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eMedals-An Edo Period Sword by Hizen no Kuni Ju Omi no Daijo Fuji-wara Tada Hiro

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An Edo Period Sword by Hizen no Kuni Ju Omi no Daijo Fuji-wara Tada Hiro

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An Edo Period Sword by Hizen no Kuni Ju Omi no Daijo Fuji-wara Tada Hiro

Hashimoto Heisakura (Shinsaemon) (Tadahiro 2nd) was born in Saga, Hizen in 1614 to a 42 year old Hashimoto Shinsaemonjo Tadayoshi (1st gen.). Tadayoshi 1st had earlier adopted Yoshinobu, so the arrival of Tadahiro 2ndlater in life provided a much welcomed blood heir to the Tadayoshi lineage. It is reported that being illegitimate, Tadahiro 2nd was raised in the company of women and was therefore a quiet, thoughtful person who later became dedicated to sword smithing. (It is interesting to note that Iwata Takashi, in his articles on the Hizen Schools published by the NBTHK, says that the Nidai was legitimate. This is contrary to all my other research.) It is said that when Tadayoshi received the title Musashi Daijo on 18 Feb 1624, Tadahiro joined his father’s forge at the age of 10 years old. Tadayoshi 1st, Masahiro 1st and Yoshinobu all taught the young Tadahiro, and he took over the Tadayoshi School at the age of 19 when his father died in 1632, although it is postulated that Masahiro as senior smith, effectively ran the school for a short time. Tadahiro reportedly made no swords in the year that followed his father’s death; maybe he grieved the passing of his father. Tadahiro was only 19 years old when his passed away in 1632 but he was enough skilful to forge sword at the time. Tadahiro designated the Omi-Daijo in 1641, aged 29 and continued not only forging swords but also supervised many students until his death in 1693, aged 80.  He was known as a skillful swordsmith, almost all works are above the standard hizen-to. He had been forged sword for a long period of time to leave the largest number of swords among the swordsmiths of Hizen School. He was good at both of Suguha-hamom and Gunome-midare Hamon. Especially the beauty of jitetsu called konuka-hada is appreciated as the best among the hizen-to. But this sword is one of his rare pieces done in Itame hada and Sugu ha based in the Utsushi of Koto Yamashiro Tachi. As stated in Nihonto Kosa, both Tada Yoshi and Tada Hiro produced  rare pieces with Itame hada. This sword is extremely healthy for a Hizento and of high quality in old polish and shows no shintetsu in the ji-hada from over polishing. This sword has had maybe two or possibly three polishes in its lifetime. This sword is Ubu two hole Nakago. The Nagasa in 27”3/16ths . With formal signature of – Hizen no Kuni Ju Omi no Daijo Fuji-wara Tada Hiro. The koshirai is red and black ishime Han dachi with matching shakado koiguchi & kojiri and shibuichi kurikata, shakado Fuchi/Kashira and gold winged Dragonfly menuki. Both the blade and koshirai are papered bythe NTHK-NPO (75pts and 75 pts  espectfully) attesting to the Quality and authenticity of this item. This is equivalent to Tokubetsu Hoson papers from the NBTHK. His swords are ranked as Owaza-mono because of the sharpness.
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