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eMedals-A Luftwaffe Document Grouping to Observer Andreas Berndsen

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A Luftwaffe Document Grouping to Observer Andreas Berndsen

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A Luftwaffe Document Grouping to Observer Andreas Berndsen

A Luftwaffe Document Grouping to Observer Andreas Berndsen; To Oberfeldwebel and Observer Andreas Berndsen: Bestowal Document to the Observer Badge, January 29, 1941, in very fine condition. Also a number of training documents for observers and navigators from the 2nd Luftwaffe Reconnaissance School. One such document reads: aircraft: Fw 58, flight duration: 90 mins, altitude: to be determined by weather. Orientation and Dead Reckoning Navigation. Course: Brieg – Kalisz – Pleschen – Brieg Rules for the Exercise: 1.       The assigned observer sets the course and prepares the map 2.       The first observer navigates from the pulpit. The second observer helps the pilot with orientation 3.       Should changes in wind change the course of the aircraft, it is the navigator’s duty to correct course 4.       The flight report is to be turned in 2 hours after the flight. It is to contain: takeoff and landing time, and course changes. 5.       Adherence to all flight safety protocols is the responsibility of the pilot 6.       In case the original flight plan cannot be carried out due to weather, another will be ordered during the preparation session. Not to be taken into the aircraft! Duration: 30 mins, altitude: 100 m, aircraft: He 45 Low flying exercise Nr. 2 Course: Brieg – Ellguth – Bernstadt – Baruth – Brieg. Aim: to learn to find your way at low altitudes Assignment: the pilot will receive a sealed envelope at the prep session containing the exact directions for the flight. He is to chart them on a map. The observer will chart the course taken during the flight on a map with pencil. He is then to enter this information into his flight report. The report is then to be given to an officer. The pilot is forbidden from sharing details of the flight path with the navigator before or during the flight. 
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