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eMedals-An Army Artillery Officer's New Style White Service Uniform

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An Army Artillery Officer's New Style White Service Uniform

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An Army Artillery Officer's New Style White Service Uniform

An Army Artillery Officer's New Style White Service Uniform; Tunic: fabricated from white cotton, the shoulders of this tunic are adorned with slip-on rank shoulder straps, the uppers of the straps in four rows of angled fine aluminum piping, in a u-shape, the edges of the straps trimmed on three sides in red felt, indicative of Artillery, held in place via a large silvered pebbled metal button at the neck end, affixed to the underlying forest green felt strap, with a gilt aluminum pip at the shoulder end. The collars are adorned with collar insignia in fine silver bullion wire with red embroidered accents, on a green felt base. It is named on the underside of the collar "Hillendohl" in black ink at the rear. The front has four pockets sewn to the body of the tunic, one on each breast and larger ones that are wider and deeper below the breast pockets. Each pocket has decorative straps giving them a pleated-look with silvered pebbled metal buttons at the top, with fold over flaps and reinforced button holes. Above the left breast pocket is a silvered zinc breast eagle, unmarked, held in place by its horizontal pinback which is fed through two vertical loops and by its prong behind the swastika, hooked through a horizontal loop. The left breast has two pairs of loops, a horizontal set above the pocket and a vertical set on the pleat, each for the placement of an award. Between the two pockets on the left side is a die-stamped tombac Black Grade Wound Badge, pinned through the fabric of the tunic. The front is completed by a vertical row of four silvered pebbled metal buttons on the right side, the buttons maker marked "BESONDERS HALTBAR" on their reverses, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left. The tunic is complete with French cuffs, measuring 450 mm x 655 mm in length overall. Pants: fabricated from white cotton, matching the aforementioned tunic, button down fly with four light brown plastic buttons, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes discreetly hidden under a fold over flap. There are six light brown plastic buttons spaced around the waist on the inside, one at the front above the fly, two to the left of the opening, one at the right side at the hip and two at the rear sewn to fold over tabs and secured by horizontal loops, with a "PARIS" maker stamp in black ink to the left of the right tab. The pants measure 440 mm x 1,000 mm in length overall. Both pieces exhibit scattered light soiling, gently worn.  
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