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eMedals-A Velvet NSDAP High Office Flag

Item: G18114

A Velvet NSDAP High Office Flag

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A Velvet NSDAP High Office Flag

A Velvet NSDAP High Office Flag - Fabricated from burgundy red, white and black velvet, illustrating a black swastika placed upon a white circle in the centre, on a burgundy red field, the flag with a 70 mm wide white border on four sides framing the swastika. Along the bottom edge are eighteen large tassels, each tassel consisting of ten 200 mm long strands of twisted yellow and white nylon cord and tied together at their mid-points via matching yellow and white nylon threading. The flag is completed by a white cotton backer, measuring 1,570 mm x 1,835 mm, exhibiting light soiling on the backer, and is without interruptions in the velvet on the obverse. Better than extremely fine.
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