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eMedals-An Army Infantry Officer's Visor by Gepolstertes Schnreifsleder

Item: G18957

An Army Infantry Officer's Visor by Gepolstertes Schnreifsleder

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An Army Infantry Officer's Visor by Gepolstertes Schnreifsleder

This cap is in typical Heer army green wool with a 43 mm wide forest green band and a traditional high peak with matching white piping along the top edge and flanking either side of the band, indicating the branch to be Infantry. It is decorated with a well-detailed silvered aluminum eagle insignia on the peak and an open-ended silvered aluminum wreath surrounding a tri-colour cockade on the band. The vulcan visor has a smooth black leather-look upper and is free of crazing, with a silver bullion cord resting upon it, in two rows, knotted in the appropriate-style on the sides and held in position via pebbled gilt posts on both sides. The underside of the visor is synthetic and finished in butterscotch. The matching butterscotch leather sweatband is perforated along the front edge with five tiny rows of forty ventilation holes each, the outer edge trimmed in a narrow strip of brushed beige cotton, the two ends of the sweatband tied together at the rear seam with a beige ribbon. The inside of the cap is lined in a light butterscotch, the dome brandishing a diamond-shaped celluloid moisture shield stitched in the dome, embossed with a maker mark incorporating an eagle insignia standing upon an elliptical-shaped capsule inscribed "Alkero" and marked "Gepolstertes Schnreifsleder" (padded). The cap measures 235 mm x 270 mm x 150 mm in height, exhibiting slight discolouration and scattered mothing on the exterior, scattered silvering wear on the peak eagle, small scattered red spots on the dome lining towards the rear of the cap, along with the cork strip on the underside of the sweatband at the front exhibiting extensive fragmentation. Very fine. (C:50)
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