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eMedals-A Knight's Cross Award Group to the Commander of Fortress Elbing

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A Knight's Cross Award Group to the Commander of Fortress Elbing



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A Knight's Cross Award Group to the Commander of Fortress Elbing

A Knight's Cross Award Group to the Commander of Fortress Elbing - Oberst (Colonel) Eberhard Schoepffer, Commander of Fortress Elbing, who received the Knight Cross of Iron Cross 1939 on 9 February 1945; Knight Cross of Iron Cross 1939, reverse upper arm marked 4 and 935, loop marked 935, textbook example by maker Steinhauer & Luck, with original ribbon, swastika had been expertly removed, otherwise in very fine condition; (KC was awarded on 9 February 1945); German Cross in Gold, maker #20 (Zimmermann), heavy version (68.7 grams), in extremely fine condition, in case of issue (with corresponding formal document, as Commander of I.R. 377); Iron Cross 1914 1st. Class, maker KO; Clasp to Iron Cross 1st. Class, in silvered tombac, unmarked (with corresponding award document, as Commander of I.R. 400, awarded in Warschau (!), 29. October 1939; Clasp to Iron Cross 2nd. Class, in silvered tombac, unmarked (with corresponding preliminary and formal award documents, as Commander of I.R. 400, awarded in at D-Poniatow, on 21.9.1939); East Medal 1941/42, in pocket of issue (with corresponding award document);German Horseman’s (Reiter) Badge, Bronze Grade (with corresponding award document); ID tag, aluminum (1. Stb. I.R. 400.);Federal Republic, miniature Knight Cross (18mm), also three miniature awards on gilt chain; two photos of Oberst Schoepffer (one in Heer Uniform; other photo showing him as Oberleutnant in Schutztruppe, in Southwest Africa, circa 1910); all awards and documents in generally very fine condition. Footnote: In the last stages of the War, Hela played an important role: on March 23, 1945, an offensive of the 2nd Ukrainian Front attacked the defensive line of the German 2nd Army under the command of von Saucken in three places: Hela, Öxhöft-Gotenhafen and Danzig. This left Hela completely separated from land access, and remained under German control until capitulation. Until the end it was the base for Army High Command East Prussia (Armeeoberkommando Ostpreußen,) and the Staff for the admiralty of the Eastern Baltic, and Commandant Eberhard Schoeppfer. In April of 1945 355 624 people were evacuated by sea, among them many wounded. In the first week of May there were roughly 50 000 people remaining. The 50 000 soldiers remained with High Commander General von Saucken until May 9, 1945, when they finally surrendered. Schoeppfer died on August 5, 1970
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