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  • Item: EU9774

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of Franz Joseph, Commander Award Document, c.1889  

  • Item: EG430

    Transjordan, Hashemite Kingdom. An Order of Al-Istiklal, Commander's Badge, c.1921  

  • Item: EG428

    Transjordan, Kingdom. A Supreme Order of the Renaissance,4th Class Officer, c.1946  

  • Item: EG429

    Transjordan, Kingdom. An Order of Wisam Al-Istiqial, Officer, c.1946  

  • Item: EG427

    Transjordan, Kingdom. An Order of the Star of Jordan, Officer, c.1950  

  • Item: EG426

    Transjordan, Hashemite Kingdom. An Order of Al-Istiklal, 1st Class Grand Cross, c.1946  

  • Item: G21204

    Germany. A Saxony Fire Defence Service Officer's Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G21215

    Germany. A Danzig Faithful Service Decoration, 2nd Class  

  • Item: G21535

    Germany. A Solid Silver German Nurse's Badge  

  • Item: G21580

    Germany. A Police General’s Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G21592

    Weimar Republic. A Volunteer Fire Defence Service Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G23087

    Germany. Four Stickpins Awards  

  • Item: G23112

    Germany. Nine First and Second War German Badges  

  • Item: G23385

    Germany. An NSFK Badge for Free Balloon Pilots  

  • Item: G23534

    Germany. An Air Sport Association/Fliegerschaft NCO's Belt Buckle  

  • Item: G23598

    Germany. A Small-Caliber Rifle Formations Large Shooting Award, Gold Grade  

  • Item: G23616

    A Large Air Defence "Luftschutz" Honour Decoration 2nd Class Reverse Panel Zimmermann First Strike  

  • Item: EU11871

    Iceland. An Order of the Falcon, Type I with Royal Crown, c.1930  

  • Item: EU11895

    San Marino. An Equestrian Order of Saint Marinus, Grand Officer, by Raviolo & Gardino  

  • Item: G27796

    Germany. A Mint War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords by Deschler & Sohn  

  • Item: G27799

    Germany. A West Wall Medal with Original Packet of Issue by Carl Poellath  

  • Item: G27864

    Germany. A Aeroplane Stunt Licence of Wolfgang Stieda with Photograph  

  • Item: G30053

    A 1933 North-West German Hannover Meeting of Craftsmen and Tradesmen  

  • Item: G30055

    A Grouping of Five Third Reich Period German Badges, Pins and Insignia  

  • Item: G30056

    A Third Reich Period RLB “Air Raid Protection is Self Protection” Badge by Karl Wurster  

  • Item: G30058

    A 1935 German Day of Labour (May 1st) Badge by G. Danner of Mühlhausen  

  • Item: G30059

    A 1934 Saarbrücken Pentecost Conference of the Rhein and Mosel Badge  

  • Item: G30060

    A Third Reich Era “Luftsport Helps Germany” Donation Badge  

  • Item: G30061

    A RAD (National Labour Service) Membership Badge for Female Members by ANG  

  • Item: G31303

    A Grouping of Two HJ Badges  

  • Item: G31338

    A Third Reich Period “Peace Among the Peoples or Jewish Dictatorship” Badge  

  • Item: G31340

    A Women’s RADwJ (National Labour Service of the Female Youth) Cap Badge  

  • Item: G31424

    An Early Type German Condor Legion Black Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: G31428

    Three Third Reich Period Badges and Pins  

  • Item: G31624

    A DLV (German Air Sports Association) Cap Badge  

  • Item: G31640

    A Waffen-SS 3rd Volunteer Flak Division 14 Identification Tag  

  • Item: G31652

    A Grouping of Ten “May 1st - Day of Labour” Badges between 1934 and 1939  

  • Item: G31653

    A Third Reich Period 4th German Cross-Country Cruise Car Applique  

  • Item: G31696

    A 1925-1935 10-Year NSDAP in Gau Essen Badge by Hoffstätter of Bonn  

  • Item: G33210

    A Second War German Bronze Grade Infantry Assault Badge in Carton  

  • Item: G33654

    A 1935 NSDAP National Party Day Badge  

  • Item: G33664

    A Third Reich Period Runic Badge  

  • Item: G33665

    A Third Reich Period Runic Badge  

  • Item: G33673

    An Unmarked Third Reich Period German Runic Badge  

  • Item: G33936

    A National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge by Schmidäussler  

  • Item: G33937

    A 1938 Germany-England Boxing badge  

  • Item: G34137

    Germany. An Third Reich Period German Runic Badge  

  • Item: G34139

    Germany. An NS Women’s Organization Membership Badge by Karl Wurster  

  • Item: G34142

    Germany. A 1938 HJ Fall Sporfest Winner Ribbon with Two HJ Figurines  

  • Item: G34143

    Germany. A Third Reich Period DAF (German Labour Front) Cap Badge  

  • Item: G34218

    Germany. A 5-Year Anniversary of the Troisdorf Group Badge  

  • Item: EG1567

    France, First Empire. A Miniature Legion D'Honneur, Officer, Type III Cross (1806-1808)  

  • Item: G35192

    Germany. A Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge by Josef Feix & Söhne  

  • Item: G35211

    Germany, Third Reich. A German-Italian Campaign Medal  

  • Item: G35217

    Germany. An Celebratory SA Artillery Banner Badge  

  • Item: G35224

    Germany, Federal Republic. An International Meeting of U-Boot Commanders Fob  

  • Item: EU14805

    Russia, Imperial. Two Austrian Style Ribbons, c.1900  

  • Item: EU14809

    International. A Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Commander, c.1900  

  • Item: G35247

    Germany. A Lower Saxony State Forestry Service Official’s Belt and Buckle  

  • Item: G35249

    Germany. A National Penal Service Official’s Belt with Buckle by C. E. Junker  

Total items found 468

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