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  • Item: G17461

    Two Second War German Badge 

  • Item: G17189

    A DRV District Champions Medal 

  • Item: G17879

    A German Midwives Organization Silver Merit Badge 

  • Item: G17856

    A Reichsbahn Ärmeladler RBD Köln 

  • Item: G18054

    A Miniature of Presentation Sabre to Otto von Bismarck 

  • Item: W3096

    A Thai Order of the White Elephant: Breast Star Set 

  • Item: W3111

    A Filipino Order of the Knights of Rizal; Commander's 

  • Item: W4520

    An Order of the Reign of Si Savang Vong; Laos  

  • Item: W4532

    A Vietnam Medal to Australian Trooper Billinghurst  

  • Item: W4542

    A Thai Noble Order of the Crown; Breast Badge 

  • Item: W4547

    A 1975 Papua New Guinea Independence Medal  

  • Item: W4548

    A Thai Order of the White Elephant; Officer’s Badge  

  • Item: W4549

    A Filipino Military Merit Medal for Service Against the Enemy  

  • Item: W4550

    A Rare First War Thailand Victory Medal  

  • Item: G17345

    A Bronze Grade Submarine Clasp by Schwerin, Berlin 

  • Item: W3144

    An 1865 Bolivian General Mariano Melgarejo Medal 

  • Item: W4536

    An 1870 Paraguay Cross  

  • Item: G17521

    An SS Gebirgstruppen (Mountain Troops) Cloth Badge 

  • Item: G17032

    A Rare Dutch NSKK Badge 

  • Item: G17439

    A 1941 Luftwaffe Flak Meritorious Service Award 

  • Item: G17985

    A Rare Badge of German Trained Italian Battle Units 

  • Item: G18073

    A Second War Dutch NSB Award 

  • Item: W4545

    An Early Venezuelan Order of the Liberator  

  • Item: G17449

    A Scarce HJ Children Holiday Transportation Badge 

  • Item: G18052

    An NSKK sleeve Rank Insignia with RZM Tag 

  • Item: G18071

    A Traditional DLV Badge for SA/SS Flying Groups 

  • Item: W4525

    A Saudi Arabian Combat Medal (Nuth al-Ma'rkat) 

  • Item: W4541

    A Saudi Arabia Air Force Pilot's Wings Badge 

  • Item: G18003

    A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger by C.E.Juncker 

  • Item: EU9933

    A Russian Imperial 1878 Bulgarian Campaign Medal 

  • Item: W3148

    A Liberian National Merit Medal 

  • Item: W4531

    A Korean Order of the White Star; Third Class  

  • Item: W4539

    A Korean Order of Military Merit; Fourth Class  

  • Item: W4544

    A 1909 Imperial Korean Emperor Yung Hi Imperial Tour Medal 

  • Item: W4551

    A Rhodesian General Service Medal to Rifleman Sutherland  

  • Item: W3094

    A Peruvian Order of the Sun; Breast Star 

  • Item: G23310

    A Mint German Police Enlisted Man's Tschako with Parade Bush 

  • Item: G23904

    A 180 Stahlhelm Badge by Mayer & Wilhelm 

  • Item: G23915

    Medal Components Recovered from the Destroyed Zimmermann Factory  

  • Item: G23918

    Medal Components Recovered from the Destroyed Zimmermann Factory 

  • Item: G23953

    Three Kyffhäuser League Veterans Association Shooting Award Stickpins 

  • Item: G24455

    A 1937 Leipzig NSKK Award 

  • Item: G26036

    A 1934 NSDAP Cuxhaven 1st District Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G26105

    A National Socialist People’s Welfare “Free Sisterhood” Hospital Aid Badge by Ferdinand Hoffstätter 

  • Item: G26502

    A German POW Camp ID Tag for Allied Soldiers Housed at the Stalag III-C Camp 

  • Item: G26509

    A 1935 Wilhelmshaven Garrison Sailing Competition Second Prize Plaque 

  • Item: G26986

    A Lot of Three Third Reich period Collar Tabs and Insignia 

  • Item: G27005

    An Silver Grade Honour Badge of the Reichsnährstand 

  • Item: G27825

    A 1935 SS-SA Day of the NSDAP County Limburg/Lahn Badge 

  • Item: G28442

    A Commemorative Return of Memel Medal in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28444

    A Luftwaffe Glider Pilot’s Badge; 1957 Version 

  • Item: G28524

    A Mint Cased Bronze Grade German Equestrian Badge and Stick Stick Pin by L. Chr. Lauer 

  • Item: G28527

    A BDM Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29470

    A Single Decal M40 Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm by Eisenwerke Thale 

  • Item: G30101

    A 1929 Volunteer Red Cross Medical Corps of Dachau Badge 

  • Item: G30103

    A Third Reich Period Youth Horse Rider’s Badge by Steinhauer & Lück 

  • Item: G30105

    A 1934 Breslau District Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G30106

    A Third Reich Period SA Eagle Badge 

  • Item: G30107

    A 1934 HJ “Blood and Honour” Bann 289 Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30108

    A A 1934 HJ “Blood and Honour” Bann 289 Rally Badge 

Total items found 638

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