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eMedals-A Second War MM Group for Tank Crossing

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A Second War MM Group for Tank Crossing

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A Second War MM Group for Tank Crossing

A Second War MM Group for Tank Crossing - Father, Gunner W. Waine: British War Medal (2/3113 GNR. B. WAINE. N.Z.E.F.); and Victory Medal (2/3113 GNR. B. WAIN. N.Z.E.F.), surname misspelled. Naming is officially impressed. Very crisp detail, high relief, original ribbons, very fine. Accompanied by New Zealand Expeditionary Forces cap badge. Son, Stanley Arthur Waine: Military Medal, GVI (2130318 SPR. S.A. WAINE. R.E.); 1939-1945 Star, Oakleaves Clasp; Africa Star, 1 Clasp - 1ST ARMY; Italy Star; and War Medal 1939-1945. Naming is officially impressed on the MM. Very fine. Accompanied by original ribbon bar, Royal Engineers shoulder flashes, his Soldier's Service and Pay Book, six photographs from the North African theatre, Certificate of Transfer to the Army Reserve dated 1946, copy of his MM citation, assorted papers and an Italian One Lira bill. Footnote: Stanley Arthur Waine was born on June 9, 1924 in London, England, his father W. Waine having previously served during WWI with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force and settling in England after the war. Stanley Waine enlisted in the British Army on November 14, 1940 at Manchester, becoming a Sapper with the Royal Engineers. He was cited by Lieutenant Colonel A.J. Harby, Royal Engineers, on May 8, 1945 for a Military Medal and was granted one immediately by H.R. Alexander, Field Marshal, Supreme Alleied Commander-In-Chief, Mediterranean Theatre: "On the night 9/10 April 1945 Spr Waine and his partner were operating an armd D7 angledozer in support of "F" Assault Sqn of the Armd Engineer Bde who were placing ARKs in the SENIO for the tank crossing. Due to the poor visibility and the difficulty of seeing from the interior of the armd dozer it was necessary for Spr Waine to stand out in the open to guide his partner at work. Despite snipers, mortaring and shelling the two operators, taking it in turn to stand in the open and guide the other, continued work until the approach had been cut through the bank. When the ARK was placed, they crossed the river and cut a way through the far bank in a similar manner. The speed and skill with which this difficult task was done undoubtedly contributed greatly to the success of the tank crossing. Throughout the 10th and 11th April the two operators continued with the advance filling in ditches and craters under the spasmodic shell and mortar fire with very little opportunity for rest or sleep. On the night of 11/12 April "F" Assault Sqn sent a Sherman dozer to cut through the bank of the river SANTERNO for an ARK tank crossing. After an hour's work, during which time the enemy became fully aware that a crossing was being made at that place, the Sherman dozer shed a track and became immovable in the half-finished cutting. Spr Waine and partner were brought up and commenced to cut a new approach through the floodbanks to the ARK site under heavy and continuous fire. A Tiger tank also appeared on the far bank and proceeded to shoot at the dozer, one shot carrying a bracket off the side of the machine. Despite all this interference Spr Waine and partner, each alternately operating the machine and guiding it from the open, continued with the task until the cutting was made. When the ARK was placed they crossed the other bank and cut an exit road through the far bank. The great gallantry and complete disregard of danger shown by Spr Waine and his partner throughout these four days undoubtedly contributed very greatly to the success of these operations and set a standard of conduct which could hardly be surpassed."
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