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eMedals-A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Spotlight Battery & Denmark Service

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A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Spotlight Battery & Denmark Service



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A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Spotlight Battery & Denmark Service

A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Spotlight Battery & Denmark Service - LW Wehrpass of Gottfried Mecky : 52 Pages, 1 Field Hospital Form, in fine condition and thoroughly filled in.    Gottfried Mecky was born June 20th, 1906 in Alsenborn in the region on Kaiserslautern/Speyer. He was catholic and was married on May 26th, 1942. He attended a Volksschule and later a Mechanical Engineering School, but was unable to find work as an engineer. He also had a driver’s license 1st and 3rd class. On May 9th, 1939 he was conscripted and brought in for inspection at the military district command office in Berlin’s 1st district. He was ruled fit for service and placed in the first reserve pool. On October 23rd, 1940 he was posted to the staff of the Hamburg Sinstorf Flak Barracks. He was trained with the 98K Carbine and the 150cm Heavy Flak Gun. Until September 1944 he was attached to numerous Heavy Flak Battalions. For a few weeks in September 1944 he was in a reserve Artillery Battalion, before being assigned to a Spotlight Battery of the Coastal Artillery, and then the 180th Heeres Coastal Artillery Regiment until the end of the War. On April 1942 he was promoted to Gefreiter, and on June 1st 1943 he was made Obergefreiter. On February 23rd, 1944 he was awarded a Flak Badge.  His first service entry is from December 4th, 1940 for Air Defence with the 608 Heavy Flak Battalion. In January of 1942 he was involved in the defence of vitally important instalments in the home theatre against air attacks. The other later entries are similarly for defence of the home theatre against enemy air attacks. On March 15th, 1944 he was deployed to occupy Denmark. In February 23th, 1945 he was admitted to a reserve hospital in Berlin.   
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