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eMedals-A Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO (Meister) Tunic

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A Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO (Meister) Tunic

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A Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO (Meister) Tunic

A Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO (Meister) Tunic - This tunic is fabricated from green wool and is adorned with braided silver bullion wire and chocolate brown embroidered shoulder boards with reddish-orange wool bases, representing Meister (Senior NCO), held in place by silvered pebbled buttons at the shoulder end, the underlying straps in reddish-orange wool. The upper of the collar is fabricated from chocolate brown wool, with collar tabs in fine silver bullion wire with reddish-orange cotton bases, trimmed in twisted rows of silver bullion wire, designating the tunic as that of an NCO. The upper left arm has the Gendarmerie (Rural) Police arm badge sewn in place, in reddish-orange and black embroidery, on a green wool base, the base matching the colour of the uniform. The front has four pockets, one on each breast and one at the waist on both sides, all of which are pleated and covered by flaps with silvered pebbled buttons at the top. There is a braided dark green cotton aiguillette looped around the top front closure button, the other end fed around the button on the right breast pocket, with a metal police whistle suspended from it via a clip. The front is completed by a vertical row of four silvered pebbled buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left, each of the buttons constructed from silvered aluminum caps with magnetic metal cores and marked "EXTRA FEIN' (Extra Fine) on the reverse. The rear of the tunic is single-vented. The inside is lined in olive green rayon, with a large pocket on the left breast and a small button down pocket near the opening on the right side. The sleeves are lined in rayon with alternating white and black rules as its pattern. The tunic measures 470 mm across the shoulders and 655 mm in length overall, with separation evident along the seams in scattered locations on the interior lining. It displays a nice texture in the wool, quality workmanship, beautiful, intact stitching, clean, near extremely fine. Footnote: This organization performed police functions for rural areas.
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