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eMedals-A One-Of-A-Kind 10/11 Reconnaissance Flight 12 Year Service Grouping

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A One-Of-A-Kind 10/11 Reconnaissance Flight 12 Year Service Grouping



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A One-Of-A-Kind 10/11 Reconnaissance Flight 12 Year Service Grouping

This is truly a one-of-a-kind grouping obtained from an avid collector, and includes 1) A Fine and extremely rare 12-Year’s Service Plaque Featuring the Tannenberg Memorial presented “Für 12 Jährige Dienstzeit 1. Auflärungs Gruppe 11/For 12-Years of Service 1st Reconnaissance Group 11”; in heavy silvered bronze; measuring approximately 16 cm x 16 cm together with period wooden frame about 22 cm x 22 cm - an extremely rare plaque. 2) A Gold Grade Reconnaissance clasp in its original case of issue; fine quality manufacture; in gilded tombac; unmarked but textbook example of Juncker manufacture (C.E Juncker, Berlin); measuring 75.98 mm x 25.57 mm; weighing 21.9 grams; with original case of issue constructed of a blue leatherette exterior, embossed “Frontflugspange für Aufklärer - Gold” on the outside of the lid; interior fabric hinge and exterior metal hinge fully functional; push-button closure operational; measuring 90 mm x 43 mm. 3) A Rare ‘Tannenberg’ Cuff Title for NCO’s and Enlisted Men; constructed of a dark Luftwaffe blue cotton/wool blended fabric with machine embroidered “Tannenberg” in silvery-grey treads; tunic removed; total length approximately 413 mm x 30 mm. 4) A Period Picture of Two Luftwaffe Pilots; on clearly wearing a Tannenberg cuff title on his right arm; measuring 70 mm x 101 mm. Overall in near extremely fine condition.

 Footnote: The Tannenberg Memorial was a monument erected in 1927 to commemorate the German soldiers who fought at the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914. The “Tannenberg” Cuff Title was given exclusively to men of the 10th Aufklärungsgruppe (recon.) which flew light aircraft in the East. The Group was renamed Nr. 10 in November 1938, it was previously Nr. 11, and founded in 1937. It was moved from its base in Neuhausen to Ganshorn in East Prussia in preparation for the Invasion of Poland, for which it was put in support of the 3rd Army. In April 1940 it was assigned to the 10th Fliegerkorps in support of the 21st Army Group for the invasion of Denmark and Norway. In mid-February the unit was ordered to Romania as part of the VIII. Fliegerkorps and moved forward into Bulgaria to support the XVIII. Mountain Corps in their invasion of Yugoslavia. They suffered their first loss on April 14 when an Hs 126 was shot down by an RAF Hurricane south of Salonika. In June 1941 they were ordered to South East Poland to support Army Group South in the Invasion of the Soviet Union, after which they moved headquarters to Kharkov and were refitted with newer Fw 189 aircraft. After being equipped with new aircraft it was ordered to support the AOK 17 in the offensive in the North Caucasus. The squadron reported their first loss in Russia on July 18th 1942 when an Fw 189 crashed and killed its crew of 3. Their first combat loss was on September 5th when another Fw 189 was shot down by Flak at Borisovka. On November 2nd it was ordered north to Millerovo to support the heavy fighting west of Stalingrad.


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