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  • Item: G18523

    A Saxe-Ernestine House Order; 1st Class Knight, Type II (1864-1935) 

  • Item: G18512

    A Mecklenburg Order of the Griffin; Commander`s Badge 

  • Item: W4180

    Two Royal Thai Air Force Badges 

  • Item: W4181

    Two Singapore Air Force (SAF) Pilot Wings  

  • Item: G18641

    A Cased Set of Blockade Runner Badges by Schwerin 

  • Item: C3331

    A Korea War Pair to the Royal Canadian Artillery 

  • Item: EU10327

    A Second War Italian Red Cross 9th Mobilization Centre at Rome Armband 

  • Item: EU10337

    A Slovakian Commemorative Medal for Loyalty and Defence Capacity 1918-1938 

  • Item: EU10346

    A Second War Slovakian Army Racing Team OAP Badge; Second Class 

  • Item: EU10352

    A Spanish Civil War Falange Women's Section Chanberi District Armband 

  • Item: G22759

    A Bronze Grade Infantry Badge by Ferdinand Wiedmann 

  • Item: G22873

    A Rare Decoration of the High Command of the H.J.; For Distinguished Foreigners  

  • Item: EU11340

    A 1939 Defence of Slovakia Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: G23017

    A 1944 Luftwaffe Award of Field-Luftgau Westfrankreich (West France) 

  • Item: G23041

    A Hanseatic City of Hamburg Sisterhood Brooch  

  • Item: G23321

    A German Army (Heer) Machine Gunners Plaque 

  • Item: G23442

    Two German Trapezoid Cap Insignia 

  • Item: G23722

    A 1938 April Election German Propagation Medal with Case  

  • Item: G24998

    An NSFK Award Medallion 1938 with Award Document and Case  

  • Item: G25288

    A Second War Period City of Neuss Honour Award with Case 

  • Item: G26700

    A 1936 “10 Years of NSDAP in the District Wiesbaden” Badge 

  • Item: G26709

    A Scarce Prototype for the Commemorative Austrian Anschluss Medal 

  • Item: G26720

    A 1940-1941 German Paramilitary Shooting Award; Silver Grade  

  • Item: G26722

    An Italian National Recreational Club Conference of Bands & Choirs Badge 

  • Item: G26723

    A 1939 Tirol Landesschiessen Silver Grade Shooting Award Medal 

  • Item: G26726

    A Blut und Boden Rheinland Landesbauernschaft “For Exceptional Achievements” Medal 

  • Item: G26727

    A 1938 Nordmark Rally Badge 

  • Item: G26730

    A 1935 National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands 3rd General Diet in Amsterdam Badge 

  • Item: G26731

    A Mint BeVo Reichsarbeitsdienst Cap Badge 

  • Item: G26732

    A 1935 Saarbrücken Reichs Association Day of Railway Clubs Badge 

  • Item: G26736

    Two German Federal Republic Second War 1957 Issued Awards 

  • Item: G26737

    A German Youth (Deutsche Jugend = DJ) Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G26740

    A 1936 Stötteritz Home-Festival Badge 

  • Item: G26741

    A 1934 “The Saar is German” Badge 

  • Item: G26742

    A Third Reich Period Kraft Durch Freude Baden Badge by Karl Hensler 

  • Item: G26743

    A High Quality 1934 Cologne “3rd Day of the German Field Artillery” Badge 

  • Item: G26744

    A 1933 Düsseldorf “3rd Day of the German Cavalry” Badge by Kruse & Söhne A. G. 

  • Item: G26745

    A 1933 Duisburg-Hamborn Braune Messe (Jewish Merchant/Goods Boycott Fair) Badge 

  • Item: G26746

    A 1934 Saar-Karlsruhe Rally Badge 

  • Item: G26747

    A Very Fine Quality Unattributed 1938 Kraft Durch Freude Badge 

  • Item: G26749

    A Scarce German Air Sports Association Cap Badge 

  • Item: G26750

    A 1936 Berlin Olympic Games Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G26752

    A “The Great German Empire has Emerged” A.H. Commemorative Medal by Hanisch Concee 

  • Item: G26753

    A German Commemorative Medal for the Liberation of the Sudetenland by K. Gietz 

  • Item: G26757

    A 1935 Eichstatt Thingplatz Inauguration Badge 

  • Item: G26758

    A 1934 District Hessen-Nassau Strength Through Joy “Holiday on the Rhein” Badge 

  • Item: G26759

    A Third Reich Period “Our Motto is Homeland” Badge 

  • Item: G26760

    A 1938 Germersheim 60 Years of the 17th Infantry Regiment  

  • Item: G26761

    A 1934/35 Winter Aid of the German People “Bring National Solidarity” Badge 

  • Item: G26762

    A 1939 “Day of the Wehrmacht” Winter Aid of the German People Badge 

  • Item: G26763

    A 1935 District Leader Hans Schemm Memorial Badge 

  • Item: G26764

    A 1938/39 Vienna Winter Aid of the German People Badge 

  • Item: G26770

    A 1933/34 Winter Relief of the German People “The Führer’s Thanks” Donation Coin 

  • Item: G26772

    A Lot of Three Third Reich Period Cloth Insignia 

  • Item: G26774

    A Very Fine NSDAP Party Supporter/Member Badge 

  • Item: G26777

    A Third Reich Period “Fit for Military Service” Badge 

  • Item: G26778

    A 1939 SA Westfalen District Competition Badge 

  • Item: G26779

    A Fine Quality District München-Oberbayern Strength Through Joy Badge 

  • Item: G26780

    A 1938/1939 Borderland Schlesien Badge  

  • Item: G26781

    A Lot of Two SA Event Badges 

Total items found 615

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