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eMedals-Arctic Medal 1818-55

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Arctic Medal 1818-55

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Arctic Medal 1818-55

Engraved in italic capitals (Robert Silvers 1823). Mounted on original ribbon. Soldered repair at the top of the suspension star and swivel (which is thereby fixed solid), otherwise good very fine. ROBERT SILVERS served as Boatswain aboard the Griper under Commander Douglas Clavering. The 1823 expedition to Spitzbergen and Eastern Greenland involved magnetic experiments and observations, a landing on Pendulum Island and exploration as far north as Shannon Island and Gael Hanke?s Bay. It is possible, though not confirmed, that the recipient is the same man as the Robert Silvers who received the Naval General Service Medal with a single clasp for Martinique (Boatswain?s Mate, H.M.S. Cleopatra). FURTHER INFO ON THIS MEDAL FROM: "Glenn M. Stein, FRGS", Silvers? Arctic Medal appeared in Spink?s The Numismatic Circular, Vol. 81, No. 3, lot 2867, March 1973, gdVF, ?35 and Spink, Dec. 17,1997, lot 201, ?480. Commander Clavering has specially asked for Robert Silvers, describing him as "a steady, active and desirable man." (Commander D.C. Clavering?s Voyage to East Greenland, 1823, by A.G.E. Jones; Musk-Ox, 19, p. 16; 1976). Silvers? NGS/Martinique was offered in J.B. Hayward?s June 1971 catalogue (lot 2, VF, ?33). Silvers and HMS Cleopatra (Muster List; ADM 37/2517). From his earliest verified service of Acting Boatswain on Leda in 1815 the Muster List shows that he ?appeared? from Africaine on March 18, 1814. The Muster List for Africaine Sept. 1813-June 1814 (ADM 37/5205) shows his service therein as Boatswain?s Mate: ship?s no. 64; entry Aug. 20, 1811 (also appearance); from Cleopatra; born Stirling; age at entry 28. The preceding entry for Cleopatra is much more detailed; that information and that for "Africaine" are not entirely consistent, as his age seems to have stood still from 1806 to 1811 and his place of birth has altered as well. It was not unusual for dates and places of birth to be inconsistent with sailors of this time period, but there is no doubt that Boatswain Robert Silvers was entitled to and received the NGS/Martinique.
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