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eMedals-A Wehrpass to Hermann Delvos: Stalag 369 Camp Guard

Item: G15857

A Wehrpass to Hermann Delvos: Stalag 369 Camp Guard

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A Wehrpass to Hermann Delvos: Stalag 369 Camp Guard

A Wehrpass to Hermann Delvos: Stalag 369 Camp Guard  -  Book keeper and camp staff, 52 pages, in extremely fine condition. Footnote: Delvos was trained to be a Wehrmacht Bookkeeper while serving with a Territorial Infantry Battalion. He was born January 9, 1904 in Gladbach to a catholic family. He attended a Volksschule and went on to earn a graduation certificate, and noted that he was proficient in English and in French. He was conscripted and brought in for inspection at the Gladbach Military District Command Office on August 22, 1940. He was ruled for service and placed with the first reserves and trained with standard equipment like the 98 Rifle and 08 Pistol. He was promoted to Gefreiter in 1942. From June 1943 to September 1944 he was posted as a guard at the prisoner camp Stalag 369, which was located near Cracow and reserved for mainly French prisoners. At the end of that time he was promoted to Obergefreiter. He had to be regularly inspected because of reports of chest pains.
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