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  • Item: G28726

    An Early Waffen-SS EM/NCO’s Belt with Buckle by Overhoff & Cie 

  • Item: G28712

    A Lot of Six Victorious Flags and Standards of the Wehrmacht Postcards 

  • Item: G18300

    A Soldbuch to the 313rd Special Training Reserve Battalion 

  • Item: G28716

    A First War German Telegrapher's Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G28722

    A Fine Grouping of Late War Award Documents of Waffen-SS EM Peter Ascher of the Fierce 12th SS Pz. Gren. Division 

  • Item: G28711

    A Lot of Six Victorious Flags and Standards of the Wehrmacht Postcards 

  • Item: EU12859

    A Scarce Czechoslovakian Air Force Dagger by Wlasziovits of Štós, c. 1935  

  • Item: G28713

    An 1933 EM-SS Dagger by Robert Klass, Solingen 

  • Item: G28725

    An Award Booklet for the German Equestrian Badge; Bronze Grade 

  • Item: G25030

    A Luftwaffe Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle 1942 

  • Item: G19921

    A German "Front Heil" Veteran's Association Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G28717

    An NSBO (National-Socialistiche Betreibs Organisation) Belt Buckle by Overhoff & Cie 

  • Item: G28710

    A Lot of Six Victorious Flags and Standards of the Wehrmacht Postcards 

  • Item: G28727

    A Scarce Set of a Government Official’s Dagger Hangers 

  • Item: G28721

    A Mint Feldgendarmerie (Army Military Field Police) Gorget 

  • Item: G28719

    A German Youth (Deutsches Jugend = DJ) Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G14933

    A Rare SS Athletics Certificate to the 1st Infantry Regiment 

  • Item: G21312

    A Late War SS Officer's Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G14566

    An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran 

  • Item: G25192

    An SA Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G28730

    A Lot of Twelve Imperial German First War-Era Artist-Rendered Aviation Postcards 

  • Item: G14756

    The Soldbuch of Albert Amerongen; 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment 

  • Item: G28724

    A Fine Grouping of Award Documents of Waffen-SS Corporal Karl Erl of the 2./SS-Geb. Jäger. Rgt. 28 

  • Item: G28728

    An Extensive Collection of Awards, Photos, & Documents of Kriegsmarine Machinist  

  • Item: G28709

    An Anti Aircraft Spider Sight of the Notorious Maschinengewehr 42 “Adolf’s Buzzsaw” 

  • Item: EU12858

    A Slovakian Hlinka Guard Dagger  

  • Item: G28714

    A Silver Framed Early Picture Postcard Autographed by A.H. 

  • Item: G14860

    An Honour Goblet Award Document to the Condor Legion 

  • Item: G14214

    A Red Eagle Order to German Ambassador in Copenhagen 1913 

  • Item: G17798

    The Command Flag of the Chief of the High Command Wilhelm Keitel 

  • Item: G28715

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Belt with Buckle 

  • Item: G20658

    The Soldbuch of Oberfeldwebel Werner Kahnt; German Cross in Gold & Honour Goblet  

  • Item: G22250

    A Soldbuch & Documents to the 1st Battery of the 34th Regiment in France  

  • Item: G28729

    A Lot Of Thirteen Imperial German First War-Era Aviation Postcards 

  • Item: G16190

    A Luftwaffe Document Grouping to Observer Andreas Berndsen 

  • Item: G14908

    A Group of Award Documents to Master Sergeant of 8th Fallschirmjäger Regt. 

  • Item: G28723

    A Private Studio Picture Postcard of Knight's Cross Recipient: Josef Kociok 

  • Item: G24345

    An SS Identification & Service Book of Karl Lange 1944 POW 

  • Item: G23568

    A First War Prussian Air Gunner's Badge by Juncker; First Type 

  • Item: G28732

    A Tropical Luftwaffe Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G28738

    A Very Fine 1860's Collar of the Guelphic Order in Gold 

  • Item: G21095

    An Unusual First War Silver Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: EU12860

    An Extremely Rare Gold Austrian Pilot's Badge to an Austrian Ace; Hauptmann Otto Jindra 

  • Item: G28776

    A Cased Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Squadron Clasp; Silver Grade by Jmme & Sohn  

  • Item: G28740

    A Eastern Campaign Medal 1941/1942 in its Original Packet of Issue by Steinhauer & Lück of Lüdenscheid 

  • Item: G23318

    An Early First War Bavarian Pilot's Badge by P. Meybauer, Berlin 

  • Item: G28749

    A 1936 “Sun in Bad Dürrenberg” Festival of Fountains Badge 

  • Item: G28768

    A 1936 “The Führer in Cologne” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G28769

    A 1939 NSDAP Altena/Lüdenscheid District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G28751

    A Grouping of Two German Interwar Veteran’s Organization Ribbon Badges 

  • Item: G21874

    A Fine First War Prussian Medal Bar with Golden Military Merit Cross by Wagner, Berlin  

  • Item: G28767

    A Third Reich Period KDF Vacation in the Magdeburg-Anhalt Region Badge 

  • Item: G28741

    An Early Quality Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge by C.E Juncker of Berlin 

  • Item: G28746

    A Scarce 1943 German Wartime Christmas Medal for Front Soldiers in Greece  

  • Item: G28770

    A 1926 Derschlag “Germany Day” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G25122

    The Outstanding Waterloo Medal to Captain August von Reden; Wounded at Hougoumont 

  • Item: G28757

    A Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G28745

    An Unissued Wehrmacht Heer (Army) “Georgien” Eastern People’s Volunteer Sleeve Insignia 

  • Item: G28739

    A Mint & Unissued Wehrmacht (Heer) EM/NCO’s Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G28758

    A Luftwaffe Officer’s Visor Cap Eagle; RZM Marked 

Total items found 639

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