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eMedals-An Imperial Russian 1812 War Commemorative Medal

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An Imperial Russian 1812 War Commemorative Medal

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An Imperial Russian 1812 War Commemorative Medal

An Imperial Russian 1812 War Commemorative Medal; Bronze gilt, obverse illustrating the right-facing bust of Tsar Alexander I, reverse inscribed in Russian "1812 This Glorious Year Went By, But The Heroic Deeds Then Performed Will Never Pass --- 1912", 27.8 mm, loop suspension, moderate gilt wear on the obverse, light contact, near extremely fine. Footnote: The medal was instituted on August 12, 1912 during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II and was created to commemorate the centenary of the end of the campaign on Russian soil against the Napoleonic invaders. It was awarded to all ranks of the military personnel who took part in the official ceremonies in Moscow and in the parades held on the fields of Borodino, to civilians who had actively assisted in the preparations of the ceremony and to a wide range of officials who were present at the festivities.
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