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eMedals-A Royal Canadian Air Force Officer's Parade Helmet; c1921-1939

Item: C3059

A Royal Canadian Air Force Officer's Parade Helmet; c1921-1939

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A Royal Canadian Air Force Officer's Parade Helmet; c1921-1939

A Royal Canadian Air Force Officer's Parade Helmet; c1921-1939 - Exterior of the hardshelled helmet in bear fur, deliberately exposing the underlying black leather cover on the crown and two rear side panels, featuring a 44 mm x 45 mm silvered and gilt silver Royal Air Force cap badge on the front, held in place via two intact lugs and pin on the underside, gold-coloured bullion wire interlaced with white threading, wrapped around a yellow fabric core, twisted in an intricate series of interlocking knots running from above the right ear, extending along the front of the helmet and terminating above the left ear, brown leather chin strap with a black patent upper affixed to the left side but is missing its receiving chin strap with buckle on the right side, 210 mm tall gray feathered flume rising from a slot just behind the cap badge, held in place in the slot via its brass tip. Inside is lined in red rayon, without maker mark, incorporating an independent red rayon fold down flap with white ribbon drawstring intact at the reverse, a 41 mm wide white leather sweatband, the ends of the sweatband stitched together at the rear with a size sticker overlying the rear seam inscribed "22 3/4" and when the sweatband is pulled back, exposes the underlying stiff thatched burlap support, the helmet measuring 200 mm x 235 mm x 135 mm in height overall. There are light contact marks on the exterior black leather, soiling evident on the white sweatband and in the dome on the interior. It continues to exhibit nice texture and quality workmanship, retaining its original look through quality stitching and the high grade materials used. Near extremely fine.
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