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  • Item: G37507

    Germany, Imperial. A Bronze Grenadier Regiment Centenary Medal  

  • Item: G37509

    Württemberg, Kingdom. A Long Service Medal Ribbon Bar.  

  • Item: M0259-2

    Austria, Empire. An Aviator’s Sweetheart Badge, c.1916  

  • Item: G37464

    Germany, Imperial. A Silver Military Shooting School Award  

  • Item: M0259-1

    Turkey, Ottoman Empire. A Pilot’s Badge, c.1918  

  • Item: G37460

    Germany, Federal Republic. A Wound Badge, Black Grade, Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: G37470

    Germany, Imperial. Six Service Medals.  

  • Item: G37510

    Germany, Baden. A Military Karl Friedrich Merit Medal & Bar with Documents 1917  

  • Item: G37518

    Saxony, Kingdom. A Bronze Merit Medal, with Privately Added Dated Medal Bar  

  • Item: G37465

    Germany, Imperial. A 1917 Medal Commemorating the Capture of Riga  

  • Item: G37459

    Germany, Federal Republic. A Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge, Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: G37467

    Germany, Imperial. A Silver First War Armed Forces Silver Medal  

  • Item: G37515

    Germany, Empire. A II Class Iron Cross 1813, Wide-Frame Version, c. 1820’s  

  • Item: G35201

    Germany. A Rare Grand Cross of the Iron Cross 1914  

  • Item: G37469

    Germany, Imperial. A Silver First War Widow’s Remembrance Badge  

  • Item: M0259-3

    Prussia, State. An Observer’s Badge, by C. E. Juncker, c. 1916  

  • Item: G37508

    Germany, Imperial. A Patriotic Lapel Badge  

  • Item: G37468

    Germany, Imperial. A 1913 Radio Prize Silver Medal  

  • Item: G37517

    Saxony, Kingdom. A Silver Merit Medal, with Swords, c.1915  

  • Item: G37506

    Germany, Imperial. A Silver Signet Ring  

  • Item: EU15198

    Austria, Imperial. A Defender in Armour (Wehrmann im Eisen) Patriotic Badge  

  • Item: M0259-4

    Austria, Empire. A 1917 Imperial and Royal Aviator’s Fundraising Badge  

  • Item: G37466

    Germany, Imperial. A 1914 Renewal of the Iron Cross Silver Medal  

  • Item: G37462

    Germany, Federal Republic. A Retired Luftwaffe Pilot Badge, Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: M0259-5

    Prussia, State. A Pilot’s Badge, c.1918  

  • Item: G37511

    Germany, Empire. A Set of Cased Lancer Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General) Epaulletes  

  • Item: G35121

    Baden. A First War Order of the Zähringer Lion & Iron Cross 1914 Medal Group  

  • Item: G37457

    Germany, Federal Republic. A German Cross in Gold, 1957 Version  

  • Item: G35875

    Germany. An Absolutely Mint Imperial German Commemorative Badge for Airships  

  • Item: G37504

    Germany, Imperial. A Bavarian River Patrol Sleeve Insignia  

  • Item: G37502

    Prussia, Kingdom. An Order of the Red Eagle in Gold, Grand Cross with Oak Leaves, c.1915  

  • Item: G37458

    Germany, Federal Republic. A Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge, Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: G37503

    Germany, Imperial. A 1908 Silver Field Artillery Regiment Anniversary Badge  

  • Item: G37461

    Germany, Federal Republic. A Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge, Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: C5141

    Canada. A New Brunswick Regiment (Tank) Cap Badge  

  • Item: C5144

    Canada. A Second War 16th-22nd Saskatchewan Horse Cap Badge  

  • Item: C5140

    Canada. A 241st Infantry Battalion "Canadian Scottish Borderers" Glengarry Badge  

  • Item: GB6587

    United Kingdom. An AFC Group to Wing Commander Sikes, RAF who was a Isle of Man TT Racer  

  • Item: C5136

    Canada. A Medal Group & Documents to Pilot Officer Gudjon "Guy" Jackson, RCAF  

  • Item: C5138

    Canada. A Canada General Service Medal to Captain Euclide Dugas, St. Jacques Infantry  

  • Item: C5137

    Canada. An MBE & MID Group to Lieutenant-Colonel Cyril Albert Simmons  

  • Item: C5142

    Canada. An Algonquin Regiment Cap Badge  

  • Item: W5257

    United States. World War I Victory Medal  

  • Item: G37505

    Germany, Imperial. A Pair of Bavarian Aero Club Pilot’s Sleeve Insignia  

  • Item: W5258

    United States. A Purple Heart, to Private First Class James William Davis, United States Marine Corps  

  • Item: W5253

    United States. A Silver Star to Corporal Rector, 19th Engineer Battalion for Actions at the Rapido River 1944  

  • Item: C5139

    Canada. A Calgary Highlanders (Tank) Cap Badge  

  • Item: W5252

    United States. A Distinguished Flying Cross Group to J.L. Dickens  

  • Item: W5247

    United States. A NASA Distinguished Service Medal,  

  • Item: W5255

    United States. A Silver & Bronze Star Group to Private Chilstedt, KIA at Moncourt Woods, October 1944  

  • Item: W5256

    United States. A New York State Long and Faithful Service Medal for Thirty-Five Years' Service  

  • Item: W5251

    United States. A West Indies Naval Campaign Medal to P. O'Grady, United States Navy, USS Iowa  

  • Item: GB6589

    United Kingdom. A Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Officer Badge, OBE, Civil Division, Type I  

  • Item: C5143

    Canada. A Victoria Rifles of Canada Officer's Cap Badge  

  • Item: W5248

    United States. A NASA Exceptional Service Medal,  

  • Item: W5254

    New Zealand. A Medallion Commemorating the HMS New Zealand in 1913  

  • Item: G37484

    Germany, Weimar. A Citizen’s Defence (Einwohnerwehr) Membership Boutonniere Badge  

  • Item: M0162-1

    Germany. A Miniature Medal Bar of Four  

  • Item: G37471

    Germany. A National Socialist Teacher’s Union Membership Badge, by Hoffstätter of Bonn  

  • Item: M0162-6

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An Observer Badge, Padded Cloth Version  

Total items found 618

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