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  • Item: W4988

    ANNAM, Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Bao Dai era. A Special Decoration (Kim Tien), I class  

  • Item: W3631

    A Rare Mongolian Order of Sukhbaatar in Gold & Platinum  

  • Item: W3563

    An Unidentified Middle Eastern Award; Commander  

  • Item: W3560

    A Peruvian Distinguished Service Order; Commander  

  • Item: W3565

    A Order of National Merit of Katanga; Commander’s Badge by A. Chobillon, Paris  

  • Item: W3573

    A French Made Order of Mehdauia; Grand Cross  

  • Item: W3621

    An African Order of the Lion; Knight`s Badge  

  • Item: W3961

    An Order of the African Liberation; Commander  

  • Item: G22345

    An RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle; Published Example  

  • Item: G22877

    A 1936 German Olympic Games Participants Medal  

  • Item: G22881

    An Unusual 1936 German Olympic Medal Prototype with Miniature  

  • Item: G22921

    An August 8th 1940 Silver Luftwaffe Award  

  • Item: G22991

    A Scarce Mine Rescue Service Decoration with Box of Issue  

  • Item: G23150

    A 1938 National Socialist Flying Corps Empire Races of the Nazi Air Corps at Kassel Award  

  • Item: G23163

    A German Shooting Association Hansa District Champion's Award  

  • Item: GB5815

    A Baden Fire Service Long Service Bar for Twenty-Five Years' Service (1934-1936) with Case  

  • Item: G23691

    A Silver Grade Infantry Badge in Tombac  

  • Item: EU11590

    An Order of Adolph of Luxembourg; Commander's Cross  

  • Item: G24068

    A 1932 National Socialist 1st Reichs Day of Youths Badge  

  • Item: EU11730

    A Fine Filigree Maltese Cross Pendant in Gold  

  • Item: EU11810

    A Russian Imperial Humane Benevolent Society for the Education of Indigent (Poor) Children Jetton  

  • Item: EU12441

    A Rare Czech National Socialist People's Welfare (NSV) Leader's Badge 1938  

  • Item: G26520

    A Large 1939 Fifth Prize Medal of the SA Reichs-Competition in Berlin  

  • Item: G27977

    A Hungarian Light Flak Artillery SS Candidate Volunteer Identification Tag  

  • Item: G28064

    A German Reich Mail Bank Book of Gerhard Anderle  

  • Item: G28069

    A Thank You Card Signed the Head the Reich Propaganda Ministry Radio Department, Eugen Hadamovsky  

  • Item: EU12863

    An Imperial Russian American-Made 2nd Pavlograd Life-Hussars Regiment Silver Cup  

  • Item: G29470

    A Single Decal M40 Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm by Eisenwerke Thale  

  • Item: EU13047

    A First War Austro-Hungarian Krakow Fortress Cap Badge  

  • Item: G33862

    A 1943 Issue of Belgian Nazi newspaper “De SS-Man”  

  • Item: G33865

    A 1934 NSDAP Membership ID booklet to Karl Müllenbach  

  • Item: G33866

    A Second War German HJ Eagle Plaque  

  • Item: G33872

    A 1942 Peter Lipp New-Years Plaque  

  • Item: G33875

    A 1933 “The Great Brown Exhibition Makes Jobs” Badge; Numbered  

  • Item: G33876

    A Third Reich Period Königsberg Women’s Association of the Fatherland Membership Badge  

  • Item: G33887

    A German Volunteer Police Regiment 3 “Croatia” Identification Tag  

  • Item: G33889

    A 1940 Pattern Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Service Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G33890

    A Second War German RLB Type Three Variant Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G33891

    A 1940 Issue of the Front Newspaper of the Luftwaffe  

  • Item: G33900

    Four Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) (German Labour Front) Items  

  • Item: G33916

    A 1939 Victors Badge in the National Trade Competition - "Kreissieger"  

  • Item: G33919

    A German Wound Badge Gold Grade, 1957 Version  

  • Item: G33920

    A 1939 Victors Badge in the National Trade Competition -"Gausieger  

  • Item: G33926

    A 1935 HJ/DAF Joint Reichs Occupational Skills Competition Badge  

  • Item: G33927

    A 1933 Schlageter Commemorative Celebration in Düsseldorf Badge by Paulmann Crone  

  • Item: G33928

    A 1935 Aachen District Party Day & 10-Year Anniversary of Aachen Badge  

  • Item: G33929

    A 1933 North See Regional Meeting of Bremen Badge  

  • Item: G33930

    A 1939 SA Nordsee Self Defence Sports Days Badge by Steinhauer & Lück  

  • Item: G33931

    A 1934 National Day of Labour Badge  

  • Item: G33932

    A 1936 Regional Meeting in Saxony Badge  

  • Item: G33933

    A Third Reich Period Wolfsangel Runic Badge  

  • Item: G33934

    A Third Reich Period “Tyr - Warrior” Runic Badge  

  • Item: G33935

    A 1938-1945 Orts Level National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge by Zimmermann  

  • Item: G33936

    A National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge by Schmidäussler  

  • Item: G33937

    A 1938 Germany-England Boxing badge  

  • Item: G33938

    An Unknown Third Reich Period Runic Badge  

  • Item: G33939

    A 1936 German Festival of Youths Badge with an HJ Membership Badge by Otto Schickle  

  • Item: G33940

    A Silver Grade DRL Sports Badge by Wernstein of Jena  

  • Item: G33941

    A (1838-1945) National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge by Fritz Zimmermann  

  • Item: G33943

    Two Third Reich Period NSKOV Membership Badges  

Total items found 537

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