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eMedals-An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran

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An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran



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An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran

An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran - Josef Steiner Documents: War Merit Cross with swords,  Eastern Front Medal, Three Photographs of Steiner on the Job, Five Post-War Processing Documents from Transitional Internment Camps, Several Post-War Letters to his Family sent from Internment Camps, One Service Book, one Statutory Declaration, and one Attestation to his Identity.   Josef Steiner was born October 23rd, 1902. He was married and had one child born in 1925. He lived in Glatz Silesia, in the administrative region of Breslau. He worked as a street worker in his home town. He later became part of Bauleitung Narvik after joining O.T. His service record also specifies that he was trained in counterespionage. His service book also makes note of frontal assaults in: Russia, Yaroslavl, Kremenchug, Poltava, though the dates are unspecified.  As an O.T member, he worked under Construction Direction: “South 2” from June 22nd 1941 on Tiefbau, large scale construction involving excavation for the purpose of infrastructure. “Herbert” with troop 598 from June 1st, 1942 to February 20th, 1943. With Einsatzgruppe Wiking in North Norway from February 28th 1943 to September 10th 1945 in tiefbau involved in constructing the Polar Line to northern Norway, infamous for using forced labour. On May 1st, 1943 he was made OT Meister. On January 1st 1944 he was made Kamaradeschaftfuhrer. On April 20th, 1945 received War Merit Cross 2nd ClassThere 6 entries regarding back pay from 1945 when cash was running short in the Reich. There is also a March 1943 deposition from a commanding officer attesting to his identity, stating that Steiner was not known by any other name to any of his colleagues.Another document from September 7th, 1945 attests to his character stating: Josef Steiner, born October 23rd 1902, was engaged in the arctic zone from February 1943 to September 1945. He was engaged as an excavation worker and camp worker. The work assigned to him was consistently carried out happily and with careful forethought. Signed in Fagernes, Norway ; August 10th, 1945 area control form from a transitional internment camp. February 15th, 1948, he entered into British Zone. On February 15th, 1948 he was officially discharged from the O.T. On March 26th, 1948 arrived at the soviet transition camp, examined, deloused, quarantined, and sent to Geussnitz, his hometown. On March 30th, 1948 he finally returned to his hometown of Geussnitz.  
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