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eMedals-Army Panzer Officer's Visor Cap by Christian Haug

Item: G11503

Army Panzer Officer's Visor Cap by Christian Haug

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Army Panzer Officer's Visor Cap by Christian Haug

Army Panzer Officer's Visor Cap by Christian Haug -This fine quality private purchase cap has been aquired locally. It is clear from its appearance that it is a very honest and true visor; having not been touched since the war. With three rows of pink piping, the body of the cap fabricated from a greenish-gray wool, featuring the classic high peak and rounded saddle-shaped sides. It has a forest green wool band around its circumference, fronted by a silvered aluminum wreath surrounding a cockade, the cockade with a painted black base incorporating a silvered ring and red felt centre. Immediately above on the crown is a 2nd Pattern Eagle. The visor is black vulcanfibre. The underside of the visor is synthetic and finished in a dark shade of tan. It is clear from the wear patterns, the owner had removed and put on this cap frequently, leaving a clear thumb wear mark. The light tan sweatband is leather has been darkened from consistant sweating.  With a clear celluloid moisture shield, that has paritially deteriorated, with the Christian Haug logo as well as  "Qualitats Arbeit". The leather sweatband along with the green rayon underside and dome shows staining from active use and the stitching has become loose. As a "As Found" Cap, with only minimal mothing (12 small holes), it rates as very fine.
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