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eMedals-A Waffen 12th SS Panzer Leather Uniform by Rudolf Rinne

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A Waffen 12th SS Panzer Leather Uniform by Rudolf Rinne

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A Waffen 12th SS Panzer Leather Uniform by Rudolf Rinne

A Waffen 12th SS Panzer Leather Uniform by Rudolf Rinne - Prossnitzer Bekleidungswerke, Rudolf Rinne, Prossnitz was a manufacturer who made many Kriegsmarine uniform items. In addition to the Kreigsmarine, a division of the Waffen SS also worn this uniform: the then newly formed Hitler Youth Division (Hitlerjugend 12. SS-Panzerdivision). The leather uniforms provided a certain protection against fire when the tanks got hit by Allied shells. This particular uniform was captured by Canadians on approximately June 7th to 10th, 1944, while advancing into Normandy against the 12th Panzer Division.    Includes two pieces: a jacket and pants. The jacket is fabricated from black leather, the shoulders with loops in place at the shoulder end and small black painted pebbled metal buttons at the neck end for placement of rank shoulder straps. The collar has a hook and eye closure at the front, ensuring a snug fit at the neckline. It has two pockets on the front, one on each side at the waist with fold over flaps. The front is completed by a vertical row of five large black painted pebbled metal buttons on the right side, with small black plastic buttons sewn to the reverse of each, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left, each of the buttons maker marked "B.H." on the reverse. The cuffs have button down tabs with the same large black painted pebbled metal buttons as those used on the front opening of the jacket. The inside comes with a pocket in the right breast, the opening of which is trimmed in black leather. The body of the jacket is lined in black wool, including the aforementioned three pockets. The sleeves are lined in black rayon, each sleeve with a gray cotton loop at the opening for hanging the jacket from a hook. It exhibits the expected minimal crazing from active use, with minor chipping evident on the black painted pebbled metal buttons, without interruption in the stitching, the jacket measuring 500 mm across the shoulders x 690 mm in length. The matching black leather pants come with a button down fly, with three black plastic buttons on the right side facing reinforced button holes on the left side, with an overlaying flap, and when the buttons are fastened, they remain invisible to the eye, covered by the flap. Just above the buttons is a metal clip that when fastened to the loop on the right side, ensures a snug fit at the waist. It has side entry pockets on either side at the front, each pocket with a fold over flap and are of the button down variety, with black plastic buttons. There are six belt loops spaced at equal intervals around the waist, along with four black plastic buttons at the rear for placement of the suspenders. The outside of each of the cuffs have two black plastic buttons supported by a reinforcing patch on the underside, while the inside of the cuffs have button down tabs with black plastic buttons. Inside, each of the pockets, along with the waistline and crotch are lined in a light beige canvas, the right pocket stamped with various measurements in blue ink "Grössen Nr. V. (Size Number 5) / Körpergrössen 168-176 (Body Size 168-176 cm) / Bandweite 90 (Waist 90 cm) / Schrittlänge 78 (Inseam) / Lieferdatum 43 (Delivery 43)" and maker marked "PROSSNITZER BEKLEIDUNGSWERKE / RUDOLF RINNE / PROSSNITZ". The pants are nicely creased, without interruption in the stitching, measuring 350 mm at the waist x 1,140 mm in length overall. Attached to the pants are replacement suspenders that are fabricated from an extremely flexible navy blue and white webbing, maker marked "HERKULES" on the length adjustment clasp, leather dual pronged straps stitched in place on all three ends, the straps are slotted enabling the wearer to place them around buttons on the uniform. Worn, yet near extremely fine.
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