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  • Item: G18523

    A Saxe-Ernestine House Order; 1st Class Knight, Type II (1864-1935) 

  • Item: G18512

    A Mecklenburg Order of the Griffin; Commander`s Badge 

  • Item: G18631

    An SA GRUPPENAUFMARSCH Dresden Non-Portable Medal 

  • Item: G18600

    A 1940 German Infantry Regiment War Sport Festival; 1st Place Medal 

  • Item: G18618

    An NSKK Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G18486

    A Luftwaffe Honour Plaque for Named to a Lieutenant Colonel in 1942 

  • Item: G18641

    A Cased Set of Blockade Runner Badges by Schwerin 

  • Item: G18552

    A Miniature Luftwaffe Air Defense Decoration; 1st Class 

  • Item: G18648

    An Imperial Prussian Air Gunner Badge 

  • Item: C3331

    A Korea War Pair to the Royal Canadian Artillery 

  • Item: G18717

    A Pair SS-Hauptsturmführer (Signals) Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: EU9640

    A Romanian Order of Agricultural Merit; King Carol II 

  • Item: G18483

    An HJ Badge for Snipers by Steinhauer & Lück 

  • Item: W4180

    Two Royal Thai Air Force Badges 

  • Item: W4181

    Two Singapore Air Force (SAF) Pilot Wings  

  • Item: C3654

    A First Day Vimy Memorial Cross to the 19th Canadian Infantry 

  • Item: C3656

    A 5th Mounted Rifles Memorial Cross; Missing in Action at Regina Trench 

  • Item: C3693


  • Item: W4163

    A Peruvian Air Force Merit Badge 

  • Item: C3534

    A Military Medal to the CMGC for the Defence of the Somme 1918 

  • Item: EU9651

    An 1877-1903 Serbian Cross of Takovo with Case 

  • Item: EU9876

    A Grand Cross Miniature Set to the Wartime Mayor of Rome Giangiacomo Borghese 

  • Item: EU9914

    An Imperial Russian Order of St. Anne in Gold; Mounted by Godet, Berlin 

  • Item: G18468

    An SS EM/NCO'S Buckle byOverhoff and Cie of Ludenscheid 

  • Item: G18667

    A Second Class Iron Cross 1939; Oversized Version 

  • Item: W4164

    A Japanese Second War Army Aviation Preparation School Badge 1939-1945 

  • Item: W4177

    A Rare Second War South African Air Force Photographer Patch 

  • Item: W4182

    Four Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Badges 

  • Item: W4183

    A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force; Air Staff College Wing 

  • Item: W4184

    Two Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Badges  

  • Item: W4185

    A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, N. Defense Force Badge 

  • Item: W4186

    A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force; Western Region Badge 

  • Item: W4187

    A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force; Supply Corps Badge 

  • Item: W4188

    A Japanese Imperial Hinomaru Yosegaki Flag 

  • Item: G18683

    A Pair Luftwaffe "Hermann Göring" Collar Tabs 

  • Item: EU10327

    A Second War Italian Red Cross 9th Mobilization Centre at Rome Armband 

  • Item: EU10337

    A Slovakian Commemorative Medal for Loyalty and Defence Capacity 1918-1938 

  • Item: EU10346

    A Second War Slovakian Army Racing Team OAP Badge; Second Class 

  • Item: EU10352

    A Spanish Civil War Falange Women's Section Chanberi District Armband 

  • Item: EU10377

    An Extremely Rare Croatian Collar Tab Insignia for Armored/Tank Crew 

  • Item: EU10562

    A Rare Second War Dutch “Oostkorps” N.A.D. Arm Badge 

  • Item: G20549

    An SS Document & Photo Group to Untersturmführer Karl-Heinrich Plath; Nordland Division  

  • Item: EU10720

    A Royal Bulgarian Air Force Graduation Badge; German Award 

  • Item: EU10841

    A First War Period Romanian Air Force Pilot's Badge 

  • Item: EU10867

    A Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas; 3rd Class Neck Badge 

  • Item: EU10871

    A Scarce Slovakian Hlinka Guards NCO’s Visor Cap Eagle 

  • Item: EU11023

    A Hungarian Partisans Badge; Numbered  

  • Item: EU11138

    A Second War Italian Pilot's Wing 

  • Item: EU11177

    A Royal Badge of the Bulgarian National Party; Kubrat  

  • Item: G22745

    A Mint Iron Cross Second Class 1939 by Klein & Quenzer  

  • Item: G22759

    A Bronze Grade Infantry Badge by Ferdinand Wiedmann 

  • Item: EU11300

    A French Colonial Lifesaving Society Medal  

  • Item: EU11308

    A Second War Polish Pilot's Badge; Screwback  

  • Item: G22980

    A Mint Luftwaffe Civil Employee Officer's Visor Cap Insignia  

  • Item: G22981

    A Deutche Luftfahrt/DLV Officer's Visor Cap Insignia  

  • Item: EU11340

    A 1939 Defence of Slovakia Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: G22989

    An Army Issue Kuban Campaign Shield  

  • Item: G23017

    A 1944 Luftwaffe Award of Field-Luftgau Westfrankreich (West France) 

  • Item: G23321

    A German Army (Heer) Machine Gunners Plaque 

  • Item: G23328

    A Case for a Luftwaffe Observer's Badge 

Total items found 654

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