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eMedals-A Service Summary Report to the Waffen-SS

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A Service Summary Report to the Waffen-SS



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A Service Summary Report to the Waffen-SS

A Service Summary Report to the Waffen-SS - Wentorf was born on October 6th, 1920 in Linsfeld, Schleswig. As a civilian he worked as a carpenter and was unmarried. He volunteered for the Waffen-SS on April 15th, 1940 and began as an SS-Mann with an SS Special Training Mountain Artillery Unit, and was attached to the 6th Waffen SS Division. He received training with the 98K Carbine, Gasmask, Hand Grenade, the MG34, the 08 Pistol, 1.FH30 and 1.FH18 Howitzers, and also to serve as a stretcher bearer. November 15th, 1940 he was deployed to secure northern Norway and on May 29th, 1941 he was promoted to Oberkanonier. September 2nd, 1941 he was engaged in the battle for the bridgehead at Liza in the northernmost front with the Soviet Union. October 3rd, 1941 he was promoted to Sturmmann and on November 1st, 1941 he was engaged in battle on both sides of the Gankaschwaara River, and later that month in defensive battle at Kiestinki. He spent the rest of 1942 engaged in defensive battles in northern Finland and Kiestinki. August 10th, 1942 he was given the Eastern Front Medal and September 30th, 1942 he was promoted to Rottenfuhrer.
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