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  • Item: G17690

    A Pair of Political Leader Collar Tabs; GAU Level 

  • Item: G18054

    A Miniature of Presentation Sabre to Otto von Bismarck 

  • Item: W3102

    A 1974 Bhutan Coronation Medal 

  • Item: W4702

    A Royal Malaysian Air Force Pilot's Badge 

  • Item: W4707

    A Philippine Air Force (PAF) Aircrew Badge 

  • Item: W4708

    A Philippine Air Force (PAF) Senior Pilot Badge 

  • Item: G17748

    A Luftwaffe Glider Pilot’s Badge 

  • Item: W4706

    A Nepalese Army Air Service Uniform Patch 

  • Item: W4688

    A Saudi Arabian Pilot's Wing 

  • Item: W4689

    A Royal Jordanian Pilot's Wing 

  • Item: W4704

    A Pakistan Air Force (PAK) Engineer's Wing 

  • Item: G18003

    A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger by C.E.Juncker 

  • Item: W4703

    A Ghana Air Force Pilot's Badge 

  • Item: W4705

    A Tanzanian Air Force Pilot Badge, c. 1976 

  • Item: W4710

    Two Rhodesian Air Force Wings 

  • Item: W2906

    A Peruvian Naval Academy Award 

  • Item: G19224

    An HJ Grouping from Estate of 'Scharführer Helmut Schäfer aus Herford' 

  • Item: EU10337

    A Slovakian Commemorative Medal for Loyalty and Defence Capacity 1918-1938 

  • Item: G20963

    A Victors Badge in the National Trade Competition by H. Aurich 

  • Item: G21673

    An HJ Leader's Brocade Dress Belt by Christian Theodor Dicke 

  • Item: G24777

    A “Neutral” Legion Condor Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G26894

    A Second War Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge 

  • Item: G26909

    A Bronze Grade Tank Badge by Gustav Brehmer; Special Grade 25  

  • Item: G29680

    A Single Decal M42 Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm by Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke 

  • Item: G30235

    A German Labour Front Employee Safety Awareness in Austrian Factories Poster 

  • Item: G30514

    A 1938 Sudeten-German Party Supporters Badge 

  • Item: G30573

    A Second War Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge 

  • Item: G30577

    A Second War German Eastern Winter Campaign Medal 

  • Item: G30716

    A 1938 German Propaganda Magazine Der Schulungsbrief; Never again Versailles! 

  • Item: G31922

    A Second War German Luftwaffe Officer’s Dagger Portepee  

  • Item: G32434

    A 1937 German Arts Exhibition Badge 

  • Item: G32435

    A Third Reich Period NSV “For Mother and Child” Donation Pin 

  • Item: G32436

    A Third Reich Period German North Silesian Day of Flight Badge 

  • Item: G32437

    A 1939/1940 WHW Niederdonau Region Badge 

  • Item: G32438

    A Third Reich Period Berlin-Rome Friendship Badge 

  • Item: G32439

    A 1933 Kaffelstein Monument Unveiling Ceremony Badge 

  • Item: G32440

    A Third Reich Period KDF Franken Region Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32441

    A Third Reich Period Hans Schemm Remembrance Day Badge 

  • Item: G32442

    A 1939 NSDAP Reich Party Day Badge by W. Kolwitz 

  • Item: G32443

    A Third Reich Period DDA Donation Badge 

  • Item: G32444

    A 1936 District Heilbronn Music Festival Badge 

  • Item: G32445

    A 1937 NSDAP Thüringen District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G32446

    A 1934 “Day of Labour” Badge 

  • Item: G32447

    A 1939 “With the KDF to the International Car Show in Berlin” Badge 

  • Item: G32448

    A 1924/34 10-Years of Liberated Pfalz Badge 

  • Item: G32449

    A 1933/34 WHW “We are Helping” Donation Badge  

  • Item: G32452

    A Third Reich Period “Kraftfahrer - Truck Driver’s” Award Badge 

  • Item: G32455

    A 1939 Wurttemburg Regional Festival of the NSRL Badge 

  • Item: G32459

    A Case for a Third Reich German Fire Brigade Service Cross Second Class 

  • Item: G32461

    A 1937 Munich 4th Reichsnährstand Exhibition Badge 

  • Item: G32462

    A Fine Quality NS-Hago “Deine Hand dem Handwerk” Badge 

  • Item: G32463

    A 1934 “Day of German Angler’s” Badge 

  • Item: G32464

    A 1934 NSLB (National Socialist Teachers League) Regional Meeting in Frankfurt Badge 

  • Item: G32465

    A Fine Quality 1936 “Day of the SA - Group North Sea in Bremen” Badge by Mulde of Bremen 

  • Item: G32467

    A Third Reich Period German “Wild Ox” Rune Badge 

  • Item: G32484

    An Olympic Honour Badge Award Document to Georg Berthold 

  • Item: G32487

    A 1944 Obituary to Fighter Pilot Fritz Todt, KIA 

  • Item: G32491

    A Third Reich Period Letter Sent to German Graphics Company Agfa’s Argentina Office 

  • Item: G32493

    A 1938 Issue of Propaganda Magazine “Der Schulungsbrief”, vol. 5 

  • Item: G32494

    A Second War German Medal Pair & Ribbon Bar 

Total items found 566

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