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eMedals-A Pair of German ID Booklets

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A Pair of German ID Booklets

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A Pair of German ID Booklets

A Pair of German ID Booklets - A booklet-award, with dark grey hard covers, with National eagle embossed on front, awarded for a Swimming Competition of the Association for Popular Aquatics; Translation: “Liesel Bürger of Hoyerswerda has won at the open district Swimming Festival of the Association for Popular Aquatics, Senftenberg, on the 23rd July 1939 in Grube Marga in 100 m Breaststroke, Class III Women, with 1.53 min, first victory/place; Association for Popular Aquatics, Senftenberg and Region, Registered Association”; 2. A booklet, Judge License/ID for SA Sports Badge, with photo and original signatures. Badge belonged to Liesel Bürger, born 5th April 1918, resident of Hoyerswerda, Senftenberg. A former recipient of the SA Sports Badge, Bürger was also recognized as a Judge of the NSRL (National Socialist League of the Reich for Physical Exercise) in Swimming under the territory of Hoyerswerda. Both ID’s in very fine condition.
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