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  • Item: G19861

    Germany. An Early Army Belt Buckle c.1935  

  • Item: G19932

    Wurttenberg. A First War Medal Bar  

  • Item: G29912

    An Army (Heer) Signals Enlisted Man's/NCO's Visor Cap  

  • Item: G35474

    Germany, Republic. A Iron Cross 1939 Repetition Clasp, Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: G35478

    Germany, Imperial. An Iron Cross 1914 First Class  

  • Item: G21133

    Germany. Three Luftwaffe Officer’s Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G35479

    Germany, Imperial. A Wound Badge, Black Grade, Screw-Back Version  

  • Item: EU13028

    Five Italian Medals & Awards  

  • Item: WT019

    Germany. A Set of Kriegsmarine "Donald Duck" Visor Insignia  

  • Item: WT029

    Germany. A DLV (German Air Sports Association) Visor Cap Insignia  

  • Item: G35470

    Germany. Two RAD (National Labour Service) Stick Pins and Badges  

  • Item: G20990

    Germany. Four Luftwaffe Shoulder Straps & Boards  

  • Item: G35475

    Germany. An Iron Cross 1939 Second Class  

  • Item: WT015

    Germany. A Wasserschutzpolizei (Water Protection Police) Cap Eagle  

  • Item: G18601

    Germany. An Infantry Regiment War Sport Festival, 1st Place Medal, c.1940  

  • Item: G29928

    An Award Document for an Iron Cross 1939 Second Class to NCO Hermann Scherer  

  • Item: WT008

    Germany. A Customs Official Visor Cap Insignia Set  

  • Item: WT021

    Germany. A Large NSDAP/Political Leader’s Cap Eagle  

  • Item: EU13044

    An Italian Gathering of Fighters at the Dedication of the National Monument to General Diaz Medal 1936  

  • Item: G35480

    Germany. A German General Assault Badge  

  • Item: EU13032

    An Italian 1st National Meeting of Colonial Combatants at Napoli Armband 1934  

  • Item: WT013

    Germany. A TeNo (Technische Nothilfe/Technical Emergency Help) Cap Eagle  

  • Item: G35481

    Germany. An Infantry Assault Badge, Silver Grade  

  • Item: G35483

    Germany. An Outstanding Document Group to Luftwaffe Ace Leutnant Peter Düttmann, 152 Victories  

  • Item: G35476

    Germany. A Berlin Olympic Games Event Badge by Werner Redo, c. 1936  

  • Item: WT007

    Germany. A Set of Luftwaffe Civil Employee Visor Insignia  

  • Item: EU13043

    Six Second War Italian Badges & Insignia  

  • Item: G35477

    Germany, Imperial. An Iron Cross 1914 Second Class  

  • Item: G35482

    Germany. A Tank Badge, Silver Grade, by Hermann Aurich  

  • Item: WT022

    Germany. A Complete Set of Wehrmacht Heer (Army) NCO Visor Cap Insignia  

  • Item: C4648

    A Second War Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Officer's Visor Cap  

  • Item: WT003

    Germany. Two Visor Insignia  

  • Item: G35469

    Germany. A 1936 Winter Aid of the German People Donation Badge  

  • Item: G30701

    A German Fire Police Visor Cap; Wartime Re-Badged  

  • Item: G19964

    Germany. A Pair of Feldwebel Air Ministry/Construction Unit Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: C4646

    A First War Cape Breton Highlanders Glengarry Cap  

  • Item: EU13031

    A 1935 Italian 4th National Meeting of Gunners at Florence Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: WT002

    Germany. A Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Standard Issue Belt Buckle  

  • Item: WT027

    Germany. Two Third Reich Period Cap Insignia  

  • Item: WT017

    Germany. A State Forestry Official’s Visor Cap Insignia  

  • Item: WT028

    Germany. A DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront/German Labour Front) Werkscharführer Visor Insignia  

  • Item: DMA001

    Weimar Republic. An Honour Cross for Front Figthers of the Weimar Baltic Regiment, c.1938  

  • Item: WT005

    Germany. Two Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Insignia  

  • Item: G30703

    A Wehrpaß to Obergefreiter Konrad Schäfer; Leningrad KIA  

  • Item: C4612

    A Canadian Chief Petty Officer's Visor Cap and Officer's Beret  

  • Item: G35472

    Germany. A 1934 Westfalen-South Promise of Loyalty Medal  

  • Item: G35473

    Germany. An Early Iron Cross 1939 First Class by Paul Meybauer, Berlin  

  • Item: GB6350

    A Second War Royal Artillery Service Side Cap  

  • Item: G19904

    Germany. An Army Open Claw Belt Buckle, by Friedrich C. Werthmann  

  • Item: WT030

    Germany. A FAD (Volunteer Labour Service/Freiwillige Arbeitsdienst) Cap Insignia  

  • Item: G21019

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Pilots Badge, by Juncker, Named to Officer Alber  

  • Item: W4720

    A Set of Early Second War Comet U.S. Navy Ship Identification Models  

  • Item: GB6283

    A Rare First War French Royal Flying Corps Tunic to Lieut. Rousseau KIA  

  • Item: WT025

    Germany. A NSDAP Political Visor Cap Wreath Insignia  

  • Item: EU13029

    A Italian Fascist Youth "Opera Nazionale Balilla" (ONB) Cross of Merit for Young Men  

  • Item: WT006

    Germany. An Early Pattern Bahnschutz Polizei Cap Insignia  

  • Item: G35471

    Germany. A Region Cologne-Aachen KDF (Kraft Durch Freude) Badge  

  • Item: WT004

    Germany. A TeNo (Technische Nothilfe/Technical Emergency Help) Cap Wreath  

  • Item: WT001

    Germany. Three Third Reich Period Insignia  

  • Item: C5103

    Canada. A New Brunswick Regiment (Tank) Cap Badge  

Total items found 449

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