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eMedals-A Kriegsmarine Steel Metre Rule by Ed.Sprenger

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A Kriegsmarine Steel Metre Rule by Ed.Sprenger

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A Kriegsmarine Steel Metre Rule by Ed.Sprenger

A Kriegsmarine Steel Metre Rule by Ed.Sprenger; Please contact us prior to order for accurate shipping quote: Solid stainless steel rule, gradated in millimetres to a length of 1,000 millimetres, marked with the Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle), stamped with an "M" (indicative of acceptance into the German Kreigsmarine (Navy)), identified with a square capsule-shaped recessed area bearing the number "97" at the right side and maker marked "Ed Sprenger Berlin" vertically on the right end, two brass portability knobs placed at 200 mm intervals from each end on the obverse, criss-crossed diamond pattern on the reverse, weighing 2,380 grams, measuring 60 mm x 1,020 mm. In its wooden storage case, labelled on the underside of the lid "Ed. Spenger BERLIN SW 68 Alte Jakob-Strasse 6, Fernsprecher:  17 06 92, Fabrik für Vermessungsinstrumente und Geräte, Sämtliche Instrumente für alle Zweig des Vermessungswesens Lieferant für Heer und Marine, Reichs-, Landes- und Kommunalbehörden sowie Industrie" (Ed. Sprenger Berlin SW 68 Old Jakob-Strasse 6, Telephone: 17 06 92, Factory for surveying instruments and appliances. All instruments for all branches of surveying supplier for the army and navy, empire, state, and local government authorities and industry), with tongue and groove fittings in the corners, gray cloth padded over additional wooden support frames on four sides and the bottom, two securing pads on the inside of the lid, three-hinged lid, three hook closures on the front, Canadian Ordnance Corps Identification Tag taped to the bottom, weighing 1,672 grams, measuring 95 mm x 1,055 mm x 47 mm. Expected wear on and inside the box from active use. Overall, extremely fine.
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