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eMedals-An Outstanding Personal Kriegsmarine Grouping

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An Outstanding Personal Kriegsmarine Grouping

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An Outstanding Personal Kriegsmarine Grouping

An Outstanding Personal Kriegsmarine Grouping - Large Submariners awards and documents group from the estate of a Submariner, Lance Corporal Starzecki, Bordkoch (Cook) serving on U-160, under U-Boat Commander Knights Cross, Oakleaves winner Georg Lassen (10th on Tonnage List): U-Boat badge in zinc alloy, very fine; miniature U-Boat badge; Iron Cross Second Class 1939, with award document; a fantastic diary with details of all 4-patrols with Lassen (he was sunk on the 5-th patrol with a new skipper); Rare Telegram awarding Lassen while at sea his Oakleaves (from Hitler and Raeder); A beautiful group photo with Lassen and crew on U-160; His Death card; Several photos of the cook; Red cross paperwork about his loss; His Wehrpass and his Arbeitsbuch, and more. His service record is displayed on 19.9.1941 in Recklinghausen, with picture, as a volunteer k.v. to Marine-Ers. Res.I patterned, appeared on 1.11.1941 with the 2.U- educational division in Neustadt/ Holstein, further unity: 6/2. U.- educational division., 7./1/ submarine division, 3./2. U.-Educational institution and he was from 1.7.1942 till 20.7.1943 in the 10. flotilla; completed infantry-education and a submarine course; Awards; submarine navy badge, EK II; killed in action on 20.7.1943 on the submarine. Award document for EK II, as a sailor lance corporal, awarded on 12.12.1942; certificate of baptism from 27.1.1943, signed from the commanding officer. Birth certificate, report card, numerous documents from his submarine life; handwritten menus on board, and so forthWith it there was a handwritten diary about the daily catering of the crew, each time from 1 W. O. initialled. The last part of the daybook was recorded with very interesting entries: 3rd enemy journey from 26.9.42 till 9.12.42 14:40 pm put down, destination north- and south America. In the Caribbean Sea from the convoy 5 steamship sunk and agreed/ decided as well as 3rd steamship torpedoedafter the journey with the E.K. II and U.B.K. honored. Lorient 24.12.1942. Entries were made into the daybook up until the 3rd enemy journey, last entry 9.5.1943; numerous forces letters, workbook, 2 radio signals for the awarding of the Knights Cross with bar, iron cross for the commanding officer lieutenant commander Georg Lassen, 10 pictures and with it a beautiful one with Lassen with the Knights Cross, Papers from the red cross about the death of the man, death notice and death pictures, remittance of the estate. Fine group with rare handwritten diary about the daily catering of the crew.
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