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eMedals-An Prussian 1888 Year of the Three Emperors Medal

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An Prussian 1888 Year of the Three Emperors Medal

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An Prussian 1888 Year of the Three Emperors Medal

An Prussian 1888 Year of the Three Emperors Medal - Bronze, obverse illustrating the right-facing conjoined busts of Wilhelm II, Frederick III and Wilhelm I surrounded by the inscription "KAISER WILHELM I. KAISER FRIEDRICH III. KAISER WILHELM II." reverse illustrating the crowned Prussian eagle coat-of-arms, surrounded by the inscription "ZUR ERINNERUNG AN DAS DREI KAISERJAHR" and dated "!888" below, 30.3 mm, light contact and surface wear. better than very fine. Footnote: The Year of the Three Emperors, or the Year of the Three Kaisers refers to the year 1888 during the German Empire. The year 1888 is considered to have memorable significance because of the deaths of two German Emperors (Kaisers), leading to a rapid succession of three monarchs within one year. The three different emperors who ruled over Germany during this year were Wilhelm I, Frederick III and Wilhelm II. The mnemonic "drei Achten, drei Kaiser" (three eights, three emperors) is still used today in Germany by children and adults alike to learn the year in question.
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