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eMedals-An Army Wehrpass & Luftwaffe Soldbuch to Brothers; MIA 1944

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An Army Wehrpass & Luftwaffe Soldbuch to Brothers; MIA 1944

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An Army Wehrpass & Luftwaffe Soldbuch to Brothers; MIA 1944

 An Army Wehrpass & Luftwaffe Soldbuch to Brothers; MIA 1944:   1. Documents to Bomber Pilot Trenz; MIA Over Coastal Zone 3; Included with his Wehrpass is: A form for a leave of absence from active duty effective from December 8th to 15th of 1941 in Berlin; An official notice addressed to his father Peter which reads: Attached is the Wehrpass of your son, missing as of May 11th, 1944. Unfortunately we have no further details about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, but should something become known you will be notified immediately.    Foonote: Werner Trenz was born on December 23rd, 1919 in Arnsberg to a catholic family. His parents were Peter and Loris, who died in 1938. Werner was unmarried at the time of issue. He attended 7 years of Volkschule and 2 years of specialized construction school where he trained to be a drafter. He wrote down his father as his next of kin. He volunteered for service at the Arnsberg Command Office on September 8th, 1938. He was deemed fit for service and placed with first reserves. At that time he started his compulsory service with the RAD. His labour term lasted from April 1st to August 26th of 1939. On December 6th, 1939 he underwent medical inspection with the Konigsberg 1st Signals Regiment and was deemed fit for duty. He received his first post on the 26th of August 1939, and was sworn in on the 30th of the same month. He started his active service with the Konigsberg 1st Signals Regiment, before attending Luftwaffe Signal Schools and serving there as a staff member. He was then named a candidate for the position of 1st Battalion Observer in February of 1943. He attended observers’ school in June of 1943, and before the end of the month began serving with Bomber Squadron 77. He was trained with the 98K rifle, as well as with machine gun models 15 and 81, the MG55 aircraft auto cannon, and the MP40. He has also received special training with radio, and as an observer, having flown aboard the FW58, and the JU88. November 1st, 1940 he was promote to the rank of Gefreiter, February 1st 1941 to Obergefreiter, and February 14th, 1942 to Unteroffizier. In the years between 1939 to 1944 he was deployed in the home theatre. By March 19th of 1944 he was engaged in aerial defence of the coast and area around Luftwaffe Zone 3. He was reported missing in action on May 11th, 1944.    2. Gunther Trenz Luftwaffe Paybook:  Born May 30th, in Arnsberg, he joined the Luftwaffe as a flak gunner with the 96th division in Dortmund in January 1942. On April 13, 1942 he started a special training course with the 8,8cm Flak Gun, which he completed on July 11th of the same year. On October 1st, 1942 he was made a Gefreiter. On February 1st of 1944 he was made an Obergefreiter, and October of the same year he was promoted again to an NCO rank. October 27th, 1942 he was admitted to a field hospital for an unspecified illness. He was hospitalized a second time in 1944 for another unspecified reason. Throughout the war until March 28th 1945 he was issued all standard equipment.              
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