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eMedals-A Rare Četnik Grouping

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A Rare Četnik Grouping

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A Rare Četnik Grouping

A Rare Četnik Grouping - according to consignor comes from Knin region; a Royal Yugoslav artillery Officer's tunic, produced circa 1935, in very good overall condition, with hand written name inside of the collar "Dragan"; a superb fighting knife, 26 cm in overall length, with blade of British commando fighting knife, wooden handle, and sturdy iron crossguard; scabbard is made of leather, with zinc, hand made Četnik/Royalist symbol (13 x 15mm) attached to scabbard, unquestionably a period made insignia. Četnik/Royalist symbol, most likely used as a cap badge (32.6mm x 38.4mm), made of airplane grade aluminum, completely hand cut and chiseled, with scull and crossbones separately attached (!) by means of wires; pin used as attachment on reverse of the badge broken off; an unquestionably period field made piece. A Četnik/Royalist enlisted man's field cap, without any markings or insignia, produced during 1930's, with few moth holes, but in good condition. A document from Knin Army Headquarters, dated 1931, in Cyrillic, confirming this man's (name illegible to me) his military service was completed. A very scarce Četnik/Royalist group of items.
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