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eMedals-A Wehrpaß to the 7th Company of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 12, WIA

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A Wehrpaß to the 7th Company of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 12, WIA

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A Wehrpaß to the 7th Company of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 12, WIA

Measuring 106x147mm, extremely fine condition with light scuffing and creasing of the cover; and measuring 143x207mm, near extremely fine condition with light scuffing, creasing, and soiling of the cover. The Wehrpaß is dated to February 27, 1942. It contains a musterroll (214x303mm). The health book contains several documents in the back cover pocket, among them a medical evaluation of Raban being wounded due to a grenade splinter to the knee (210x149mm), and an application for the Panzer Badge (210x148mm). Raban’s Gesundheitsblatt (health paper) carries a stamp that places him in the SS Totenkopf unit guarding the KZ Buchenwald, however no information regarding any SS service is indicated in his Wehrpaß or any other available source.

Footnote: Ernst Herbert Walter Raban was born on January 20, 1924 in Gollmitz (today a district of the town of Calau, south of Berlin). Before being drafted he worked as a barber. Raban fulfilled his mandatory service in the RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst = Reich Labour Service) between February and December 1942. He was deployed to Russia where he not only was put to work, but also saw action. Afterwards Raban was drafted into the Wehrmacht on January 15, 1943 and joined Grenadier Replacement Battalion (mot.) 8. He served with them in several different companies until September. His training complete, Raban was redeployed as a messenger to the 7th Company of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 12 in central Russia until December 22. On November 1 he was promoted to Gefreiter (Lance Corporal). Raban was then wounded in action on November 24. He suffered a broken kneecap, the knee being pierced by a grenade splinter. After this he was deemed only partially fit for service, and no longer fit for front service. Raban received the Iron Cross 2nd Class on December 6. He was placed in the Convalescent Company of Panzer Grenadier Replacement Battalion 12. Raban also received a Wound Badge in Black on January 11, 1944, and a Bronze Panzer Badge on March 1. After recovering, but only being able to use his right leg to a limited degree, Raban joined the 3rd Company of Landesschützen Battalion 847, a unit tasked with guarding POWs in the German homeland area.

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