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eMedals-A Heer Soldboch to Spitzer; Invasion of France

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A Heer Soldboch to Spitzer; Invasion of France

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A Heer Soldboch to Spitzer; Invasion of France

A Heer Soldboch to Spitzer; Invasion of France - Albrecht Spitzer Soldbuch: 24 pages, in worn condition. Footnote:  Spitzer was born on June 29th, 1914 in Tailfingen, in the district of Balingen, South West Germany. He worked as a factory worker in his civilian life and was married to Heidi. He stood at 170 cm, stocky build, with black hair and brown eyes. His personal details were checked and notarized on the 22th of April, 1940, by a captain in the 260th Brunn Reserve Artillery Group. He was regularly fitted with all standard equipment, with proper adjustments made for rank and service. There is also a note made for a special soap that was prescribed to him from a field hospital. He also had clearance to carry his own personal pistol. February 18th, 1944 he was given a tent, which an army official found noteworthy. His first unit was an artillery regiment and was stationed in Ludwigsburg, and in 1940 took part in the invasion of France. He was already part of the 215th Artillery Regiment in September 1st, 1940 when he was promoted to Gefreiter. February 1st, 1942 he was promoted to Obergefreiter, while his unit, the 671 Artillery Group, part of the 5th Reserve Artillery Regiment, was engaged in the East. August 1st, 1942 he was promoted to Unteroffizier, and was awarded the Eastern Front Ribbon, which is visible in his photograph. There is also an Army shooting award lanyard. On July 1st, 1944 he was promoted to R.O.B. There are three entries from field hospitals from 1940, 1941, and 1944, and the section regarding his pay is filled out thoroughly.
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