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eMedals-A Peoples High Court Trial Summary & Final Sentence 1943

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A Peoples High Court Trial Summary & Final Sentence 1943

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A Peoples High Court Trial Summary & Final Sentence 1943

Trial Summary and Death Sentence of Fritz Groebe - in fine condition. Footnote: In the name of the German Volk, In the criminal case against Edwin Fritz Gröbe, born in Penig on July 31st, 1886, -presently in custody for this trial-For labour disruptions and aiding the enemy, the Volksgerichthof 1. Senat, on the basis of the main trial from September 8th, 1943, during which the following were present as judges: President of the Volksgerichthof[1] Dr. Freisler, Chairman, Kammergerichtsrat Rehse, SA-Obergruppenfuhrer Hess, SA-Oberfuhrer Hell, Kreisleiter Reinecke, As representative of the Oberreichsanwalt: State Prosecutor Bruchhaus, Issues the following verdict: Fritz Gröbe has attacked our need for strong defence when he declared that the government must abdicate, that it should play out like in Italy; that the Reichsmarschall has already brought all his money out of the country, and that the Fuhrer has allowed it; that the killings have to stop, and that the Fuhrer is guilty for the war. He has forever brought dishonour on himself. He will be punished with death. 
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