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eMedals-A Wehrpass to the RAD & Signal Company Serving in Greece

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A Wehrpass to the RAD & Signal Company Serving in Greece

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A Wehrpass to the RAD & Signal Company Serving in Greece

A Wehrpass to the RAD & Signal Company Serving in Greece - Willy Beuenitz Wehrpass, 52 pages, very fine. Includes 7 family photos, one of which is addressed to his mother;  Footnote: Born on the 8th of November 1923 in Kassel to a protestant family and a citizen of the German Reich. He worked as a shopkeeper and small business owner. His Wehrpass was issued on the 26th of May 1941 in Friedberg; he was unmarried at this time. His parents were Karl, an engineer who died in 1932, and Katinka, nee Lindal. He had an elementary understanding of English.He was inspected as a conscript on May 26th 1941 at the command office in Friedberg. Their ruling was that he was combat ready and he was placed with the first reserves. The same day he was summoned for his compulsory work term with the RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst.) the date for his recruitment to active duty was set on the following year on the 16th of April. He completed his work term without incident on March 1st 1942. He was trained in espionage, counter-intelligence, sabotage, and the protection of secrets. April 16 1942 he was assigned to the Hofgeismar 3rd N.E.A. 9, being sworn in on the 24th. He was attached to five different army groups between April 16th 1942 and May 8th 1945. He received special training with the Karabiner 98K bolt action rifle and the model 24 hand grenade, as well as with the use of a gasmask. August 29th to September 19th 1942 he was infirmed in hospital for a Type 22 wound. He received all regular vaccinations. On April 30th 1943 he was deployed in Greece. In the following years he was engaged in battle in Greece, moving north to Serbia and on to Croatia, in retreat until 1945. For his efforts he was promoted to the rank of corporal on June 1st1943, then to senior lance-corporal on May 1st 1945.  
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