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eMedals-A Rare Wehrmacht Catholic Priests Grouping

Item: G14801

A Rare Wehrmacht Catholic Priests Grouping

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A Rare Wehrmacht Catholic Priests Grouping

A Rare Wehrmacht Catholic Priests Grouping  - Prior to the introduction of conscription in 1935, there were only 8 full time chaplains of all denominations, supervised by 2 military bishops, in the entire German Army. In 1942 there were roughly 480 protestant chaplains, and a roughly similar number of catholic chaplains. The total number of chaplains in the Army in the Second War was only roughly one fourth of that in the First War. In spite of the massive number of applicants, it seems no new chaplains were appointed after 1942. Prerequisites for applicants were: they had to be born before 1909, though there were exceptions, they needed the approval of the Base Commander, the Military Bishop, and the Ministry of Church Affairs. They also had to pass a background check by the Gestapo.     This group was acquired in Germany this month. It consists of a black and white studio portrait of a German Catholic Priest wearing all appropriate insignia and headgear, 136 x 195 mm; Armband with Red Cross and chaplain’s purple; 1936 military prayer and song book, 256 pages, very fine; Wooden crucifix, 137 mm tall; Official Army Issued Catholic Chaplain’s Cross in silver and dark stained wood, (without chain), 47 x 70 mm, extremely fine.  
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