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  • Item: G22881

    An Unusual 1936 German Olympic Medal Prototype with Miniature  

  • Item: G33864

    A Period Colourized Photo of SS Unterscharführer Felix Wüster, SS Regiment “Westland”  

  • Item: G33862

    A 1943 Issue of Belgian Nazi newspaper “De SS-Man”  

  • Item: G33872

    A 1942 Peter Lipp New-Years Plaque  

  • Item: G22383

    An NSDAP Collar Tab; Kreis Oberabschnittsleiter  

  • Item: G33869

    A Theatre Made 1943 Albanian - Elbasan Prefecture Campaign Ring  

  • Item: G23163

    A German Shooting Association Hansa District Champion's Award  

  • Item: EU10342

    A Very Rare Austrian ADAC Gau 14 Rheinpfalz Award  

  • Item: G22877

    A 1936 German Olympic Games Participants Medal  

  • Item: G22997

    A Scarce 1935 German Social Welfare Charity Shooting Medal  

  • Item: G29334

    A German League of National Socialist Frontline-Fighters Membership Badge  

  • Item: G33867

    A RAD (Reichs Labour Service) Long Service Award for Ladies; 4th Class Light Version  

  • Item: EU10364

    A Very Scarce Austrian RAD Honor Award by E. Seegebrecht  

  • Item: G28064

    A German Reich Mail Bank Book of Gerhard Anderle  

  • Item: G22932

    A Late War SS Visor Cap Eagle  

  • Item: G27801

    A Mint TeNo (Technische Nothilfe) Cap Eagle  

  • Item: G33866

    A Second War German HJ Eagle Plaque  

  • Item: G27977

    A Hungarian Light Flak Artillery SS Candidate Volunteer Identification Tag  

  • Item: G28069

    A Thank You Card Signed the Head the Reich Propaganda Ministry Radio Department, Eugen Hadamovsky  

  • Item: G24345

    An SS Identification & Service Book of Karl Lange 1944 POW  

  • Item: G24208

    A Schutzmannschaft Insignia  

  • Item: G22972

    A Foreign SS Volunteer Arm Shield: Turkistan Legion  

  • Item: G23299

    An NSDAP Golden Party Badge; Large Version  

  • Item: G26310

    A Waffen-SS Eagle for Beret for Panzer/Tank Units  

  • Item: G33865

    A 1934 NSDAP Membership ID booklet to Karl Müllenbach  

  • Item: G24068

    A 1932 National Socialist 1st Reichs Day of Youths Badge  

  • Item: G22991

    A Scarce Mine Rescue Service Decoration with Box of Issue  

  • Item: G23044

    A Silver Nickle SS Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle by Overhoff and Cie  

  • Item: G23094

    An HJ Golden Honor Badge; RZM Marked  

  • Item: G33863

    An NSDAP Party Badge with Photo of Recipient  

  • Item: G33873

    A Panzergrenadier “Großdeutschland” Division Officer’s Cuff Title  

  • Item: G33868

    A RAD (Reichs Labour Service) Long Service Award for Men; 4th Class Light Version  

  • Item: G26520

    A Large 1939 Fifth Prize Medal of the SA Reichs-Competition in Berlin  

  • Item: G22999

    An Order of the German Eagle Medal; Silver Merit Medal  

  • Item: G33874

    A Late War Issue HJ Member’s Armband  

  • Item: G33875

    A 1933 “The Great Brown Exhibition Makes Jobs” Badge; Numbered  

  • Item: G23114

    A BDM Membership Badge; Numbered  

  • Item: G22345

    An RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle; Published Example  

  • Item: G23457

    An SS Tropical Skull Cloth Insignia  

  • Item: G33871

    A Second War German “Youth Defence” Member’s Armband  

  • Item: G33876

    A Third Reich Period Königsberg Women’s Association of the Fatherland Membership Badge  

  • Item: GB5815

    A Baden Fire Service Long Service Bar for Twenty-Five Years' Service (1934-1936) with Case  

  • Item: EG898

    Bavaria. A 1918 Ludwig & Maria Therese Golden Wedding Medal  

  • Item: EG548

    Saxe-Weimar. A 1902-1918 Issue Order of the White Falcon Knight’s Cross Second Class  

  • Item: EG470

    China. A War Lords Era Wu Pei Fu Merit Medal  

  • Item: EG532

    Hesse-Kassel. An 1851-1866 Issue Wilhelm Order Knight's Cross  

  • Item: EG889

    Bavaria. An 1848 Veteran’s Cross for Participants of the 1790-1812 Conflicts  

  • Item: EG1326

    Hesse. An 1881-1918 Issue Order of Philip the Magnanimous Commander’s Breast Star with Golden Rays  

  • Item: EG1361

    France. A French Executive Directory Medal for the Internal Administration Service, c. 1795-1799  

  • Item: EG550

    Saxe-Gotha/Altenburg Ernestine. A House Order Knight’s Cross Second Class with Swords  

  • Item: EG400

    Peru. A Peruvian Bust of Bolivar (AKA Busto del Libertador) c.1830 in Gold  

  • Item: EG567

    Saxony. A 1913-1918 Issue Maria-Anna Order Cross Third Class by G.A. Scharffenberg  

  • Item: EG131

    Greece. An Order of the Redeemer, Knight's Cross, Type I (1829-1862)  

  • Item: EG587

    Bavaria. A Royal Merit Order of St. Michael Cross Fourth Class by Eduard Quell-Horst  

  • Item: EG612

    Bavaria. A Military House Order of St. George Breast Star by the Hemmerle Bros.  

  • Item: EG564

    Saxony. A 1918-1921 Issue Saxon Military Order of St. Henry Knight’s Cross  

  • Item: EG319

    France. A LEGION D’HONNEUR, Grand Cross Breast Star, July Monarchy (1830-1848)  

  • Item: EG125

    Greece. An Order of the Orthodox Crusaders of the Patriarchy of Jerusalem, Grand Cross Breast Star  

  • Item: EG403

    Brazil. A National Order of the Southern Cross, Officer, Type II (post 1932)  

  • Item: EG127

    Greece. A Fine Order of the Redeemer, Grand Commander Breast Star, Type I c.1835  

Total items found 571

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