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Total items found 25

  • Item: W2805

    A Vietnamese Training Service Medal; 2nd Class for NCOs and Enlisted Men  

  • Item: W2807

    A Vietnamese Military Merit Medal; 2nd Republic Issue  

  • Item: W3790

    An Iranian Rastakhiz Anti-Communist Struggle Badge  

  • Item: W2861

    An Iranian Order of Homayoun; Silver Grade Medal  

  • Item: W3956

    A Royal Order of Cambodia; Commander by Adrien Chobillon, Paris  

  • Item: EG452

    China. An Order of the Brilliant Jade, 1st Class Breast Star  

  • Item: W4989

    FRENCH INDOCHINA. An Indochinese Order of Merit, I class (INDOCHINE FRANÇAISE.  

  • Item: W4978

    Japan. A First War Naval Officer's Photograph  

  • Item: W4988

    ANNAM, Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Bao Dai era. A Special Decoration (Kim Tien), I class  

  • Item: W4979

    Japan. A First War Period Photo of Soldiers Standing in a Courtyard  

  • Item: W4987

    A British-Made Iraqi Order of the Two Rivers (Wisam Al Rafidain), Knight, Civil Division  

  • Item: W4991

    Persia, Empire. An Order of the Pleiades (Order of Haft Paykar) Sash Badge  

  • Item: EG492

    French Indochina. An Annam Order of Kim Khanh (Golden Gong), First Class  

  • Item: EG457

    China, Empire. A Precious Star (Pao Xing) Merit Medal  

  • Item: EG876

    Thailand. A Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, 2nd Class Breast Star  

  • Item: W4993

    Korea. An Order of National Security Merit (Hanja), 3rd Class (Cheon-Su Medal), 1967-1973  

  • Item: W5001

    Philippines. A Korean Campaign Medal 1950-1953  

  • Item: W4996

    Republic, South Korea. An Order of Industrial Service Merit, 3rd Class 1962-1967  

  • Item: W5005

    Mongolia. An Honourary Medal of Labour, Type I (c. 1941)  

  • Item: C4965

    Korean. An Order of National Security Merit (Hanja), Grand Cross Set, 1st Class to General Gabriel, USAF  

  • Item: W5006

    Mongolia. An Order of the Red Banner of Labour Valour, c. 1945  

  • Item: EG1417

    Afghanistan. A British-Made Afghan Order of the Star (Nishan-i-Astour), 2nd Class Breast Star, Type III (1926-1929)  

  • Item: EG835

    Iraq. An Order of the Two Rivers, Knight, Civil Division  

  • Item: EG1235

    Malaysia. A Most Illustrious Order of the Crown of Johor, Knight Commander Neck Badge  

  • Item: EG831

    Iran. An Order of the Lion and the Sun, 3rd Class, Commander (Post 1872)  

Total items found 25

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