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eMedals-A Wehrpass & Medical Book to the Railway Pioneers

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A Wehrpass & Medical Book to the Railway Pioneers

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A Wehrpass & Medical Book to the Railway Pioneers

A Wehrpass & Medical Book to the Railway Pioneers - August Schulz Documents: Wehrpass, 54 pages, in very fine condition; Medical Book, 28 pages and additional doctors and 2 x-ray; Footnote: schulz was a Railway Pioneer and veteran of both Wars. He was born July 28th, 1895 in Eisenach, in Thuringia. He was married, protestant, and worked as a metal worker since graduating from a Volksschule. The page pertaining to his assignment in the military is left blank besides a date for his swearing in in 1942. In the First War he was made an Unteroffizier in 1917 and received the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class. His service record dates the beginning of his time in the Wehrmacht on December 26th, 1940, with Railway Engineer Company 401, and then in the 3rd Reserve Railway Pioneers Battalion; he had already earned the rank of Feldwebel in 1939. As the war became more desperate for the Wehrmacht, he was pulled back into service after having been dismissed, and was assigned to the 847th Territorial Infantry Battalion, and was awarded the War Merit Cross 2nd Class in 1944. 
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