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  • Item: EU10624

    A Spanish Made Legion Condor Honour Plaque of the Heavy Flak Unit "F 88" 

  • Item: G23111

    An Outstanding 1957 Issue Kriegsmarine Ribbon Bar 

  • Item: G23135

    Nineteen German Buttonhole Ribbons  

  • Item: G23150

    A 1938 National Socialist Flying Corps Empire Races of the Nazi Air Corps at Kassel Award  

  • Item: G23159

    An ID Tag to the Schützen-Ersatz-Kompanie 2/133  

  • Item: G24002

    A German Veteran's Association (Deutscher Kriegerbund) Eagle 

  • Item: G24024

    A Lot of Six Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G24029

    A Finnish Northern Front Cross 1941-1942 by Hopeatakomo  

  • Item: G25166

    An Austrian Volunteer Labour Force Honor Badge by E. Seegebrecht 

  • Item: G25202

    A 1921 Der Stahlhelm Badge Award Document 

  • Item: G25229

    A German Court Trial Document Sentencing Alois Adam Parzoch for High Treason 

  • Item: EU12261

    A Very Fine WW2 German Made Slovakian Day Fighter Pilot's Badge 

  • Item: G25301

    A 1936 Berlin Olympics Participation Badge for the Encampment of the German Fachämpter 

  • Item: G25357

    A DRL Sports Badge; Silver Grade by Wernstein Jena 

  • Item: G25378

    A German Association Gamekeeper’s Badge 

  • Item: G25471

    A Rare Member’s Badge of the German Aero-Modelers Association by C.B.N. in Box of Issue 

  • Item: G25968

    A 1936 Olympics Kiel Sailing Event Car Plaquette by M. Hansen 

  • Item: G25969

    A German Bronze Grade Horseman’s Badge by L. Chr. Lauer 

  • Item: G26000

    A Very Fine 1936 Reichsnährstand Exhibition “Tobacco” Award Badge 

  • Item: G26025

    A Landesbauernscahft Bayern-Ostmark “Thanks to the Female Farmers” Badge 

  • Item: G26089

    A Mint HJ/DJ German Youths Labourer Badge 

  • Item: G26105

    A National Socialist People’s Welfare “Free Sisterhood” Hospital Aid Badge by Ferdinand Hoffstätter 

  • Item: G26106

    A 1935 National Socialist People’s Welfare Membership Badge 

  • Item: G26112

    A 1939/1940 Kriegswinterhilfswerk Wall Plaque  

  • Item: G26203

    A Mint National Socialist League of the Reich for Physical Exercise Golden Honour Badge in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G26214

    A 1934 District Bavaria-Ostmark Oath of Allegiance Badge 

  • Item: G26259

    A National Socialist People’s Welfare Membership Car Plaque 

  • Item: G27825

    A 1935 SS-SA Day of the NSDAP County Limburg/Lahn Badge 

  • Item: G27826

    A Dutch NSB/NSKK Volunteer’s Eastern Front Honour Badge 

  • Item: G27829

    A 1934 HJ Bann 82 Miesbach Championships Badge 

  • Item: G27830

    A 1934 HJ Eichstatt Rally Badge 

  • Item: G27831

    A 1936 HJ Day of Sport at the North Sea Event Badge 

  • Item: G27832

    A Lot of Two German HJ/DJ Badges 

  • Item: G27833

    A Lot of Three HJ Sports Festival Pins and Badges 

  • Item: G27834

    A 1933 HJ Marburg/Lahn Pentecost Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G27835

    A 1936 HJ Area 15 Camping Event Badge by E. F. Wiedmann 

  • Item: G27837

    A Fine Quality 1934 SA 165th Brigade Rally in Bielefeld Badge 

  • Item: G27839

    A 1937 Westfalen North District Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G27840

    A 1934 Wintersport Festival of the SA Group Thüringen Badge 

  • Item: G27841

    A 1938 Reichsnährstand Blood and Soil Goslar Badge by Deschler & Sohn 

  • Item: G27842

    A Scarce Dutch Nationale Jeugdstorm Sports Badge; Girls’ Version; Numbered 

  • Item: G27843

    A Lot of Three Second War German Badges and Stick Pins 

  • Item: G27847

    A 1936 Berlin Olympic Games Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G27849

    A Blut und Boden Landesbauernschaft Region Kurmark “For Loyal Participation” Award 

  • Item: G27855

    A 1937 SA Sports Championship Days in Franken Badge 

  • Item: G27856

    An 1939 SA/HJ Aflenz Winter Sports Competition Badge 

  • Item: G27857

    A 1934 SA Griez/Thür-Ost Brigade 41 Rally Badge 

  • Item: G27858

    A 1933 Breslau SA Rally Badge 

  • Item: G27859

    A 1934 SA Sturmbann II/223 Carlshafen Sports Festival Badge 

  • Item: G27860

    A 1933 SA Aufmarsch Gruppe Nordmark Badge  

  • Item: G27861

    A 1932 SA Martyr Bruno Schramm Remembrance Badge 

  • Item: G27862

    A 1937 Winter Relief of the German People “We Belong Together; Then we are One” Badge 

  • Item: G27864

    A Civilian Aeroplane Stunt Licence Belonging to Wolfgang Stieda with Photograph 

  • Item: G27865

    An Interesting ID Booklet of Johann Unterreitmeier; Owner of a Wheelwright’s Factory 

  • Item: G27876

    A Pair of Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft ID Cards 

  • Item: G27877

    An Airmail Transported by Airship LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin 

  • Item: G27878

    A Leader ID Card League of German Girls (BDM) 

  • Item: G27879

    A German Reich Mail Bank Book of Gerhard Anderle 

  • Item: G27882

    A Lot of Five Third Reich Period German Fabric Event Pinback Banners 

  • Item: G27883

    A 1933 Chemnitz District Council Day Badge  

Total items found 508

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