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  • Item: G31735

    A Mint Kriegsmarine Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle by Overhoff & Cie 

  • Item: G30414

    A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by E. & F. Horster & Co Gmbh, Solingen 

  • Item: G31752

    A Late War Single Decal M42 Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm  

  • Item: W4652

    An Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Studio Photograph 

  • Item: G31734

    An Early SS Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle by Overhoff & Cie 

  • Item: G24898

    A Rare NSDAP Reichsleiter’s Metal Vehicle Pennant 

  • Item: G31740

    An NPEA (National Political Educational Institute) Ploen Pupil’s Dagger by Burgsmüller 

  • Item: G31755

    An SS Allach-Made Male Fox Figurine by Theodor Kärner 

  • Item: G31749

    A High Seas Fleet Badge Award Document; Auxiliary Cruiser “Orion 

  • Item: G31756

    An SS Allach-Made Young Hare Figurine by Theodor Kärner & Franz Nagy 

  • Item: G31741

    A Second Model Reichsluftschutzbund Dagger by Alcoso of Solingen 

  • Item: G31744

    A Croatian Volunteer's German Heer Artillery Sergeant (Feldwebel) Officer's Tunic  

  • Item: G27054

    A Group of First War Award Documents to Infanterie-Regiment Graf Kirchbach 

  • Item: G21354

    An Extremely Rare Award Document for Adlerrschild des Deutschen Reiches to Prof. Dr. Adolf Bartels 

  • Item: G31736

    A Fine Example of a HJ Knife (Fahrtenmesser) by F.W. Holler of Solingen 

  • Item: G31745

    A Wartime Photo of a Feldwebel with Iron Cross 1st Class & Demyansk Shield 

  • Item: G25045

    An Absolutely Mint SS Streifendienst/Patrol Service Gorget by Wilhelm Schröder & Co. 

  • Item: G21526

    A Birthday Wishes Telegram from The Duchess Victoria Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Genraldirektor Kemner 

  • Item: G31743

    A M40 Single Decal Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm with Bread Bag Strap by Quist 

  • Item: G31739

    A Heer "In Memory of My Service" Etched Bayonet by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen 

  • Item: G20957

    Four German Military Business Cards; Mussgay, Joachim, Basler, & Raddau 

  • Item: G31738

    A German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) Officer’s Dagger with Portepee 

  • Item: G31733

    An SS Enlisted Man's Belt with Buckle by Overhoff & Cie  

  • Item: G31747

    A Wartime Photo of General Karl Böttcher; Bulgarian Order of Military Merit  

  • Item: G31748

    Four Luftwaffe picture postcards (Fw. 58) 

  • Item: W4653

    An Imperial Japanese Navy Officer's Studio Photograph 

  • Item: G31742

    A Pair of Mint Army (Heer) Tropical Shorts 

  • Item: G31751

    A Kriegsmarine Officer's Belt with Dagger Hangers 

  • Item: G21017

    An HJ National Vocational Competition Envelope 1938 

  • Item: G19659

    A German Musician's Collar Chain 

  • Item: G31746

    A wartime Photo of Gefreiter with Krimschild 

  • Item: GB6362

    A RFC Other Ranks Tunic & Note Book of Flying Officer G.A. Learn; No. 210 Squadron KIA 1918 

  • Item: G18745

    An Award Document Grouping to Minesweeper Machinist 

  • Item: G31753

    A Single Decal M35 Kriegsmarine Re-Issued Stahlhelm by Eisenhüttenwerke 

  • Item: G31737

    A German Made First War Propeller Ashtray 

  • Item: G31750

    A Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge Award Document 1940 

  • Item: EU13948

    A Romanian Crusade Against Communism Document to Luftwaffe Lieutenant  

  • Item: G31754

    A 1935/36 Framed & Signed Photograph of Hermann Göring 

  • Item: G15857

    A Wehrpass to Hermann Delvos: Stalag 369 Camp Guard 

  • Item: G26864

    A 1941 Participation Certificate from the German Labour Front 

  • Item: G16964

    A Wound Badge Document to the 125th Armoured Recon Battalion 

  • Item: G22250

    A Soldbuch & Documents to the 1st Battery of the 34th Regiment in France  

  • Item: G21488

    A Honour Goblet Award Document to Reconnaissance Pilot 23.7.1943 

  • Item: G27083

    A Luftwaffe Award Document Group to Unteroffizier Glasmacher; Iron Cross & Flak Badge 

  • Item: G19332

    An Award Document for Kriegsmarine Naval Front Clasp 

  • Item: G21014

    A 1937 HJ Achievement Document at the Berlin Trades Competition  

  • Item: G18664

    A Service Summary Report for the 9th SS Artillery Regiment 

  • Item: G21486

    Two Award Documents to the Assistant Physician of 195th Artillery 

  • Item: G14956

    A Wehrpass & Records to the 13th Reserve Territorial Infantry Battalion 

  • Item: G14954

    A Peoples High Court Trial Summary & Final Sentence 1943 

  • Item: G16965

    A Wound Badge Award Document to 4th Batt. Fallschirmjäger 

  • Item: G26863

    A Bomber Squadron Clasp Award Document to KC & Oakleaves Recipient Alfons Schmidt 

  • Item: G27070

    An Award Document for a First Class (25 Year) Police Long Service Award 

  • Item: G27236

    A Set of Panzer Award Documents Signed by von Bismarck 

  • Item: G17041

    A Reconnaissance Squadron Clasp Award Document; Bronze Grade 

  • Item: G20956

    A 1938 Invitation for Reichsminister Hermann Göring and Wife to Attend an Opera and Ball 

  • Item: G27069

    A Social Welfare Decoration Award Document to Red Cross Main Leader 

  • Item: G17562

    A Waffen SS Driver's Licence Issued to the 4th SS Panzer Artillery Regiment 

  • Item: G19373

    A Scarce Award Document for Army Flak Badge 

  • Item: G20955

    A Telegram from Reischsmarschall Hermann Göring to District Leader (Gauleiter) Gieseler of Munich 

Total items found 685

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