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eMedals-A Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger by P.D. Luneschloss, Solingen

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A Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger by P.D. Luneschloss, Solingen

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A Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger by P.D. Luneschloss, Solingen

A Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger by P.D. Luneschloss, Solingen; Measuring 418 mm, with the scabbard on, this dagger features a 252 mm nickel-plated steel blade, with unsharpened edges, remaining bright and crisp, with a very sharp tip. The blade's reverse ricasso is maker marked P.D. Luneschloss, Solingen with the company's cap and dagger insignia, double-edged diamond cross section with twin fullers in the centre on both sides. There are faint scratches overall, common to extraction and return to the scabbard, with scattered surface wear, exhibiting a natural shine, the blade better than very fine. The red felt blade washer shows slight wear but remains intact. The fittings are brass, bearing an anchor on both sides of the crossguard, with a blade release button. The pumpkin-coloured celluloid grip has faded slightly with time, its original colour evident at the pommel end under the portepee cord. It is smooth, lightly contacted, complemented by seven rows of tightly wrapped twisted brass wire, without interruption in the wire. The pommel exhibits a nice-detailed Naval eagle standing upon a wreathed swastika, with light surface wear and oxidation evident. The dagger is completed by, with an aluminum bullion portepee with knot and sliding adjustment, the cord tied in the appropriate fashion, exhibiting very light wear and without fabric interruption, the dagger measuring 383 mm in length overall. The ornately-designed scabbard exhibits light contact overall, with one dent on the body on the obverse near the finial, the throat held firmly in place by two screws, the two bands displaying the traditional oak leaf design with thick dagger hanger rings, the scabbard measuring 283 mm in length overall. Attached to the rings via brass clips are the dagger hangers, each with black nylon uppers and black corduroy backers, each strap fed through aluminum buckles with dual stacked lion's heads, functioning brass clips at the far ends, the shorter strap with a brass short-linked chain finishing with a u-shaped hook. Dagger exhibits outstanding workmanship, better than very fine.
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