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eMedals-A Salesman's Board with Fourteen Awards

Item: G14167

A Salesman's Board with Fourteen Awards

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A Salesman's Board with Fourteen Awards

A Salesman's Board with Fourteen Awards - Each position on the board is numbered in black ink, with fourteen of the fifteen positions having an award attached above, as follows: 1. Reichs-arbeitsdienst (RAD) Service Medal, 4th Class for Four Years' Service (bronze gilt, 32.6 mm x 40.5 mm); 2. Army Driver's Badge, Silver Grade (silvered die-stamped aluminum, 40 mm x 43 mm); 3. Mother's Cross, Silver Grade (silvered bronze and enamels, 35.8 mm x 43 mm); 4. War Merit Cross with Swords, 1st Class (silvered tombac, 47.3 mm, vertical pinback); 5. Reichsarbeitdienst der weibliche Jugend (RADwJ) War Helper´s Service Badge (die-stamped metal, magnetic, 38.3 mm x 40.5 mm, surface rust evident); 6. West Wall Medal (bronze gilt on zinc, 33.3 mm x 40.3 mm); 7. Wehrmacht Faithful Service Decoration, 2nd Class for Twenty-Five Years' Service (silvered bronze and black enamels, 41 mm); 8. Iron Cross 1st Class 1914 (silver with iron core, magnetic, 43.3 mm, vertical pinback); 9. Wound Badge, Silver Grade (silvered tombac, 36 mm x 43.6 mm, vertical pinback); 10. War Merit Cross with Swords, 2nd Class (bronze, 47.7 mm); 11. Clasp to the Iron Cross 1st Class 1939 (silvered tombac, 29.8 mm x 44.2 mm, vertical pinback); 12. Krim Shield (zinc alloy, 55.3 mm x 61.5 mm); 13. BLANK; 14. Army Marksmanship Lanyard Badge (bronze gilt on die-stamped aluminum, 42.2 mm x 56.7 mm); and 15. Reichsarbeitdienst der weibliche Jugend (RADwJ) Women's Silver Labour Front Member Badge (metal, 44.3 mm, horizontal pinback). Position "13." once held the Reichs-arbeitsdienst (RAD) Cap Badge, as evidenced by the ghosted pattern on the board but has been lost to time. Eleven awards are held in place by an intricate network of stringing on the reverse, the other three items are held in place by their prongs. Board is inscribed "J.J. McLAUGHLIN, 1.0. SIEGEN INT SECT. WESTPHALIA DEC '47" in blue ink on the reverse. Light contact and wear on most of the awards, cardboard backer exhibits tears in three corners, along with creasing and light soiling overall, board measuring 203 mm x 302 mm, near extremely fine.
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