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eMedals-An SS Service Report for the 6th North Division

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An SS Service Report for the 6th North Division

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An SS Service Report for the 6th North Division

An SS Service Report for the 6th North Division - Single Page front and back; with holes from binder; fine. Footnote: Reimers was born on October 24th, 1921 in the region of Lohe in Westphalia. He was an unmarried smith until he volunteered for the Waffen-SS on April 6, 1940. He was placed with the 1st SS Reserve Artillery before being attached to the 6th Division “Nord.” He was trained with: the 98K Carbine, Stalk Hand-Grenades, the 08 Pistol, the Machine Pistol and type 34 Machine Gun, as well as with high calibre Howitzers 1.FH 30 and 18. He was also trained in emergency procedures for gas attacks and to be a gunnery leader. In 1940 he was deployed to secure the north of Norway, and in the following year he was engaged in the Battle of Liza across the Russian border. Later in 1941 he was engaged in fighting in Kiestinki in Finland. His active service is recorded until June 1st, 1942, when he was engaged in skirmishes in northern Finland. During the course of his service he was promoted three times: to Sturmmann in April 1941, to Unterscharfuhrer in June 1942, and to Oberscharfuhrer 1944. On August 10th, 1942 he was awarded the Eastern Front Medal while serving with the Artillery Regiment of the 6th SS Division. On September 1st, 1943 he was awarded the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords while serving with the same Division. 
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