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eMedals-A Soviet Order of Alexander Nevsky for Bravery in Finland 1945

Consignment 17

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A Soviet Order of Alexander Nevsky for Bravery in Finland 1945 Consignment 17

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A Soviet Order of Alexander Nevsky for Bravery in Finland 1945 Consignment 17

A Soviet Order of Alexander Nevsky for Bravery in Finland 1945 - Silver gilt with red enamels, Monetny Dvor maker mark and number hand engraved "24071" on the reverse, 49.2 mm x 51.2 mm, screwback, enamel chipping on lower right star point, light contact and gilt wear, better than very fine. Accompanied by a duo-tang folder with colour photocopies of two award documents and his biography. (C:17).   Footnote: Sergei Sergeevich Labanov was born in 1913 in Novgorod Oblast, Molvotets. N. Region, Velesk, Selsovet, Staritsa. He was a Russian by birth who had an elementary school education, when he enlisted with the Red Army on May 4, 1935, at the age of 22, inducted by Molvotitskii Regional Military Commissariat at Leningrad Oblast. He served with the Red Army throughout the Second World War, from 1941 to 1946, later achieving the rank of Lieutenant. He suffered light wounds or shell shock on three occasions: on January 8, 1942, March 9, 1942 and February 20, 1944 and was a party member since 1943. Four months after his third wounding, he was awarded the Order of the Red Star (number 624.931) on June 29, 1944 while with 372 Rifle Division. Labanov was a Firing Platoon Leader in charge of a 7600 mm Cannon Battery, Regimental Artillery, 1240 Vyborg Rifle Regiment, 372 Novgorod Rifle Division when he was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky (number 24.071) by 2 Shock Army Order 018N on February 27, 1945 while with 2 Ukrainian Front, the Order signed by Deputy Chief, 2 Shock Army Personnel Department, 2 Section, Senior Lieutenant of Administrative Services Moshkov. His citation translated from the Russian states: "In combat during the penetration of the enemy defence north of the city of Pultuk near the village of Boby, he painstakingly reconnoitered the enemy's forward edge and prepared good data. On 14 January 1945, while firing on direct lay, he destroyed an enemy bunker and anti-tank gun. Capably leading his firing platoon, he cleared lanes in barbed wire obstacles with his accurate fire for our attacking infantry. Capably operating with the attacking infantry, he provided accurate fire with his firing assets against enemy infantry concentrations against indicated targets and quickly serviced them, thus supporting the headlong advance of our attacking infantry. In fighting for the city of Uskhanuv, Comrade Labanov directly led his platoon while positioned in the infantry formations and firing on direct lay he destroyed a vehicle with an anti-tank cannon. Firing on a concentration of enemy infantry, he scattered the unit and destroyed as mush as a company of infantry. Maintaining close communications with the infantry, he quickly opened fire as soon as targets presented themselves and concentrated his fire, thus supporting our infantry's advance. For capable leadership of his platoon, for successful joint operations with the infantry, for well-organized fire, and for personal bravery and valor, he is deserving of the Order of Alexander Nevsky." The recommendation for the Order of Alexander Nevsky was signed by Commander of 1240 Vyborg Rifle Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Gladenko on January 30, 1945, endorsed by Commander of 372 Novgorod Rifle Division, General-Major Ragotin on February 5, 1945 and by Commander of 108 Rifle Corps, General-Lieutenant Polepov on February 9, 1945. After the war he was also awarded the Medal for the Capture of Koenigsberg 1945 and the Medal for the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Post-war, in his civilian life, he was employed as Chief of Fire and Medical Services in Zagotzerno and was a resident of Novgorod Oblast, Demyansk.  
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