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eMedals-A Waffen SS Field Combat Fez

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A Waffen SS Field Combat Fez

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A Waffen SS Field Combat Fez

A Waffen SS Field Combat Fez - This fez was worn with the field gray uniform for combat operations. Fabricated from a grayish-green drab felt, a multi-strand forest green tassel attached to the top via an upright roll of felt, with two strands stitched to the reverse. The front is adorned with a BeVo silver and black weaved SS skull with an Army eagle above. Inside, there is a 26 mm wide leather sweatband stitched in place along the outer edge, the two ends of the sweatband formerly held together at the rear with a piece of reinforced white tape on the underside but has separated over time. Scattered mothing evident on the exterior, mold spots evident on the sweatband, free of discolouration, finely-detailed insignias rate excellent, better than very fine.   Footnote: This fez was worn by Bosnian Muslims who were members of the two Croatian SS Divisions (13th Handschar Waffen SS Division and the 23rd Kama Waffen SS Mountain Divisions). The name "Handschar" is a local word for the curved scimitar sword worn on the 13th Division collar patch, that unit performing anti-partisan duties in Yugoslavia.  
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