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eMedals-A Soldbuch to the 211th Grenadier Regiment; American Surrender

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A Soldbuch to the 211th Grenadier Regiment; American Surrender

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A Soldbuch to the 211th Grenadier Regiment; American Surrender

A Soldbuch to the 211th Grenadier Regiment; American Surrender; Herbert Fröhlich Soldbuch: 24 pages, in very worn condition Footnote:  Herbert Fröhlich was born April 9th, 1921 in Ravenstein in the region of Saatzig, Pomerania. He was protestant and worked as a farmer in his civilian life. He stood at 168 cm tall, thin build with blond hair and blue eyes. He had his personal details verified and stamped by a Squadron Commander of the 14th Reserve Cavalry Battalion on February 5th, 1941. He listed his next of kin as his fiancée Frau Gertrud Sell in Magdeburg, second he listed his father Friedrich, and third his uncle Bernhard Riesenberg. The entries for units to which he belonged are the 14th Reserve Canoneer Battalion, the 211st Reserve Grenadier Regiment, as well as the 19th Ordinance Battalion. On January 22nd 1942 he was admitted to Lazaretto 604 for a bullet wound to his right foot. On February 12th of the same year he was taken into hospital in Arnsberg for a case of frostbite. He was admitted to hospital two more times in March 1943. On an unspecified date in 1942 he was awarded the Easter Front Medal. May 1st, 1942 he was promoted from Reiter to Obersoldat. On September 1st 1942 he was made Gefreiter. On June 1st, 1943 he was promoted to Obergefreiter and on the 4th he was awarded the Wound Badge in Black. On April 20th, 1944 he was awarded the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords. On January 30th, 1945 he received the Infantry Assault Badge. He also had a Certificate of Discharge from the United States Army officially relieving him of duty in 1948. 
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