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eMedals-A Spanish Falange Army Officer's Dagger with Case

Item: EU9572

A Spanish Falange Army Officer's Dagger with Case



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A Spanish Falange Army Officer's Dagger with Case

A Spanish Falange Army Officer's Dagger with Case - This dagger measures 528 mm in length with the scabbard on, nickel-plated steel blade, magnetic, maker marked "ARTILLERIA Fca (FABRICA) TOLEDO" on the reverse ricasso, with unsharpened edges and a semi-sharp tip. Blade exhibits faint scratches overall, common to extraction and return to the scabbard, along with dried green lubrication residue, with light surface wear, the blade measuring 380 mm. Red felt buffer pad remains intact, crossguard is bronze with a gold-coloured gilt, the crossguard illustrating the Spanish coat-of-arms flanked by leafing on both sides, with lions heads on both ends, off-white synthetic grip with twenty rows of recessed parallel ridges, the gold-coloured bronze pommel in the form of a crown, measuring 507 mm in length overall. Brass scabbard with a flat finial, ornate design on the both sides of the chape and on the dagger hagger bands, each of the two rings with a brass chain terminating in a hook for belt suspension, the scabbard measuring 398 mm overall. Accompanied by its matching belt, the upper in three adjoining rows of braided gold-coloured bullion, the underside with a strip of white nylon stitched to it, the right end of the belt with a 37.3 mm x 56.5 mm brass belt buckle, clip on the reverse, the face of the buckle illustrating the Falange insignia, the left end with a brass receiving clip, the belt measuring 48 mm wide x 880 mm in length, exhibiting two dark discoloured swathes passing across the width of the bullion where the dagger chains had previously come in contact with the belt during wear, two other small discoloured patches further along on the bullion, along with slight soling evident on the reverse. Also included is a gold-coloured bullion aiguillette, with a 65 mm long pointed-tip knot, the tip of the knot with the underlying wooden frame exposed, two adjustment sliders, with the attached cord exhibiting scattered fraying. All items come in a dark brown wooden case, the case painted gray with dividers and swivel securing tabs on the interior, case measuring 134 mm x 555 mm x 53 mm deep, with light scuffing on the exterior. Very fine. 
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