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  • Item: G36132

    Germany. A 1914 Austro-German Alliance Badge  

  • Item: G38081

    Germany. A Grouping of Two HJ Festival of Youths Badges  

  • Item: G38082

    Germany. A 1933 Albert L. Schlageter Martyrdom and Youth Day Celebration Badge  

  • Item: G38080

    Germany. A Grouping of Two DAF Pins and Badges  

  • Item: G33377

    An Third Reich Period 1800 Regimental Anniversary Badge  

  • Item: G38075

    Germany, SS. A SS Mountain Troop Edelweiss Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G38076

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Pair of Second War Period Wehrmacht Insignia  

  • Item: G38071

    Germany, Kyffhäuserbund. A Kyffhäuserbund (Kyffhäuser League) Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G35150

    Bavaria. A First War Imperial Bavarian Uniform Button  

  • Item: G38084

    Germany. A 1933 A.H. Schicksalswende (Twist of Fate) Medal by the Official Mint of Bavaria  

  • Item: G38092

    Germany, SA. A 1939 SA Group Sports Competition Day Badge  

  • Item: G38091

    Germany, National Socialist People’s Welfare. A WHW Fasnet 1939 Tinnie by G.H. Mayer  

  • Item: G38090

    Germany, National Socialist People’s Welfare. A Pin for Aiding Buggingen in 1934  

  • Item: G34849

    Germany. A First War Period Black Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: G34878

    Germany. A Veteran’s League Fechingen Membership Stick Pin, c.1937  

  • Item: G35353

    Hamburg, Free City. A Life Saving Medal  

  • Item: G38087

    Germany, SA. A SA Sports Competition Badge for July 1938 Events, c.1938  

  • Item: G36304

    Germany, Empire. A 1904 Southwest Africa Campaign Medal  

  • Item: G38086

    Germany, National Socialist People’s Welfare. A Winter Relief Work Tinnie by Paulmann & Crone  

  • Item: G38079

    Germany. A 1934 A National NSDAP Party Day Badge  

  • Item: G38089

    Germany, Third Reich. A German Tinnie Commemorating Pasewalk by L. Chr. Lauer  

  • Item: G38069

    Germany, Feuerschutzpolizei. A Feuerschutzpolizei (Fire Protection Police) Radolfzell Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G38083

    Germany. A 1934 German Labour Front Donation Badge  

  • Item: G32128

    A 1938 Golden Wedding (Ludwig III & Maria Therese) Anniversary Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: G38088

    Germany, Third Reich. A Koblenz Pin  

  • Item: G33798

    A 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm “Great Adventures Are Awe Inspiring And Form Character” Medal  

  • Item: G36176

    Germany, Nassau. Waterloo Medal 1815  

  • Item: G38101

    An Uplifting 1942 Christmas Note From the SS Leadership to his SS Men and Comrades  

  • Item: G38102

    Germany, Third Reich. A Walther P38 Holster by Carl Heinichen  

  • Item: G38066

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Group of Uniform Insignia  

  • Item: EU15627

    Netherlands, NSB. A National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands Women’s League Badge  

  • Item: EU15647

    Hungary, Kingdom. A Second War Period Silver Grade Hungarian Medal for Bravery  

  • Item: EU15638

    Italy (Republic). Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, II Class Grand Officer's Set  

  • Item: W5345

    Saudi Arabia (Kingdom). Order of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, I Class  

  • Item: W5341

    Japan. Fire Brigade Station Souvenir Badge 1942  

  • Item: EU15632

    Vatican. Order of St. Sylvester, Knight's Breast Badge, Type II (1880-current)  

  • Item: EU15633

    Romania (Kingdom). Order of Michael the Brave, Type I (1916-1941), Miniature  

  • Item: W5343

    A Signature of Victoria Cross Recipient Rambahadur Limbu, VC, MVO, 2nd Battalion, 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles for Actions in Sarawak, Borneo 1965  

  • Item: W5338

    Brunei. Royal Brunei Malay Regiment Long Service and Good Conduct Medal by Spink of London  

  • Item: EU15642

    A Romanian Order of the Crown of Romania, Commander, Civil Division, Type I (1881-1932)  

  • Item: EU15629

    Albania (Italian Occupation). 9th Army Commemorative Table Medal for the Greece and Yugoslavia Campaigns of 1940-1941  

  • Item: W5347

    Rhodesia, Air Force. A Second War Period Rhodesian Air Force Navigator’s Wing  

  • Item: EU15637

    Poland (People's Republic). Medal of Merit for Polish Culture, Cased  

  • Item: EU15646

    Hungary, Kingdom. An Order of St. Stephen, Grand Cross Star, c. 1900  

  • Item: W5342

    A Moroccan Order of Mehdauia, Grand Cross  

  • Item: EU15635

    Austria, Imperial. A Set of Austro-Hungarian Army Binoculars by Otto Schleiffelder  

  • Item: M0079-3

    A Foreign Legion Enlisted Man’s Kepi  

  • Item: M0079-2

    A Foreign Legion Corporal Chef’s Kepi  

  • Item: EU15649

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of Franz Joseph War Decoration  

  • Item: EU15630

    Albania (People's Republic). Order of the Partisan Star, II Class  

  • Item: M0079-1

    A Foreign Legion Lieutenant’s Kepi  

  • Item: EU15636

    Serbia (Kingdom). A Serbian Order of the Cross of Takovo, III Class Commander, Type IV (1878-1903)  

  • Item: EU15650

    Hungary, Kingdom. A Pair of First and Second War Period Hungarian Medals  

  • Item: EU15639

    Vatican. Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great for Civil Merit, Commander's Set  

  • Item: GB6654

    Great Britain. Battle of Jutland Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: EU15652

    Netherlands, NSB. A NSB Mussert Bravery Cross, with Case  

  • Item: EU15651

    Austria, Imperial. A First War Period Austro-Hungarian Army EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle  

  • Item: W5344

    Saudi Arabia (Kingdom). King Abdulaziz Order of Merit, I Class Grand Cross Case  

  • Item: W5340

    Malawi (Republic). Order of the Lion of Malawi, V Class Member, Case Only by Spink of London  

  • Item: EU15631

    Albania (People's Republic). Order of Skanderbeg, II Class  

Total items found 498

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