  • Item: G23931

    Germany. A Bronze Grade Anti Partisan Badge by C.E. Juncker  

  • Item: G34733

    Germany. A Rare Award Document for the Tank Destruction Badge, SS Recipient  

  • Item: G25596

    Germany. A 1937 Harrschsdorf Sudentengerman Skiing Championships Badge  

  • Item: G34831

    Netherlands. A Mint and Unissued Dutch NSB Officer’s Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G25468

    Germany. A Pair NSDAP Golden Party Badges with Date and "A.H." Initials; "A.H. 22.12.38"  

  • Item: G34827

    Germany. A Waffen-SS Dutch Volunteer Sleeve Shield  

  • Item: G34825

    Germany. An Extensive Document Group to Wachtmeister of SS Police Panzerjäger Division  

  • Item: G24249

    Germany. A 1934 Göttingen National Socialist Teachers League Conference Day Badge  

  • Item: G25590

    Germany. A 1937 Löbau “1st District Fest” Badge  

  • Item: G34822

    Germany. An Unissued NSDAP Local Group Membership Card  

  • Item: G24018

    Germany. A 1935 International Criminal Law and Prison Congress Badge  

  • Item: G34824

    Germany. A Rehabilitation Letter for SS-Grenadier-Ausbildungs-Bataillon “Ost”  

  • Item: G34829

    Germany. A Estonian Security Group Half Dog Tag  

  • Item: G34835

    Germany. A Reichsnährstand/Blood & Soil 40-Year Long Service Badge  

  • Item: G34838

    Germany. A 1940 Reichsnährstand Bavaria-Ostmark Thanksgiving Celebration Badge  

  • Item: G34837

    Germany. A Reichsnährstand/Blood & Soil Bavaria 20-Year Long Service Badge  

  • Item: G34839

    Germany. A Reichsnährstand/Blood & Soil 40-Year Long Service Badge  

  • Item: G34846

    Germany. A Social Welfare Medal  

  • Item: G34840

    Germany. A Volunteer Firefigther’s Badge by Steinhauer & Lück  

  • Item: G34841

    Germany. A 1937 Kyffhäuser League Bronze Shooting Competition Winner Badge  

  • Item: G34836

    Germany. A 1934 1st Districty Lückenwalde Day of Farmers Badge  

  • Item: G34246

    Germany. A 1936 Eichsfeld District Day of the NSDAP Badge  

  • Item: G33599

    A 3rd Class Cross of Honour of the German Mother in its Packet of Issue  

  • Item: G34233

    Germany. A 1938 SA Group Franken Championships Second Place Victor Medal  

  • Item: G34247

    Germany. A 1937 Minden District Meeting Badge  

  • Item: G34310

    Germany. An Early Politcal/SA Set of Visor Cap Insignia  

  • Item: G26179

    A 1935 NSDAP Jena-Stadtroda District Meeting Badge  

  • Item: G24351

    A 1935 Sonnenwende Grenzland Viersen Kempen Badge  

Total items found 553

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