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  • Item: EU13135

    A Serbian Cross of Charity for the First Balkan War 1912 

  • Item: EU13115

    A 1925 Homage to the Spanish Royal Family Medal  

  • Item: EU5585

    Papal Lateran Cross - Silver Grade 

  • Item: EU13125

    A French Red Cross Service Medal; Gold Grade 

  • Item: EU7997

    A Polish Order of Polonia Restituta; Grand Cross 

  • Item: EU7148

    A Yugoslavian Order of the Work with Red Banner; 1st Class with Document 

  • Item: EU13127

    A Spanish Campaign Medal for the Ifni and the Sahara; 1st Class for Officers 

  • Item: EU6909

    A Yugoslavian Order for Military Merit with Silver Sword; 3rd Class 

  • Item: G29533

    A 1935 Kemnath “On the Alps” Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: EU13119

    A Spanish Order of Charles III; Officer's Cross in Gold  

  • Item: EU13134

    An Italian GIL Fascist Youth Avant Guard of Torino Sleeve Badge 

  • Item: EU6955

    A Yugoslavian Order of the Republic with Bronze Wreath 

  • Item: EU5462

    An Italy to Brazil Trans-Atlantic Air Cruise Medal 

  • Item: EU13117

    An Order of the Knights of Malta; Magistral Commander Cross Neck Badge 

  • Item: EU13118

    A Hungarian DETEKTIV Badge; 1930’s Period  

  • Item: EU2408

    Independence Medal 1884 

  • Item: EU13133

    Seven Socialist European Medals & Awards  

  • Item: EU6175

    A French Made Burkina Faso National Order; Grand Cross 

  • Item: EU13121

    An Order of the Crown of Italy; Umberto I Period; Knight  

  • Item: EU13124

    Two Hungarian First War Period Badges 

  • Item: EU13132

    Five Austrian Medals and Awards 

  • Item: EU7032

    An Institute for Hispanic Culture Award; Fascist Party Recipient 

  • Item: EU13131

    An Italian 25th Volturno Infantry Division Sleeve Badge 

  • Item: EU13122

    A Royal Bulgarian Order for Civil Merit, IV Class  

  • Item: EU13129

    A Montenegrin NCO's Cap Badge c.1900 

  • Item: EU6125

    Ferdinand I Commemorative Medal 1914-1927 

  • Item: EU13113

    A Turkish Order of Medjidie (Mecidiye); Breast Badge 

  • Item: EU8528

    A Royal Order of Francis I; Grand Cross by Rothe 

  • Item: EU13128

    A Spanish War Cross, Type I (1938-1942) 

  • Item: EU7911

    A Finnish Order of the White Rose; First Class Commander 

  • Item: EU6155

    The Serbian Order St.Sava; Fifth Class 

  • Item: EU13123

    A First War French Legion D'Honneur; Officer's Badge with Diamonds  

  • Item: EU13114

    A Commemorative Medal of the Spanish Campaign 1936 

  • Item: EU13130

    An Austrian Officer Portrait Printing Plate  

  • Item: EU13116

    A Latvian Cross of Recognition; Silver Grade Medal 

  • Item: EU2559

    Merit Cross with Swords 1940-45 

  • Item: EU13120

    An Italian 3rd Army Commemorative Cross; Silver Grade  

  • Item: EU6098

    The Italian Order of the Crown: Commander's Cross 

  • Item: EU13126

    A French Red Cross Wound Relief Society Medal for the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 

  • Item: EU7998

    An Order of St. Gregory the Great by Tanfani & Bertarelli 

  • Item: EU6908

    A Yugoslavian Order for Military Merit with Gold Sword; 2nd Class 

  • Item: EU9338

    A French Legion D'Honneur; Fourth Republic with Case 

  • Item: EU9337

    A First War Italian Al Valore Militare to Mario Musile 1918 

  • Item: EU9348

    A Finnish Civil Guards Military Proficiency Badge; Second Class 

  • Item: EU9846

    A Spanish Order of Military Merit with White Distinction 

  • Item: EU9852

    A Second War Ukrainian Auxiliary Police Cap Badge 

  • Item: EU9850

    A French Knights Life-Savers of the Alpes Maritimes Award 

  • Item: EU9697

    A 1932-45 Order of the Romanian Star; Commander with Case 

  • Item: EU9687

    A Turkish Tahlisiye Lifesaving Medal 

  • Item: EU9690

    An Italian Order of the Roman Eagle with Swords 1942-1943 

  • Item: EU9860

    A 1934 3rd National Gathering of Artillery Gunners in Naples Medal 

  • Item: EU9853

    A 1919 Italian Fiume Medal 

  • Item: EU9735

    A Turkish Order of Medjidie; Pinback Badge 

  • Item: EU9682

    A 1912-1913 Bulgarian Queen Eleonore Cross 

  • Item: EU9746

    A Miniature Swedish Order of the Sword in Gold 

  • Item: EU9750

    A Ustaski Lovac Arm Badge of the Ustasha Rifleman's Brigade 

  • Item: EU9664

    A 1952 Finnish Olympic Order of Merit; Second Class 

  • Item: EU9731

    An Austro-Hungarian Empire Patriotic Flyer's Badge 

  • Item: EU9649

    A 1920 Polish Plebiscite Zone Forces Badge 

  • Item: EU9576

    A Croatian Order of King Zvonimir; Military Division 1st Class with Case 

Total items found 771

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