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eMedals-A Luftwaffe Document Group to Stuka Pilot & DKG Recipient

Item: G18022

A Luftwaffe Document Group to Stuka Pilot & DKG Recipient

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A Luftwaffe Document Group to Stuka Pilot & DKG Recipient

A Luftwaffe Document Group to Stuka Pilot & DKG Recipient - A German Cross in Gold recipient, Oberfeldwebel G. Lannewers, I./Stukageschwader 77, 5. Staffel: Award documents for Bomber Clasp, in bronze, silver and gold grades; also Award document for Bomber Clasp in gold with hanger (awarded on 2.5.1943); Award document for Commemorative Medal 1. October 1938; Award document for East Medal 1941/42; Transportation award document of the Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 (StG 77); Award document for Pilot’s Badge (24. August 1940), with original signature of Generalleutnant; congratulatory letter for the award of the German Cross in gold; Stukageschwader 77 service leaflet, depicting Stuka airplane; Award document for Luftwaffe Honor Goblet (20. June 1942), with embossed eagle at the bottom left, facsimile of Hermann Goering signature, and with original signature of the General der Flieger Gustav Kastner-Kirdorf; and with one original photo of the recipient. A scrce set of award documents to a Stuka pilot, in generally fine to very fine condition, showing moderate use and wear. Footnote: Oberfeldwebel G. Lannewers flew a total of 524 operational flights in a total of 1690; his first flight was on August 9th 1939, and the last, 1690th on March 16th 1945.      
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