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eMedals-An 1800 Napoleon's Battle of Marengo Medal

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An 1800 Napoleon's Battle of Marengo Medal

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An 1800 Napoleon's Battle of Marengo Medal

An 1800 Napoleon's Battle of Marengo Medal - Bronze, designer marked "BRENET" at the base of the bust and engraver marked "H. AUGUSTE", obverse illustrating the left-facing bust of First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte surrounded by the inscription "BONAPARTE PREMIER CONCUL DE LA REP. FRANCE" and inscribed "BATAILLE DE MARENGO. 25 ET 26 PRAIRIAL AN 8." below, framed by an open-ended wreath of laurel leaves, reverse inscribed "LE PREMIER CONSUL COMMANDANT L'ARMEE DE RESERVE EN PERSONNE ENFANS RAPPELLEZ-VOUS QUE MON HABITUDE EST DE COUCHERS SUR LE CHAMP DE BATAILLE.", 50 mm, spotting on the reverse, extremely fine. Footnote: The Battle of Marengo was fought on June 14, 1800 between French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte and Austrian forces near the city of Alessandria, in Piedmont, Italy. The French overcame General Michael von Mela's surprise attack near the end of the day, driving the Austrians out of Italy, and enhancing Napoleon's political position in Paris as First Consul of France, in the wake of his coup d'état the previous November.  
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