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  • Item: C3586

    Canada. A First War 1915 Overseas Contingent Watch Fob  

  • Item: C3202

    Canada. A WWI 220th Infantry Battalion "York Rangers" Award Medal  

  • Item: EGC34

    International. A Military Order of the Knights of Concordia, Knight’s Cross with Miniature  

  • Item: EG2333

    International. German, Latin American, Far & Middle Eastern and French Colonies Themed Ribbon Swatches Binder  

  • Item: W5704

    Rhodesia, Republic of Zimbabwe. A Pair of Medals  

  • Item: W5714

    Dahomey, Republic of Benin. An Order of the Black Star of Benin, V Class, Knight  

  • Item: W5715

    Egypt, Kingdom. An Order of the Nile, V Class Knight, c.1925  

  • Item: W5705

    Nigeria, Federal Republic. An Order of the Federal Republic, Member's Badge, c.1980  

  • Item: W5724

    Egypt, Kingdom. A Collar of Fuad I, c.1950  

  • Item: W5721

    Tunisia, French Protectorate. An Order of Glory, III Class Commander, by A. Chobillion, c.1915  

  • Item: W5723

    Equatorial Guinea, Republic. A National Order of Equatorial Guinea, Grand Collar  

  • Item: EG2012r

    South Africa. Regimental Devices in South Africa, 1783-1954, by Dr. H. H. Curson, c.1954  

Total items found 12

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