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Purveyors of Authentic Militaria


Total items found 11

  • Item: W3781

    A Republic of China Commemorative Stickpin in Gold c.1930 

  • Item: W4597

    An Unknown Thai Naval Decoration  

  • Item: W4598

    An Iranian Order of Homayoun; Silver Grade Medal  

  • Item: W4601

    A Second War Japanese Pilot's Badge  

  • Item: W4602

    A Vietnamese Air Force Meritorious Service Medal  

  • Item: W4604

    A First War Japanese Victory Medal  

  • Item: W4605

    An Afghan Medal for the Anniversary of the Founding of the National Army  

  • Item: W4607

    A Japanese Marine’s Shanghai 1931 Incident Badge  

  • Item: W4608

    A 1931-1934 Japanese Manchurian Incident Medal  

  • Item: W4610

    A Chinese Order of the Stripped Tiger; 4th Class Officer Badge  

  • Item: W4611

    A Chinese Order of the Golden Grain; Officer 

Total items found 11

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