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Our History & Mission


eMedals was established in 1981 with the objective of connecting collectors on a global scale and providing a sense of integrity to dealership. The company started as a one man operation but soon expanded. In 1999 the first version of our e-commerce website was created. Then in 2008 a store-front was opened in Burlington, Ontario so the company could more effectively meet the demand. As time passed the client base grew as well, from being just Canadian to North American to International. We now ship items safely all over the world with speed and integrity. We have gone on to improve in every facet whether it is range of items offered or the quality of the client shopping experience. This along with our fundamental beliefs has helped as emerge as the largest militaria dealer in North America.


eMedals provides high quality items with a superior degree of expertise in all areas of militaria. We remain true to our underlying passions and strive to offer the global community of collectors with outstanding client care and first class selection.





Barry’s education consists of a degree from McMaster University in Political Science. His interest in militaria developed from a love of coin collecting as a child. He began a personal collection of militaria in the late 1970’s whichsoon turned from a hobby into a passion. Through his time as a collector he saw a need for a global dealer; he began dealing in 1981. Since then his passion has only grown and he has become an expert of European Orders and Decorations. He has a large personal collection as well, consisting mostly of First and Second War aviation groups. Barry has been attending shows and exhibitions throughout Europe and North America for nearly 30 years and is a member of OMSA, OMRS, CSMMI and MCCC.





Michael - eCommerce Managing Director


Michael has career background in eCommerce business development and strategy.  His education consists of an undergraduate degree in Military History and Commerce at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. After completing an MBA in International Business at The University of London, UK, Michael has worked with the eMedals team to build a globally recognized brand serving the collecting and historical institution community.  Founded in his undergraduate studies and his work with Veterans Affairs Canada, Michael’s interests pertain largely to Canadian and British involvement in the First World War.  Michael can be contacted directly at:


Client Care Representatives 


Jenn - Client Care Representative


Jenn’s education consists of degrees in organizational planning and community development. Jenn has been with eMedals since the opening of the store-front and is an expert in the day to day dealings of the business. She highly enjoys interacting with clients, while taking pride     in ensuring that their needs are met in an orderly fashion. Throughout her time with eMedals she has developed a strong interest in 20th Century history.


Lina - Financial Administrator & Accounting


Originally from China, Lina is responsible for client payment submissions, in-house accounting and consignment payment    transactions.



Rebecca - Online Client Care


From London, Ontario, Rebecca studied history at the University of Western Ontario and joined eMedals Inc in 2015. She is       responsible for online customer support as well as partime British research. 


Samantha - Consignment Consultant & Client Care Representative


From Burlington, Ontario, Samantha studied history at the McMaster University and joined eMedals Inc in 2017. She is        responsible collections management as well as consignment coordination. 


Grace - Collections Managment & Researcher


From Burlington, Ontario, Grace majored in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of British Columbia with a focus on Classical and Near Eastern studies. She has spent six seasons excavating in Europe, primarily focusing on the Ancient Romans occupations in the South of  Italy. 


Research & Specialists 



Laurence - British & Commonwealth Specialist


With an extensive educational background in 19th Century British History as well as Law, Laurence manages in depth biographical and archival research pertaining to British & Commonwealth medal groupings. Particular fields of interest and study are Napoleonic Campaigns in   addition to British North American conflicts.



 Lukas - German/Austrian Leading Researcher/Writer 


Originally from Vienna, Austria, Lukas came to Canada in 2007. His education consists of an Honours Degree in History from Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in Austrian and German history up to 1945, with a secondary concentration in linguistics and translation. He is also a graduate of the Paralegal Program at Conestoga College, but instead of following a career in law, Lukas chose to join eMedals in 2016 as a German/Austrian Researcher/Writer of Medals, Order, and Decorations. Lukas is also well versed in in a broad range of Europeans Awards.



Moritz - German Imperial Specialist


Born in Aachen, Germany, Moritz moved to Canada in 2015 to join eMedals as a research specialist in the field of German Imperial Awards. With a Master's degree in History from RWTH University, Moritz focuses on pre 1918 decorations with a particular proficiency in  manufacturing methodologies.    




Loreanna - Spanish & Central America Specialist  


Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Bachelor in philosophy with a major on Contemporary Politics. Graduated from National University of Colombia, one among the best twenty universities in Latin America. After graduation she moved to Canada, and soon after joined the team of eMedals in 2017. 


Dana - Italian & European Medals Researcher


Dana studied Sociology and Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Toronto, where she has written on a      wide range of socially and historically significant topics and developed her research skills. While at the University of Toronto, Dana has spent time abroad studying     at the University of Oxford in England learning about the history and roots of Western criminal law. In 2017 Dana joined the eMedals team as a researcher.



Reece - Russian Specialist 


Reece moved from London, England to join eMedals as a Russian Specialist in 2015. 




Marilyn - Studio Manager & Photographer 


Born and raised in Toronto, Marilyn graduated from Humber College in the creative photography field. When it comes to photography she is a jack of all trades, she photographs anything from portraits to events, while specializing in products. In 5 years she hopes to re-open an old shut down Kodak factory and make it one of the largest go-to companies for everything digital.


Claudia - Studio Editor 


Grace majored in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of British Columbia with a focus on Classical and Near Eastern studies. She has spent six seasons excavating in Europe, primarily focusing on the Ancient Romans occupations in the South of Italy. Her work creating 3-D historical renderings motivated her to pursue further career experience in photography.


 Gordon - Macro Photographer


Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Gordon is a published author, photographer, columnist and film historian. A former Calgary Highlander and Lorne Scot, attaining the rank of Corporal, Gordon was educated at Sheridan College and has graduated in Film, Journalism and     Research studies. Gordon’s collection of First World War related literature has been used in displays and exhibits.






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