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  • Item: W2440

    A Rare 1897 Chinese Merit Decoration; Second Class Silver Grade 

  • Item: W2441

    A Chinese Merit Decoration; 3rd Class c.1850 

  • Item: W3454

    A Chinese Kuomintang Army Officer's Dagger 

  • Item: W4467

    A Inner Mongolian National Foundation Merit Medal 1939  

  • Item: W4469

    A Chinese Order of the Golden Grain 2nd Class Breast Star; Kuomintang Era 1928-1949 

  • Item: W4470

    An Indian Amir Sadeq Mohammad Khan V Silver Jubilee Medal 1931  

  • Item: W4471

    An Indian Nawab Amir Sadeq Mohammad Khan V Golden Jubilee Medal 1956  

  • Item: W4473

    A Cambodian Medal of Norodom Sihanouk; Silver Grade  

  • Item: W4475

    An Iranian Order of Homayoun; Grand Cross  

  • Item: W4476

    An Iranian Order of the Lion and the Sun; 3rd Class Commander 

  • Item: W4477

    A Dutch-made Iranian Order of the Lion and the Sun; Knight 5th Class 

  • Item: W4480

    A Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure; 6th Class  

  • Item: W4481

    A Second War Japanese Air Defence Badge  

  • Item: W4486

    A Second War Japanese Officer Pilot Badge 

  • Item: W4489

    A Chinese Order of the Resplendent Banner; 5th Class Commander 

Total items found 15

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