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eMedals-A Set of Superb Kreigsmarine Photo Albums

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A Set of Superb Kreigsmarine Photo Albums

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A Set of Superb Kreigsmarine Photo Albums

A Superb Set of Kreigsmarine Photo Alums - Both to a same man: he served abroad minesweeper initially (first album) then was transferred to U-Boat (second album): first album contains 359 photos, entrance to Breda barracks, photos of Naval parades with high ranking officers; marching through the city; goods photos of Officers wearing Imperial naval badge, daggers, other decorations; exercises; photos of daily life in barracks; photos of daily life on the boats, exercises on the boats; photos of life at the Sea, 1941; good photos of Destroyers, torpedo boats, submarines, planes attacking transport ships (likely English Channel); mines in water; life abroad minesweeper; military commentary; photos of foreign coastal cities (appears to be France and Netherlands); more photos of life abroad minesweeper. Nearly all photos are of military nature, only few "civil". Very interesting photo album. Second album, 153 photos, mainly about U-Boat training and life abroad U-Boat; starts with portrait photo of Naval ratings, some wearing naval badges (U-Boat silver clasp); photos of naval Officers wearing Knight?s Cross with Oakleaves and Swords (one is Reinhard Suhren); U-Boat training exercises; three photos of Grand Admiral Donitz; U-Boat at the Sea; photos of planes, other ships. Very good photo album.
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